Rippers meeting
Day 26 - Rippers meeting
Title: Rippers meeting
Author : hellbells101/hellbells(tth)
Summary : Just what went happened when Giles met with Eli. After all, Giles may be a civilised man but it is very foolish to cross the man. Poisoning your own daughter was just one such way.
Challenge : twistedshorts day 26
Authors note : Sequel to Bump in the night
Rating: Fr-15
Word Count: 1498

Giles had always known that Eli was a vicious man. He would have to be so, that he could do the job he did. His enemies were numerous and the area where he lived was treacherous. He didn't begrudge Eli that, sometimes, a person had to do evil, in order, to protect others.

What Giles could not handle is what he had done to his own daughter. Giles had given Buffy the drug at 18 as part of the Cruciamentum. He had hated doing it and in the end, the previous council had fired him. The reason being he was too close to his slayer. He found it deeply ironic that he would later on adopt his slayer. However, he would give the council the satisfaction of being right. He was too close to Buffy, he had been a father figure to her and then he became her actual father. Buffy may have been an adult when she was adopted, but that didn't mean they considered the relationship any less real.

Eli was stupid enough to have travelled to London after his conversation with Buffy. Eli had justified the visit on the grounds of wanting to see his daughter once she was rescued. Giles did think it was terribly sporting of Eli to walk right into the lions den.

Giles's current problem was deciding on a fitting punishment. Buffy had long since lobbied that anyone who used the drug should be dropped in a hell dimension. Buffy was in favour of that punishment because she knew that Willow had cracked dimensional portals. Willow's vote would be Pylea, from what she had heard from the fang gang it would be the perfect place.

Willow might have been tempted, but she was too busy hunting down the maker of the serum. The only people who held the serum was the London branch of the council. It was a vile thing and was only ever to be used in the most extreme of circumstances. In truth, Giles was thinking of destroying the serum. Willow had since learnt of a spell, which could be used. Willow would need Buffy's help but she could bind a wayward slayers power with a spell.

Andrew knocked on his door, a tad nervous. He always that way when he knew something was a foot. Giles supposed that he hadn't helped matters much. Once Buffy had politely asked Giles, 'to go Ripper on Eli's ass'. He had started laughing manically; Andrew had timidly poked his head around the door before running away again.

"Sir Director David is here." Andrew said officiously.

"Send him in Andrew." Giles had two of the senior London slayers standing guard. He didn't think it would come to it but he didn't want unfair odds against Eli and his two bodyguards.

Eli walked through the door, looking remarkably unconcerned for a father with a daughter in danger. Giles doubted he would be so calm if Dawn or Buffy were the ones in danger.

"How are you Eli?"

He shrugged, "I'm well but have you news on Ziva?"

Giles sipped his tea; he wondered, was Eli an anxious father asking, or, was he trying to cover his tracks.
He placed his tea down, "Her team managed to rescue Ziva. It was easy once Buffy loaned him a plane."

Eli was startled and clearly displeased, "Gibbs rescued Ziva?"

Giles pretended to be clueless, "I know that she became close to her team when she was assigned to them. As for Ziva I'm happy to tell you that she survived and is on the mend."

Giles wasn't sure whether he saw the flash of disappointment. "Buffy was forced to make a visit this afternoon."

Eli stiffened, "I was under the impression she was in America."

"Oh she is." Giles smiled cordially. "She and Samuel have a State Dinner they must attend. It is not long before he will make a step up for the highest office."

Eli nodded, "It is good to have ambition."

"Oh no doubt." Giles agreed. "Samuel has a lot of ambition; fortunately, he also has the nous to achieve it. Ziva awoke and let Gibbs know that he had been poisoned."

He very deliberately used that word. Eli was still acting indifferent. Giles carried on with a distinct air of nonchalance. "There is very little, that can affect a Slayer. Of course, the Cruciamentum drug is one such thing."

Eli asked carefully, "Why would someone do that?"

Giles looked at him directly, "You know I don't have the faintest clue. After all, who would be stupid enough to bring the council down on their heads?"

The question was asked rhetorically but Eli did react a little. His bodyguards had shifted as well as if sensing the implied threat. Giles smirked his guards were good but they weren't slayers. They also didn't have protection wards given to them by a low-level goddess.

Eli asked conversationally, "Is the board mad?"

Giles bit back a snicker, "Buffy summoned Willow, Faith and Xander to Somalia. As I understand it, Faith and Xander are remaining behind as protection. Buffy was needed back in America." He sipped some more tea, "As I understand it, Willow is tracking down the creator of the serum."

Eli did not like where this was going. He had wanted his daughter back. Yes, he had given her the serum because he had wanted Ziva to complete the mission with only her training. That way he could prove that she was still loyal to him and Israel. He had wanted to make sure that she had not been taken in by America.

Giles was going to enjoy the next part. "Willow has quite the temper," he sighed. "Still, she only flayed a person alive because they shot the person she loved."

Eli knew of the red-witch's power. In recent years, the major assassins had all refused to take out hits on any senior member of the board. He asked, "What does she intend to do?"

Giles smirked, "She intends to destroy the lab of the creator. If they are adept at magic, they will be sent to Devon for training. Now the person who ordered it, that will be a more difficult proposition."

"Why is that?" He asked curiously.

Giles smile turned into a nasty, dark smile. It looked out of place with the image he project of an English Lord. "Personally, I like Faith's idea. She votes for tying said individual up like a piƱata, giving the minis a bat and allowing them to hit the individual. I suppose the winner will be the one to split him open."

Giles shook his head, "Sorry my mind wondered. Oh yes, Xander's was interesting. He liked finding the individual and dropping them into Ziva's cell so they can undergo the same punishment." Giles grinned, "I suppose it has a certain poetic justice."

Eli had stopped drinking a while ago. He hoped it hadn't been poisoned, his guards would be able to treat most poison's. He doubted it; Rupert wasn't the type to be subtle if you harmed someone he cared about.

Giles was on a roll, "Buffy made a suggestion that Willow likes. They think the individual should be dropped into a hell dimension. It's a clean solution and has the added advantage of no one finding any evidence of the body."

Eli knew the game was up, "So what do you favour Rupert?"

Giles dropped any pretence; he was every bit as scary as his elder daughter was. "I think that you'll scurry back to Israel and you will never cross paths with your daughter until she wishes to do so."

Eli sneered, "If I object?"

Giles smirked, "I'm the leader of the IWC. My daughter, at one time, dated Angelus and Spike. They would do anything for Buffy, which includes remove an unfortunate person in her way."

Eli stood up, "Clearly there is nothing more to say."

Giles laughed, "Oh Eli I should say that the tea wasn't poisoned. However, it did contain a potion."

Eli paled, "what was in it."

Giles smiled, he was the very picture of a charming Lord. "Willow dropped it by before she went hunting. The potion won't physically harm you. That being said, you'll relieve Ziva's torment in vivid detail and feel everything she did. The beauty of the spell is that it will last until Ziva mentally recovers from her ideal."

Eli said nothing. After all, there was nothing Eli could do or say. He had done wrong and the council had managed to exact a revenge that didn't leave a mark. He vowed to stay out of their path for a while. It just wasn't worth the hassle.

At the same time he would limit his direct contact with America. He did not want to see Gibbs smirking face. Eli was not the type to take his failures well. He would not be able to stomach seeing someone act more paternally towards his daughter than he could.