Holmes was roughly shaken awake and found himself looking at the same man who had been with him the last time. Growling and shaky, Holmes was ordered to follow as they left the dim room and crossed the street.

They were by the Thames, the northern banks, and the last bit of light from the west was slowly fading. They came up to a man who laughed at the sight of Holmes. Holmes recognized him even through the foggy haze he was in. "Not so tough are now?" Was the gruff greeting.

"Still stupid as ever?" Holmes asked insolently.

He earned a slap to the jaw for the remark. "Not as stupid as your Doctor friend. He was here today. All day in fact, but he left."

Holmes' jaw tightened. He wanted nothing more than to punch the man, but his body was barely supporting itself with his depleted energy. He would have to wait for a better time.

"You won't escape forever." Holmes hissed. His shivered and his body began to physically betray his weakness. He continued to lock eyes with his enemy.

"Perhaps not." The man shrugged indifferently and lit his pipe. "But neither will you." Holmes' scowl darkened considerably and the man chuckled. "Well, we'll be departing soon. And the Thames is hard to comb for a body."