A/N: I'm back with an all new Calzona fic! This is an AU High School fic. Although it's not your typical High school story, or at least I hope not it's going to throw our girls in more adult situations. I have been working on this story for months, first in theory and planning and now finally in writing. I will try to update once a week, but the days will vary as my work days do.

I hope you all enjoy! I'm going to enjoy writing it!


Arizona Robbins stood motionless, staring at the ominous double doors before her. She had been dreading this day for over a month, but here she stood. Her father had promised this would be the last time. She really hoped he hadn't lied to her.

Pulling her bag tightly against her shoulder, she took a deep breath and let her feet guide her through the blue doors. The click behind her could barely be heard as the noise inside the building immediately assaulted her ears. Teenagers loitered the hallways in every nook and cranny. No one bothered to even glance at the new girl.

She didn't bother to interrupt anyone's conversation. Instead set out to find the office on her own. By now she was used to it, so much so that it was practically routine. Growing up with a father in the military, she was always just "that new girl." Fourteen schools in twelve years didn't leave a lot of time to make friends. Her father promised that this time would be different. She was going to be able to do her entire senior year at one school.

There was one big difference this year than all the years previous. This year she'd be completely alone. Her big brother wouldn't be here. They were almost exactly a year apart so he graduated last year, leaving her to fend for herself during her senior year. Without her best friend by her side, she wasn't sure how she was going to make it through the year.

The white lettering over the glass told Arizona that this was the door she was looking for. Pulling the door open, she wandered inside letting the quietness inside the small office push away the noise of the hallway.

Chairs on either side ran along the wall. Straight in front of her was a large wooden desk, complete with one of those swinging doors to keep the unwanted out. There were two smaller desks behind the main desk, both neat and organized, but it was only the beginning of the school year, so only time would tell if they stayed that way. The door to the left she surmised was probably the principal's office.

The girl sitting behind the main desk looked far too young to be one of the office assistants, leading Arizona to believe she must be a student that worked in the office for one of her classes. She had gorgeous black hair, flowing freely down her back. From where she stood she couldn't tell how long it was, but she bet it felt as soft as it looked.

"Can I help you?" came from the mouth of the beautiful creature.

Arizona shook off her thoughts and moved to step to the desk. "Yes, I'm Arizona Robbins, I'm supposed to start today."

"Oh, right, Mrs. Montgomery told me we should expect you, let me to get her." Arizona tried to stop herself from watching the girl as she stood up, moved over to the door and gently knocked. The body definitely matched the face, Arizona thought with a smile.

She had known for some time she was a lesbian, but this was the first time she really took notice of another woman that wasn't on her television screen. At all of the other schools she'd been to, all of the pretty girls were so shallow it took away from their attractiveness. At least to her it did.

So lost in her musing she didn't notice a redhead approach her. "Arizona Robbins?" came the quiet question, pulling her back to reality.

"Yes, Arizona, that's me," answered lamely.

"Great, we've been expecting you. I'm Mrs. Montgomery, the Vice-Principal. We just got your transcripts yesterday. Seems you've got quite the school resume."

"Military brat," she summed up quickly.

"Well all we need is for you to sign a few papers then you'll be good to go. We've got your schedule ready. Luckily you've only missed a couple of days so it should be easy to dive right in."

Arizona took the pen that was being offered to her by the gorgeous girl and quickly slapped her name next to the X's. "This will be the first time I've actually gotten to start a new school at the beginning of the year."

"Well I hope you like it here. We're a fairly small school, compared to the others in the district, we have just over 800 students compared to the 1,200 or more."

This was the same spiel she got at every school, why this one would be better than her last. Her parents taught her to never be rude, and respect your elders, so she always felt she had to contribute to the conversation. "I've been to schools of around 300 for four grades, and schools that had over 2,000."

"Wow," came a whisper from the raven girl, who quickly made it look like she wasn't listening and went back to doing whatever she was doing.

She knew Mrs. Montgomery wanted to ask more questions, they always did. But she wasn't in the mood to answer anymore. "Think I've got all these signed now," she told the VP, handing the papers over to her.

"Great. Would you get her schedule for her?" Mrs. Montgomery asked the assistant.

Arizona couldn't help but wonder about the girl's heritage. She looked Mexican, but there was something different about her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. And she wasn't about to assume anything. She'd been around the world and she'd seen prejudice and racism first hand. She wasn't about to assume anything about anyone.

Before she knew it, her schedule was in her hands and she was leaving the office. She'd been offered a guide to show her around but declined. While every school was different, they were all alike in a way as well. It shouldn't be too hard to find her way around.

Looking down at the piece of paper in her hand, she realized she had calculus first period in room 205. "Great, just want I wanted, math first thing in the morning," she mumbled to herself. The hallways were clear so classes must have already started while she was in the office. So much for hoping she could quietly start her day.

Thank goodness this school didn't have more than one building. The last high school she was in had five buildings in all. It took her almost a week before she could remember where all her classes were.

All the classes down here started with a one, so that was probably indicating which floor she needed to be on, which meant she needed to find a staircase. As she wandered the halls, she took a minute to glance at the other paper in her hand. It looked like her locker was also on the second floor. She'd have to look for that after her first class.

Stairs found, she took them two at a time, wanting to just find her first class already. Of course the first classroom she found was 230, which meant she was probably on the wrong side of the building. By the time she found the right room, the teacher was well into his lecture for the day. There was no way to just sneak in unnoticed.

"Ah, you must be Miss Robbins," she heard as she entered the room. "I'm Mr. Peterson. There's a book for you at the back of the room, get it and take a seat, we're starting on page ten."

"And this is how it begins," Arizona thought to herself, opening the book. At least this was only a refresher of what they learned in pre-calculous.