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Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton and Agent Coulson stood on the roof of a large warehouse, the rain coating them in thin rivulets that ran down their skin and seeped through their coats and into their clothes.

They stood around the edge of a large circle that had been etched into the concrete roof of the warehouse. The circle was made up of otherworldly runes and shapes that twisted together in a fascinating display, which in Coulson's opinion, looked very similar to Celtic patterns that, once upon a time, were elaborately sewn onto tapestries.

To his right, Clint shifted and quietly cleared his throat, the agent's eyes fixed upon the two figures who were stood in front of them in the middle of the circle, smiling and laughing at one another in the rain with affection. The armoured god of Thunder, the mighty Thor, was clad fully from head to toe in majestic armour, making the slim form of his lover, Jane Foster, seem absolutely tiny in comparison.

Yet still the two clung to each other and conversed quietly whilst the agents who had given them a ride to the warehouse, stood and watched patiently to see their mission through to the end. Natasha's smile was faint, but it showed both her happiness at seeing the couple together, as well as the amusement at the expense of her companions.

Whilst Phil Coulson remained calm, poised and professional, Agent Clint Barton could barely contain his annoyance at having to be made to wait unnecessarily in the rain. Barely moving his mouth, Coulson spoke in an undertone to the agent so that Thor and Jane would not hear them above the sound of the rain exploding on the concrete roof.

"Barton, it is only a few minutes as they wait for Heimdall to open the Bifrost. Be patient. You were hired to be an agent because you were good at that." Coulson reminded him, trying to sound soothing so as not to grate on the young agent's nerves.

Clint snorted, the rush of warm air creating a mist of air that curled around his nose and dissipated, like steam from a kettle. The agent glanced away to look at the floor in irritation. "Yeah well, sorry sir, watching cute-sy scenes taken directly from cheap love movies was not in my job description."

"Do public displays of affection make you feel awkward Clint?" Natasha questioned, her voice barely louder than a murmur as she attempted to hold in a quiet laugh.

"Hmm? Maybe they do. I don't know. The only thing that cheers me up about this is that I get to watch a real life alien abduction." Clint muttered.

Coulson gave the archer a hard, meaningful side-long glance. "Clint. Thor is taking Jane to see Asgard. It's not an alien abduction." He reprimanded.

"Oh yeah? What would you call it then?" Clint grumbled. "If I'm seeing it, I get to call it what I want."

"It's not an alien abduction Agent Barton." Coulson snapped, enforcing the point with the use of Clint's agent title.

Clint shrugged and turned his attention back to the loving couple as the Bifrost began to open in a shower of brilliant, kaleidoscopic multicoloured light. "Tom-ay-toe, tom-ah-toe." He snorted in response, his eyes transfixed on the descending Bifrost.

Rule 59: Thor taking Jane to see Asgard does not count as an alien abduction. Clint should stop referring to it as such.