Protecting a Demon

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Eyeshield 21, if I did it would undoubtedly end up as a Yaoi.

Musashi x Hiruma, Hiruma is in charge but Musashi is on top. Hiruma isn't human but he is an asset to the FBI who want him kept alive at any cost. Musashi one of the FBI's top special agents is sent in to get the job done but Musashi isn't human either and after a life time of boredom what we'll the two of them do when they realize that they can make each other's fantasies come true. YAOI! Rated M for extreme sexual content, S&M!

Musashi sighed as he trudged towards the seedy looking club. On the outside it looked like nothing more than a large, cement, empty warehouse. No windows gave you a glimpse into the inside and no noise leaked out to betray the activities going on within. On the far side of the front wall someone had badly spray painted the word Heaven with large running red letters.

Keeping the setting of his current mission in mind, Musashi had shaved his hair back into the mohawk he had worn in high school. Forgoing the standard issue black suit he now wore ripped grungy jeans and a tight white athletic shirt with a black leather jacket to conceal his weapons. On his hands were fingerless black leather gloves and on his feet were combat boots that thudded hollowly across the ground as he closed the last few feet to the door that at a casual glance would never be noticed.

Schooling his features to casual Musashi gave the door a firm kick that echoed hollowly. It was only seconds before the door slid open just slightly as a tall dark figure squeezed out. Musashi examined him closely. The man was taller than him, very lean with disproportionality long arms, and with hair that was slicked back. He wore pants made out of some kind of dark material and a white dress shirt; brass knuckles glinted heavily on both of his hands.

"What can I do for you stranger?" The words were casual enough but the tone was all threat and promised violence. Musashi took a deceptively casual stance using the shifting of his weight as an excuse to get his hand closer to his fire arm. "O, you know, just here for a little taste of heaven." The before agreed upon code left his mouth like a load of bricks, his distaste for that one sentence dripping from every monosyllable.

The guard relaxed slightly, slipping one of the brass knuckles from his hand and offering to for a firm handshake. "The boss is waiting for you; I'll show you the way." A long tongue briefly darted out of between the man's lips before he turned and pounded on the door, murmuring something briefly to whoever opened it from the inside.

Interesting, Musashi pondered as he slipped through the door. The man had a shifter working as a guard.

The first room they entered was a very small dark place, apparently a kind of buffer to keep music from being heard outside whenever the club door was open. Heaven was reportedly a very select club, catering to the type of people who you didn't want to mess with, the real badasses of the streets, not punks or ruffians. When you entered Heaven it was expected that you treat all the occupants with respect because if you didn't there would be a fight and someone would end up hurt. Everyone who came to Heaven, everyone who worked for Heaven, they were all monsters, demons, and this was the one place where they could be that and no one else cared. This was the once place where they could be demons and the devil himself would take care of all of them.

Musashi scanned the inside of the club quickly, noting first that there was only one way in to the first floor, through the door they had just exited. There was one other door, situated in a corner off to the side of the bar, but judging by the two guards standing in front of it, that was probably the owner's office. After establishing all entrances, exits, and the position of the guards Musashi took a little more time to scan the actual interior. It was a very large room with the dance floor situated directly in the middle; it didn't look like it actually got much use. Most of the occupants were instead clustered around the long bar that stretched across the far wall. In two corners were raised stages where professional exotic dancers enticed their audiences. A careful scan of the dancers reviled that even they were top notch, obviously not on drugs, took good care of their bodies, both on the edgier side with tattoos and piercings, brightly colored hair. Ya, this was definitely a hard kind of club.

Musashi didn't bother paying the occupants much attention, they were in Heaven, that meant they were all a threat and would be treated as such. "I'll need to meet all the workers." Musashi told his escort. "Including the working girls, they'll all need to be familiar with me and I want to be able to look everyone over."

The guard cut him a scathing side long glance his lip curling into a sneer, "You can take everything you want up with the boss."

Musashi glared allowing himself just for a moment to imagine grabbing that long disgusting tongue and wrapping it around his damn neck. Watching him suffocate unable to beg due to oxygen deprivation and the use of his own tongue as the strangling device, there was a time he wouldn't have hesitated to act on that image.

Musashi took a calming breath, reminding himself firmly that at the cross roads of his life he had decided to take the straight and narrow path, no time to go back now. Without another word he fallowed the chameleon shifter across the bar, noting briefly that he took the route that passed them by the least amount of people.

The guards at the door bowed their heads respectively at the chameleon, well at least he now knew who was in charge of the guards, hopefully he didn't have to get all of his information purely out of observations.

The guards opened the door but the chameleon didn't go through, instead he stepped to one side and motioned for Musashi to go up. Musashi eyed him dubiously but took the first step into the doorway, a long flight of stairs the only available site. The chameleon didn't follow him up but Musashi could feel his eyes on him, caressing him, yep, here soon that chameleon would find himself starting to like Musashi and unable to figure out why. Once that time came it would make his job a lot easier.

Musashi trudged up the staircase, his footfalls heavy, he was in no rush. At the top of the stairs a square of golden light waited. Musashi stepped through without announcing his presence; undoubtedly the owner had some way of knowing who was in his club.

Musashi had been given little information about the owner, he had been told only that the guy was important and they needed him to stay alive, at least for a while.

"Tch, fucking fed."

Musashi spotted the man leisurely reclining behind a large black desk, long legs casually thrown over the top, crossed at the ankle. Musashi took his time studying the man, probably late twenties, young to be so successful. Liked black, and had good taste in decorations and clothing but what surprised Musashi the most was that this man, was definitely not human.

The first thing that struck Musashi was his eyes, they were ice green, like a hunk of jade that had been imbedded in a glacier. They pierced through Musashi studying him just as intently. His hair was blond, spiked in a punk like manner. His ears were long and tapered at the end, with three small metal hoops adorning each. His body was long and lean and his teeth were noticeably sharp and pointed as his mouth slowly stretched into a sin eating grin.

Musashi's heart stuttered once before taking up a frantic beat against his rib cage. "Hiruma." Musashi stated, his voice coming out smooth and strong despite his uncomfortable state.

Hiruma cocked one eyebrow at him, that grin never slipping from his mouth as he slowly lowered his legs from the desk, standing to his full height. He moved around the desk, his movements like a slow smooth stalk, a Del-Ton extreme duty 316 semi-automatic rifle slung over one shoulder.

Musashi's own grin slipped into place as Hiruma slowly stalked around him, his eyes dragging over his body. "This is interesting." Hiruma cackled, "You're not human."

Hiruma delivered the one word statement like a death blow, a calculated response meant to throw him off guard. Hiruma was scary, Hiruma was threatening, but what Hiruma didn't know was that Musashi was worse.