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Tony had to admit it, Loki had the stage presence of a great actor. Soft smiles intermixed with serious tight lips as the ex-god weaved his tale, using expression to his advantage. Granted, the story was incomplete, negative, complex details where omitted in favour of a short but powerful summary.

Both Tony and the audience where utterly captivated, albeit for different reasons.

Their audience was captivated by an emotional tale of struggle and strife. A grim modern fairytale about a flawed, angry man finding hope amidst the dirt of New York. They clung to Loki's honeyed words, desperate for more.

Tony on the other hand was admiring Loki's incredible skill as a storyteller. The essence was nothing but pure truth, however it lacked small yet important details. Nothing gave away he used to be a mad destroyer keen on ruling the Earth.. no, this Loki could pass a lie-detector test with grace and simultaneously charm somebody's pants off.

Loki was a great actor, persuasive, manipulating, intelligent and charming. His face only showing the emotions Loki desired.

Yet all this time the god of lied had yet to utter one.

Loki didn't even truly cover his personality during the final interview.

The show was nearing its end, forcing Renne to ask her final question. " So tell us Locke, are you planning on helping them further? "

" That is what i intend to do, yes." Loki said smiling brilliantly.

In the eyes of audience and host it was the self-assured smile of a man with good read it differently, especially when Loki caught him starring, and squinted in Tony's direction sending a clear signal. I will raise hell and have my vengeance for your words.

Loki shifted in his seat, facing the crowd for a final statement. " While hospitalized i even took the opportunity to start learning another language. The CEO of Stark's industries,took note of my intelligence and offered me a job."

More like she took note of your relentless stubbornness and ability to annoy me to death.Yes, Loki had more wits then the average Joe, no denying that. Yet Tony knew Pepper found Loki's unparalleled ability to ignore whatever "ridiculous" thing the engineer wanted, his biggest asset. She had hired the man on pure spite. Thankfully it had workout out perfectly, even if the road to get there was bumpy.

"During my time in their employment I have learned a great deal more about economy, management and other useful skills, proving i was a valuable employee. Working closely with Stark was also a personal eye opener.. The rest, as they say, is history." Loki nodded at Jack, who was looking at him with hope and awe. Expressions the ex-god wasn't used to receiving. Even if his first desire had been to undermine Tony, he had to acknowledge it felt...nice. " I know that among those that society has rejected, are those with a likewise eagerness to learn. Yet our current society doesn't really allow this. Education, especially at a later time in your life, is ridiculously expensive. Even more so when you are already without basic necessities. So with the help of Stark's industries. And Tony Stark..."

Ah great, I'm helping...

Tony might be a public figure, appearing on TV, news papers and juicy tabloids with alarming regularity. He actually hated it. Often Pepper had to force him or threaten him to get "involved" with whatever charity pet-project was going on. Yet he had always known about it beforehand, even if Jarvis had to remind him constantly when there was a function to attend. Loki had conveniently circumvented any official channels by publicly announcing Tony's fucking personal involvement.

That little shit.

Renne stood in the audience, closing this mornings successful show. "This concludes today's show! It was great to have you with us gentlemen, i hope to hear more of this project in the upcoming days."

Loki stood, back straight and carrying himself with regal poise. " It was an honour Renne."

Tony got up slowly, hindered by the stiff cast around his leg. He gave Rene a strong handshake." What he said" Noted Tony pointing at Loki..

Viewing ratings were through the roof, their scoop had assured that. People would be talking about this for days to come.

For the first time in his life Loki was safe, because the public loved him.

Tony turned and gave the audience a signature greeting. "Time to go people! Come along Icequeen, we've got a lot of work ahead of us." As he walked into the backstage with a big grin, Tony, swore he could feel Loki fuming with quit, cold rage behind him.

Life was great, if not for the smile Loki gave him during the ride back. It was... Severely disconcerting.

Loki felt his muscles relax instantly when scalding hot water rained down on him. Tension washed away the longer he stood under the shower. Muck, grime and hair he hadn't been able to clean earlier started to clog the drain. Reluctantly he bend down to clean it, lest the bathroom turn into a swimming pool. He could do without a fall on slippery wet tiles lest he get injured again.

Downstairs in the common room Anthony was still in a heated discussion with Rogers about pissing Fury off. Even if the team agreed that it was a brilliantly funny way to do so. God the few photo's Banner managed to take, though off a bad quality would provide entertainment for months.

Barton had agreed to give him a blank slate for now, there was no apology for the shot. Loki hadn't expected one either, his wounds was more or less healed anyway. Not that he had forgiven Barton, the right time for a trick or two was still to come. The Black Widow had stayed behind on the hellicarrier, retrieving any info fury might have held back from them.
Rogers had merrily welcomed him back, showing unexpected forgiveness. Going so far as giving Loki a friendly pat on the shoulder for his "admirable" attitude so far, telling him to keep-up the good work. It was strange to see a former enemy show so much forgiveness.

Thor had wanted to crush him in a bear hug, yet had wisely ,after considering what his Lady Jane told him, decided against it. Loki had to admit he liked the small brunette, it wasn't easy to make Thor do your bidding. She however did this with a certain flair that was highly amusing to watch. So far one of the most tolerable women Thor had "dated" yet.

Every crevice, down to the most intimate of places got scrubbed his skin so thoroughly it turned red from the amount of attention it got. Satisfied that his body had been well taken care of, Loki, rinsed his hair. The conditioner he'd used was of an expansive brand that promised straighter hair and more manageable curls. A midgardian product of vanity that Loki could not miss even if the end result left much to be desired. And afters days of unkempt frizzy hair that felt greasy to touch, it was a welcome luxury.

Soap suds slid down his body as his hand ran through his blond hair towards his neck. Although the heat worked wonders, there was still a sore spot in his neck. Firmly he placed his fingers in the curve behind his head kneading the stiff muscle beneath. Loki's eyes narrowed from pleasure as days of stress ebbed away. A soft moan escaped his lips when he applied a bit more pressure, it was slightly painful, any good massage was, but he'd feel so much better afterwards.

Even with the sound of running water echoing in the large bathroom, Loki, could hear Anthony shuffle in the doorway. His lover made no noise, instead he leaned against the wall in order to enjoy the show.

Loki suppressed a wicked smile, and pretended to have no knowledge of the engineers presence. Dear Anthony, so predictable in his habits.

Craning his head to the side, exposing his long pale neck, Loki's left hand joined in. Using both hands he kneaded along his spine until he reached his shoulder blades. A position that allowed him to stretch his body, arch his back, and assume a rather alluring pose. Graceful and sexual, a silhouette painters and photographers would die to capture.

Bending his right arm in a straight position, Loki, softly ran his free hand over it in circular motions. One hand massaged the other, giving fingers a firm squeeze and gentle pull. Twisting his body, he heard and felt the loud pop of something snapping back into place. It gave him the perfect opportunity to place place his forehead against the tiles. Enjoying the duality of its cold surface and the heated water running over his back, Loki sighed and plotted his next move.

Part one of his idea had worked, Anthony was fixated on him and him alone. Fully under the impression he was interrupting a private moment, without being noticed. Fool.

Loki's right hand slid down his torso in a tormenting slow pace, while he used the other on the wall as support. He let his lips part ever so slightly le to let out a soft "hmmmm." He caressed his inner thigh with gentle fingers, avoiding the most sensitive parts. Loki bit his lip as he half squeezed half massaged there, causing a pleasurable shiver throughout his body. It had always been a rather sensitive part of him, if manipulated correctly...

"Ahh." Gasped Loki while his cock twitched in interest, angry that it was being neglected. Stroking upwards he fondly cupped his balls, and pressed against his perineum with his index finger. Eyes closed themselves from pure pleasure as Loki let out a loud filthy moan. Cock going from half-hard to velvet steel in less then a millisecond. He reached for the base of his dick and squeezed, mentally forbidding it to show to much enthusiasm...for now. He was nowhere near being ready to finish. No, Loki wanted to take his time, until both himself and Anthony where on the very edge of coming.

Tony had taken root in the middle of the bathroom. A ridiculous dump-struck look on his face, nobody would think he was a genius with his mouth hanging open in a dumb gaze. A fly could have easily flown in and out without Tony being any wiser. Worse was the fact he felt himself drool, his brain decided to happily let it be in favour of re-directing the blood flow elsewhere.

What came out as a nearly silent "euhhh." was actually Tony's attempt to ask if Loki needed a hand with that. Yet from the way the other man gripped his own shaft and stroked it slowly, Tony, wasn't needed at all. Greedy eyes took in the pale colour of Loki's naked skin flushed red from arousal .Loki was beautiful, strong and deviously tempting. Tony's cock filled out, making his tailored pants uncomfortably tight.

So far Loki appeared unaware of him, focussing only on his own satisfaction. Tony watched in rapture as his ex-god slid down, kneeling on the floor as one hand stroked his cock tortuously slow while the other reached between his legs and... Oh my fucking god.

Tony's brain lost the last essence of intelligence, replacing every thought with the urge to fuck this delicious man into oblivion. Palming his dick through his pants, Tony, let out a broken moan.

He had a perfect view of Loki's perfect body bending forward. Knees spread apart just enough to present firm, round butt cheeks. Loki's slick index finger was pumping in and out his own hole. If Tony's mind had been function he'd realise it was already prepared for this occasion. He would have been more suspicious or at least carefull knowing this.

Tony's hips jerked forward instinctively, his cock longing to be burried in that tight velvet orifice. He started stroking himself over his pants in the same agrivating pace, frustrated that the rest of his body still appeared to be frozen in time. Surely Loki would notice him soon, and invite him in. Perhaps his ex-god would stay kneeled, wrapping his lovely lips around Tony's rock hard erection while fucking himself on his own fingers.

As is on cue Loki added another finger, curling them in order to find his prostrate. Tony had never heard Loki make such incredible tempting sounds, nor had he seen such a display of erotica. And he'd seen much in his life. He didn't know how much longer he could watch Loki fingering himself before coming into is own pants like a fifteen year old.

Loki stopped stroking himself and placed his hand back on the tilled wall, giving him some extra grip as he pushed in a third wet finger ( Tony knew keeping lube in the bathroom would pay off eventually). The other man was trembling with desire, fully focused on what might have been the best shower masturbation session ever. Loki was hurried either, his thrusts in and out where still ever so slow. But they where deep and hit the right spot, and the trickster was a very vocal man...

In a moment of clarity, Tony, managed to free his cock from it's confinement. "Fuck" He could swear it grew even thicker when it jutted out, the tip already wet with pre-come.

Loki looked at him now, eyes nearly black from pure want "Anthony!" He kept up his rhythmic thrusts, even picking up a bit of speed. Tony thought he'd managed to discover a voyeuristic streak, as Loki seemed to be even more pleased to see him watching. " Please, Anthony tell me what you want!"

The please should have been a dead give-away.

To bad his cock was in charge though.

"Fuck Loki, i want to fuck you so hard now. See your pale body beneath me writing in pleasure." Tony was nearly humping the air, saying it out loud nearly made him feel it. "I want to watch myself slide in and out of you so bad baby."

"Yessss" Loki moaned loudly adding more force in his own thrusts, noticeably reaching the point of orgasm "You'd fuck me so hard wouldn't you?ohhhhh."

Tony loved dirty talk, right now Loki was hitting all of his good buttons. " Yes, fuck yourself. Come for me Loki."

Loki threw his head backwards and placed his other hand back on his member. Jerking himself off in the same furious pace as his fingers did. "Anthonyyyy." His cry was loud, broken and devastatingly arousing. Semen his the walls, coating them white for a second before it vanished down the drain. Loki visibly shaken from such an intense orgasm cached his breath, watching Tony from lidded eyes.

With a twist the waters raining down ended and Loki slid out of the shower. He looked well-fucked out, a look, Tony promised himself, he'd see more often. A wet hand slid around Tony's aching cock. " how do you want me?"

This is to good to be true.

" On your knees."

Loki sank back onto his knees, doing as Tony bided and looked up. "And?" Came the sly question.

Fuck, yes!

"I want that pretty mouth of yours sucking me off."

Loki smirked and blew a puff of cold air over Tony's dick. "Yes you's want that wouldn't you?"

Really, really cold air.

The eyes starring at him where crimson pools, a cerulean blue Loki rose to his feet shaking of a few frozen ice-chips. The bastard didn't even need a towel. Any enthusiasm his cock might have held withdrew immediately as the cold made it crawl back into hiding.

"To bad I'm an Icequeen." Noted Loki strutting away as if he hadn't fucked the living daylights out of himself. Leaving Tony with quite posibly the first real case of blue balls in history.

Well, fuck. It was to good to be true.

And thus Loki got back at Tony for calling him Icequeen on public TV.
I hope this never happens to me