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~ It was silent between them for a while, until Nina eventually said, "We really are idiots, aren't we?" ~

It was quiet in the apartment. Eerily quiet, even. For unsuspecting people, this was more than logical, seeing that it was almost four o'clock in the morning. Nina, however, didn't belong to that particular group of people. She knew better. Oh yes, she did.

She would never forget how harsh her roommate could be, how cunning and crafty she acted. No, she wouldn't hesitate to attack this early in the morning, when Nina would practically be harmless. The blonde certainly wouldn't put it past her younger sister. These past few days had proved that more than once, after all those events with glue, paint, itching powder, invisible wires and much, much more. At this point, it felt as though the nightmares would never stop. They had landed on a point where there was no turning back.

This madness has to stop… before it kills both of us, Nina thought with a frown. Still, that was easier said than done, especially when Anna was involved.

The blonde was currently lying in her bed, wide awake and staring at the ceiling. Half of her face was covered by a small bag of ice, which barely relieved the pain enough to make it bearable. She felt a lot for muttering a long string of four letter words, but knew it wouldn't help. In fact, her whole body still hurt from the collision with the heavy flour sacks, but she fervently hoped Anna was in a much worse condition, thanks to the sudden tennis balls attack, courtesy of Nina herself.

Suddenly, the blonde heard how her bedroom door opened slowly, and it softly closed again. For a moment, Nina contemplated whether she should pretend to be asleep, just to see what her sister had in mind for her this time, or make clear that she already knew of her presence. She chose for the latter (more out of her own safety than anything else) and switched on the bedside lamp on the nightstand.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, just when the dangerous brunette noted, "I see you're still awake?"

A quiet, awkward beat passed between the Williams sisters, as neither of them replied. Eventually, it was the younger sibling who made the first move, by heading towards the occupied bed. Her dark eyes glistened in the little light that the lamp provided them and Nina found herself wondering if she should be worried.

The silent blonde shot her a rather suspicious look, as she repeated, "What are you doing here?"

If this behavior had offended the younger Williams, she knew how to hide it. "Relax. I've come in peace," she announced, while sitting at the edge of the bed.

It sagged a little under the newly added weight, but neither of them paid any attention to it.

Nina raised a brow. Come in peace? Well, that's a first, she thought, not believing a word of it.

The only reason that she didn't catapult her right out of bed was the fact that at least she was harmed… sort of (if you counted the ice pack), whereas Anna wasn't. But could you really blame her after everything that had happened to her so far? She glanced at Anna from the corner of her eyes. Now that she wasn't wearing any make-up, the bruises from earlier that week were showing again. Despite everything, Nina found herself smirking at the sight; at least she wasn't the only one in pain.

"I'm here for a proposal."

Again, the blonde raised a thin brow at her words. "And what kind of proposal might that be?"

Anna halted, as if to choose her words carefully. Then she said, "A provisional truce, before this flat collapses thanks to us."

The eldest woman bit her lower lip. Quite honestly, a truce didn't sound that bad, but since Anna was the one who had come up with it, something had to be behind it…

"What's wrong? Running out of ideas?" Nina questioned, a lightly teasing tone.

"Yeah, just as much as you're running out of flower sacks as of lately."

This time, the blonde frowned. "Then what's the catch?"

Anna sighed quietly. "There is no catch. I'm just sick of this endless fighting. We should stop now, before it will start costing lives."

Even though she sounded serious, Nina knew that that last part was meant to be a joke. Still, the brunette was right; it was the best for both of them (and the rest of the world) to quit now, before it would be too late to turn back…

Eventually, the eldest Williams nodded. "Very well, then. I'm in. But give me one reason to doubt you or any of your actions and I won't hesitate to kill you," she warned and she couldn't help but wonder quietly how threatening she looked with an ice pack on her head.


It was silent between them for a while, until Nina eventually said, "We really are idiots, aren't we?"

This earned her the tiniest of smiles. "True... But you've got to admit that my pranks were much better than yours."

"No way. They were immature and uncreative," Nina stated, a serious look crossing her face.

"Hah! Says the one who doesn't know a thing about creativity."

"Excuse me?" Nina spat indignantly, with a raised brow.

"Oh, you heard me. I've always been one step ahead of you."

"Oh really now? I'll show you what being a step ahead of people really means, because I haven't run out of ideas yet!" Nina challenged, before she could stop herself.

"We'll see about that..."

And so, the bickering and a prankwar started again, this time more intense than the previous round...

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