bThe Witnesses /b

bPrologue/b: iThe poison drips down his face and for a moment, all is terrible blinding pain. And then, the man steps into view, a slight smirk on his face, his voice like the devil's.



"A ban on superheroes? Well, in a world filled with thousands of supervillians that seems unlikely, Larry. But training them up and giving them badges?I'd say that sounds like a reasonable response."

"Again." He snaps his jaw shut tightly, his body completely on edge. He will not make another sound.

The man above him moves closer. How his fingers ache to—"


"…And so we ask you Lord, for your mercy. Not only for the innocent children lost, but for the superpeople whose carelessness, caused this tragedy."


He will not make a sound. He will not give him the satisfaction. Blearily, he opens his eyes, vision foggy. Faintly, he sees the outline of the Hated Ones face, his lips set. If only he could move—

He is dunked back under. And he screams.




small Yes, dammit. I fucking caved and filled my own prompt. I have no idea why I keep doing this and I have a shitload I should be completing anyway, but dammit, my muse is a sadistic bitch. So, this roughly follows Civil War, but I'll still reading it and all, and of course I'll be making a lot of my own changes. Dear Lord, this is going to be huge. Idfk, know what I'm getting myself into…/small