Her face is pressed to his neck, her lips sucking and pulling at the taut skin. He hovers over her, his crotch grinding against hers, the denim of his jeans scraping against her naked legs. His fists are tangled in the sheets as he moans into her ear, her fingers caressing his back. He pulls himself down, kissing a trail down her body. Across her collarbones, one over each rib, her belly button, moving lower and lower until…

Specs wakes with a gasp. She's panting, sweat clinging to her body underneath the sheets. Summer nights on Mars can be hell. She throws the blankets off, sits up, and pulls her knees up to her chest. Just a dream. A damn good one… But a dream nonetheless.

"Water. I need water," she says to an empty room. Specs slides off the bed and walks into her bathroom. Taking the glass from the medicine cabinet, she fills it from the tap and downs it in a single gulp. She examines herself in the mirror. Her red hair is a mess of frizzy curls, her freckles are looking especially spotty, and her lips are cracked and dry. She sighs. It was definitely a dream.

Specs looks at the watch placed perfectly parallel to the sink. 3:06 am. With a loud groan, she crawls back into bed, pulling only the light sheet around her thin body. She had work at 6, and could not afford to be late. Every minute on this assignment was a minute with Krayonder, and she did not want to miss a single one.

"Morning, Specs!" Krayonder called out as he entered the room. Arms swinging by his sides, wide steps, and an even wider smile… What was he, a fucking Disney prince? Specs forced a grimace and returned his greeting.

"What's wrong? You look like you woke up on the wrong side of the planet."

"Just, not much sleep. That's all."

Krayonder plopped onto a rolling stool and pulled up at Specs' side, just inches away. "Well dude, you know there are ways to wear yourself out before bed," he purred. Specs froze, staring at the device in her hands which she had quite forgotten the purpose of. She slowly turned to look at him. He was… Were those bedroom eyes? And as quickly as they had startled her, they were gone. He wheeled over to his work station and began powering it on.

"Hey, do you think you could help me with the formatting on this damn report thingy? I'm really just here because they let me test out the prototype zappers; the paperwork is beyond my skills, man…"

"Um, yeah, sure," she whispered. Specs blinked rapidly, trying to regain her focus. She had no sooner picked up the tiny laser screwdriver when she felt breath on her neck.

"What are you working on?" he asked.

Specs felt her whole body tense up. "I'm fixing this… thingy."

"I believe that's a firing coil for the new Zapper T800," he said. Specs felt fingertips ghosting over her spine. She shivered. Krayonder laughed. "Relax, Specs," he whispered his face next to her ear. "You know I'd like, never do anything to hurt you." His hand gently slid back down the way it had come, curling around her side around her middle. Specs closed her eyes.

And then he was gone again. When she looked around, he was meandering back to his station.

The next half hour passed without incident. Krayonder was humming under his breath, old jazz songs, Specs thought, but he didn't come near her again.

"Hey man, what's the code for entering results of field tests again?"

"Um, here, let me show you," Specs said. She walked over to his table and leaned in. Her fingers moved like lightning over the keyboard, filling in all the necessary code in a matter of seconds. Krayonder smiled up at her.

"Thanks man! I don't, like, know what I would do if we weren't paired together on this."

Specs smiled. "I agree, this is a very beneficially partnership for this program." She felt her cheeks heating up.

Krayonder rolled his eyes. "That's like, not at all what I meant." He returned to his typing, leaving Specs to walk dazedly back to her station.

Was she still dreaming? Was that it? It may not be as graphic as some of the others, but it was certainly strange. He'd always been pleasant and complimentary, but something was off about him today. He was… ecstatic. Specs felt something hitch in her throat.

Wasn't this how people got after sex?

Specs had had sex, of course… but she'd heard that truly great sex left people glowing. Like Disney princes.

She felt a tear threatening the corner of her eye. Stop it, she thought to herself. Don't be so stupid! You don't even know that he did have sex, and besides, I'm not certain we're even conscious.

Specs finished up her work on the firing coil and picked up the next piece that needed tweaking.

Of course he was having sex. He was gorgeous, single, and only 30% of this godforsaken place was male. Who decided to fill the Martian weapons manufacturing plant with smart, competent women? Terrible idea! They should have hired trigger-happy men, they'd be sure to get the job done.

Specs smirked to herself.

"ARGH! DeadGod fuckignd ammnit all to hell!"

"What? What is wrong?"

"My damn station froze, and I'm going to lose this whole report!"

"No you're not," Specs said. She walked over to the station, craning to look at the screen from a standing position next to him. "Here, can you... Can you scoot over please?"

"You can sit on my lap, little lady," Krayonder said, winking up at her and patting his knee. Specs took a single step backwards, folded her arms, and stared him straight in the eyes.

"Not a chance in hell, Krayonder. Now do you want me to save your report or not?"

"Fine, fine," he said, scooting away, "But hell is looking pretty icy these days, Specs. It might freeze over and then we'll see who… has a... a lap that… Oh you know what I mean!"

Specs just laughed. Within a few minutes, she had fixed his computer problem. She walked back to her station and sat down, crossing her legs.

"No way… No way! How did you do that, dude? It's like, totally saved!"

"Simple fix," she said, trying not to be too pleased with herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Krayonder leap out of his chair and start walking over. She turned her head slightly. "Hmm?"

Within moments he was at her side, holding her head in his hands, planting a kiss on her cheek.

"What would I even do if you weren't here?" He exclaimed. Specs felt herself flushing scarlet. To her surprise, Krayonder was also turning very pink. He wiped his palms on the back of his jeans and swallowed. She noticed that his breath rate had sped up quite a bit. "Well, um… I'm just gonna… I need to test out the T800. Are those parts ready?"

"Oh, yeah…" She handed him the parts she had fixed.

"Thanks Specs… man… bro," Krayonder muttered, rushing from the room.

If she had been confused before, she was now bewildered, puzzled, and befuddled; however, she was definitely awake. Specs lifted a hand to her cheek. Yup, definitely not a dream.