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Day 1:

The afterlife I had awoken to seemed to be dark. There was not a hint of light to be seen anywhere. Was this my punishment? To exist forevermore in this eternal darkness, never to see my loved ones ever again? I had looked forward to seeing them again after my death. Shirley, Rolo, Euphemia. Others as well. The innocents I had killed, even my dear deluded mother, Marianne. Perhaps I'd even hoped to see Charles as well. I wonder if they'd be proud of me, of the world I'd created. I wonder if they'd forgive me. I wonder what could've been if I hadn't been Zero. It's far too late to regret now. I close my eyes prepared to atone for my sins in this everlasting prison.

Day 2:

Things are not as I thought they were. I can still feel the burden of my human body. I ache everywhere. I can hear my own ragged breathing, I smell my own body odour, my blood, and the disgusting stench of my feces. If I attempt to reach out, I will touch a wall that I cannot see, due to this accursed darkness. As each second passes, I'm more assured that I am alive, buried in my own coffin, six feet under. I must have inherited the code from my dead father. Soon, I will run out of air. Already I can hear myself wheezing and gasping for air, my body contorting and writhing. I am vaguely aware of blood and grazed skin where my body has hit against my wooden jail in desperation.


Finally I have run out of air.

Intense pain ensues.

I think my vision is dimming, but I can't really tell.

I suppose it doesn't matter. It'd be dark either way.

Day 3:

It's a funny, albeit painful feeling, trying to suck in air when there isn't any. I've lost count of how many times I have died and resurrected. All I am aware of is the sheer pain of it all.

I've learnt to look forward to my death.

It is the only time I am given a break from this vicious cycle of agony. I never asked for this. If only I had really died the moment Suzaku ran me through with that pink sword I had sharpened for the occasion. If only I had never inherited the Code. If only… If only…

It should be about time for another death. Quick! Come! Let me die! Let me escape from this unbearable pain!

I attempt one more desperate gasp for air before my consciousness fades.

Day 1733:

It hurts…

It hurts…

Day 2019:

Please… Let it all end…

Day 3003:

Day 4164:

I would not have thought it possible, but the pain has faded. Or rather, I have grown used to this pain that no one should ever have to suffer through. Recently, when I am alive, I have filled my thoughts with Nunnaly. How are you doing now? Do you enjoy this peaceful world I have left behind for you? What is it like, looking at this world through your eyes?

Have you forgotten me? I fervently hope that you have. Enjoy your world without war. Forget me and live in happiness. With these last thoughts I fall back into the quiet comfort of death.

Day 7502:

Are you still alive Nunnaly? It feels as though a thousand years have passed me by in this coffin. Everyone I know may already be dead. Nunnaly… Suzaku… Kallen… Millay… Rivalz… Nina… Jeremiah… Ohgi… Todoh… Everyone… Of course, there is one exception. My accomplice. C.C.

You have shouldered the same curse I have for uncountable years. Years you have existed through this false life. Life without death is not life but mere experience. I think I can understand these words a bit better now. C.C

C.C. … C.C. … C.C. …

Her face is the last thing in my head as I slip into the abyss once more.

Day 28, 674:

It seems that my ability to ignore the pain of suffocation is not without its costs. Now, I can feel the terrible thirst and the horrible hunger which comes along with many years of malnourishment. Malnourishment. Hmph. What an understatement. More than the hunger and thirst though, is my growing sense of boredom and frustration. How I long for the world outside. I want to see Nunnaly… I want to see C.C.

I want to see everyone.

I wonder if anyone wants to see me.

I wonder if I deserve to see them.

Day 32, 892:

The world is shaking.

It's rocking, like a drunken bull on steroids. Like a ship in the midst of a powerful whirlpool. It was as if God had decided to make the Earth His playing ball and had decided to play volleyball… The last analogy seemed a little farfetched… But coming up with useless and crazy analogies help me kill time.

There have been many earthquakes during my imprisonment. Area 11… No, Japan… is a magnet for natural disasters after all. There has never been an earthquake quite as strong as this though. If Nunnaly is still alive, I hope she is safe.

I am jostled around by my shaking coffin.

Ah… it seems that all this excitement is killing me faster. It is almost time…


A new unfamiliar sound reaches my ears. The darkness recedes, and for the first time I can see how the box I lived in for the past… undefined period of time looked like. Certainly well designed. Suitably appropriate for the last resting place of the Demon King. A tiny crack turns into a larger crack, and more light streams in.

A cooling sensation licks my face. What is this? I breathe in, and suddenly my lungs sing in joy. The ever-present pain has subsided, and I feel a thousand times lighter.


I can't get enough of it! A sweet miracle! Why did I ever take air, breathing for granted! It feels so good to breathe! I don't know how long I lie there savoring the air, but eventually I try to force myself out of the wooden casket that has contained me for so long. I push apart the rotting lid with a high like any other. I was finally getting out! I was getting out.

That eternal hell was over.

My head and shoulder emerges out into the surface, I attempt to stand and I realize with a fall.

I've forgotten how to use my legs. My muscles haven't weakened, that's impossible with the code. My body has just temporarily forgotten how to function outside of that dark coffin.

I stumble up, tripping over myself a couple of times, but moving becomes manageable. Looking around, I pay attention to my surroundings for the first time. I'm on the remains of an isolated hillside. Strewn clumps of grass and earth lie around me. A great oak tree, upheaved is merely five metres away from me. Insects of all shapes and sizes crawl around beautiful flowers. Some flowers are dead, but most still live and provide an intense plethora of colours .

Casting my eyes upwards I see the night sky. Small pinpricks of light blind me. A sliver of moonlight dazzles me. Dazed, I feel a strange wetness come from my eyes.

The tall, lonely figure on the ruined hill slowly sunk down to his knees, tears dripped down his face, and moistened the ground below him. The figure stayed in the same posture until dawn broke. Then the figure slowly stood, with a newfound purpose and fire in his eyes. Lelouch Vi Brittania… No… Lelouch Lamperouge had miraculously escaped from his buried hell. Against all odds he had lived. And he was going to make the most of it.

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