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Chapter 1 – Yay Back to Tokyo

A trio of Keronians was all present in a hovercraft headed for Tokyo in the early morning. Another failed mission in Beijing hung on their shoulders and dampened the mood, despite the fact that it was a nice, June day. Two of the Keronians, a green frog named Keroro who was at the wheel and a blue frog named Tamama, were busy whining and complaining as they pointed fingers, blaming one another for the disappointing result of the mission that they had thought up the day before. The other Keronian, a red frog named Giroro, could've cared less about the failure. He was used to disappointments like this one and today's had been no different. Besides, his mind was much too occupied with thoughts of his one desire: Natsumi Hinata. He had been away from Natsumi for too long. The simple thought of seeing her kept Giroro's spirits up as he sat in his chair, tuning out the annoying frogs that he chose to accompany. Giroro knew that those two would need supervision, especially on the outrageous missions that their leader organized. Why Giroro continued to put up with his sergeant Keroro was still a mystery to be solved.. Tamama was fine, although a little dull, but he was a private, after all. He decided that he should be more lenient on the poor guy. Keroro, on the other hand, had no excuse for the failure of a frog that he was. After four failed missions in the past two weeks, the whole platoon's morale had reached its lowest.

The situation was so dire that Dororo and Kururu decided to stay in Tokyo, knowing that this would most likely result in more wasted funds. Luckily, there was some good fortune to their decision. With two of their platoon members present at their base, they could keep their base guarded from prying eyes, such as that one journalist girl that went to Natsumi's school. In the Hinata residence, most of the family was very busy and rarely present at home. Aki Hinata was busy with work again, working on another one of her manga. Fuyuki Hinata was off at summer camp. His participation was forced, much to his dismay. Natsumi and her mom agreed that Fuyuki needed to work on his social skills and resorted to sending the boy to a summer camp to meet people and hopefully make some new friends that were normal. Natsumi spent time outside the house with her friend Koyuki sometimes, but she wasn't as occupied as the other two members of the family. She was usually alone with Kururu, but she didn't mind. Natsumi saw this as an opportunity to keep the frogs in check. She would make sure they wouldn't try anything dangerous. Meanwhile, Mois had taken a vacation and was probably somewhere in space destroying some planet. Everyone was out and busy, which was uncommon, but nothing could be done about the situation.

Giroro snapped back to reality, where he met the angry eyes of Keroro. Giroro said nothing and glared back with equal force. He wasn't threatened by that frog one bit. In fact, Keroro's attempts at intimidating Giroro were laughable. He knew it wouldn't be worth the trouble asking the frog why he was staring at him, so he kept his mouth shut. Where was Tamama? He was always with the sergeant, constantly trying to win his affection. He found the frog flying the hovercraft, pouting to himself.

"Tamama and I have come to an agreement," Keroro yelled directly at Giroro. Oh boy. Giroro rolled his eyes and turned his back to his sergeant. After a pause, he continued and pointed a finger at Giroro. "We know who to blame for this mission's failure. After moments of arguing and reasoning we deci–" Giroro chuckled to himself, interrupting Keroro in the process. He could never imagine Keroro using reasoning to solve a problem. "What's so funny, huh? You know I don't like it when I'm not part of a good joke!" Keroro was practically screaming at him now, but Giroro stood unfazed. Keroro continued pestering and bugging Giroro until he could take it no longer.

"JUST TELL ME AND SHUT UP ALREADY! YOU'RE WASTING MY TIME!" Giroro yelled back, breathing heavily. He was teetering on the edge of insanity. He seriously considered shooting the frog right then and there. He placed his hands where his gun should've been. It was there, just in case he needed it for an emergency, more specifically, an annoying-green-frog-that-wouldn't-shut-up emergency.

"No, I won't tell you." countered Keroro. Giroro's jaw dropped and his eyes were filled with rage.

"BUT YOU JUST SAID Y–" Giroro yelled once again in disbelief and suddenly stopped mid-sentence, trying to calm himself with a sigh. Did this guy want to die today?

"I won't answer someone who's suck a jerk," Keroro quickly turned his back to Giroro and walked away with a humph.

This was the last straw. Giroro grimaced and his face contorted into a figure of annoyance-fueled anger. He couldn't take it anymore. He quickly ran up to Keroro and punched him from behind and watched him fly across the hovercraft. Wait, was Tamama watching? He didn't want Tamama to freak out if he saw him punching Keroro from behind. Giroro turned around and eyed the private, who was still driving the vehicle with the same mopey face. He wondered if the private was even aware of what was going on around him. A few moments later, Keroro came up behind him, attempting to return a punch, but collapsed on the floor. As Giroro returned to his chair, his mind filled with thoughts of Natsumi, calming him. It would only be a few more hours until they returned home.