Sorry about the delay, college is hectic when your triple majoring. Here's the ending for this story, planning on delving into some naruto and airgear yaoi soon, along with more eyeshield, look forward to it ^_^ and let me know what couples I should do. I'm thinking Naruto x Shikimaru for naruto, Kazu x Aeon (the iron clock) for airgear, and Sakriba x. Shinn for Eyeshield. (sorry if I spelt any names wrong, too lazy to look up right now.)

Hiruma rose to his feet, a sin eating grin plastered on his face. Musashi licked his lips keeping his eyes warily on Hiruma. "Well," Hiruma murmured, "I finally have you in my room. Why don't you go head and glance around." Musashi determined not to look or feel like a coward again begin to slowly turn his head, eyes sweeping the room, determinedly he did not let surprise show.

The wooden walls were covered with blank hanging racks, masks, gags, whips, and other contraptions to dark for him to recognize adorned the racks, all in black, all very intimidating. Musashi forced himself not to flinch… or moan.. or feint for that matter.

Hiruma stood with his hands planted on his hips, smirk in place, as he watched Musashi adjust to the settings. Casually Hiruma walked over to a rack that held masks, caressing one, but watching Musashi as he did so.

Musashi knew that he was giving himself away, new that there was no way that Hiruma couldn't sense the lust that was starting to flow in his veins, it's what demons of Hiruma's status did, they fed on the dark deprivation that could be derived from sex. They sensed the most hidden of fantasies, the deepest desires and they capitalized on that.

Just that knowledge had Musashi's breath coming even faster. "Close your eyes." Hiruma demanded, his tone turning dark and demanding, his eyes flashing with command. Musashi shuddered but he knew, he knew from looking and from the vibes that Hiruma was giving off that it would not go well for him if he refused. So with his heart pounding in his throat he closed his eyes, his muscles tensing unconsciously.

Musashi flinched when he felt a cold bar slide across his back, just under the junction of where his wings met his body; he felt leather straps tighten around the base of each wing holding the bar in place. Musashi tried to quietly breath through his nose but as he felt a leather collar tighten around his neck he couldn't help but open his mouth to pant easier.

Musashi groaned as the collar and the metal bar was attached forcing him to bow his back slightly and keep his wings raised at an uncomfortable level. Musashi gasped as a heavy weight pushed on the bar forcing his to arch his back more, his head smacked firmly into Hiruma's chest and he opened his eyes to stare into the glowing green eyes, fangs glinting from between his cruelly smirking lips. Hiruma had one foot planted on the bar leaning one arm casually across his knee.

"I didn't tell you, you could open your eyes." Hiruma murmured, Musashi barely heard him as he watched Hiruma's lips caress the syllables of the words, already he was having a hard time focusing, a hard time keeping control of himself.

Musashi gasped in pain as Hiruma's nails sunk into his shoulder as punishment, yet the nails in his skin were like lightning rods, sending flashes of electricity into his body. Musashi groaned, muscles standing out starkly as they flexed and released against the current. "Hiruma!" He snarled weakly.

Hiruma smirked removing his nails before he leaned over and firmly dragged his tongue across the puncture marks, sending another volt of sizzling electricity into his blood stream. Breath hissed out of between Musashi's lips as Hiruma continued playing with his neck, licking and biting viscously before working his way up to his mouth.

Musashi groaned as Hiruma slanted his lips across his own, demanding entrance and immediately getting it. His lips immediately felt hyper sensitive and his taste was like dark chocolate. Musashi shuddered as Hiruma pulled his lips away than stilled as something black and soft was wrapped around his eyes before being firmly tied in the back. Musashi's heart beat rached up another notch at losing his sight and he licked his lips nervously.

"Remember fucking fed, just do everything I tell you to and we'll both walk out of here beaming. Don't do as I say and I might accidently do some damage." The purring seductive voice washed over Musashi's skin, causing a flood of goose bumps. "Now stand the fuck up." Hiruma offered no assistance as Musashi labored to his feet finally settling into the straightest position he could with the bar strapped across his back.

Musashi shuddered as Hiruma started caressing his body, starting at his neck than sweeping low to his pant line. Behind the mask Musashi saw stars as Hiruma's nails grazed his nipples than scraped down his sides, undoubtedly leaving marks. With an oddly contented sound Hiruma latched onto Musashi's collar bone both teeth and lips working to mark him. Musashi's chest started to heave as Hiruma's scalding hot lips moved over his skin, leaving his mark on him before going lower, across his chest and nipples, down over his abs, to nip at the v of his pelvic bone.

"I wanted to take this slow," He snarled against Musashi's abs, "but I don't think that's going to happen tonight, and it's your fucking fault for flirting with dreads." Musashi wasn't paying much attention to Hiruma's words since while he was speaking he had moved lower down until his lips brushed against the front of Musashi's jeans as he spoke.

Musashi tried to curl over, wanted to touch and caress but the contraption on his back kept him from doing so as Hiruma ran a fang across the bulge making itself very prominent. Musashi gasped as Hiruma pulled his fly down, releasing his cock. Musashi didn't have time to feel embarrassed as Hiruma immediately took it into his mouth, a contented rumble working its way out of his throat as he took it all the way to the base.

"Fuck!" Musashi snarled, leg muscles locking with pleasure, back arched and teethe clenched. Musashi cursed the bar holding him and the blindfold that kept him from watching but had no choice but to stand passively as Hiruma worked his mouth around his cock, deep throating it than tracing patterns on the underside as he pulled back and the sounds. The rasp of lips against his flesh, the muffled groans from the man on his knees was driving Musashi crazy!

"Hiruma!" He snarled savagely as he felt himself getting close but Hiruma didn't stop, instead he reached up and lightly dragged his nails over Musashi's balls, rubbing them as he bobbed his head faster. Musashi let out a guttural bark as he released himself into Hiruma's mouth, who kept his lips around him until he was completely spent.

Musashi shuddered in place as Hiruma pulled away, the air suddenly cold on his damp skin. Musashi was too lost and in a haze of pleasure to listen to the sounds around him, so when Hiruma snarled at him he flinched.

"Were not done yet fucking fed, why don't you remove those restraints." Musashi grinned slowly pulling his wings back into this body. The process caused another wave of blood to pulse down his skin but the feathers cut the bar as well, splitting it into three small pieces. Slowly Musashi unlatched the bar but stilled when his fingers brushed the collar. "Why don't you leave that on?" Hiruma suggested, but was obviously an order. Musashi obeyed, moving his fingers to the blind fold, when there was no command to stop he slipped it from his eyes.

Musashi gasped at the sight in front of him, Hiruma was sprawled out on the ground, completely naked, his body glistening. There was also a black collar wrapped around his neck and in his hand he held a leash with ties on both end, one already attached to his own collar. In the other hand he held a dark red ball gag.

Commandingly Hiruma motioned for Musashi to walk over to him than sternly pointed at the ground next to his side. His eyes never leaving Hiruma's Musashi sunk to his knees as Hiruma's grin got wider. "Attach this to your collar, dog." Musashi shuddered as Hiruma thrust the other end of the leash into his hand; it was of relatively good length, at least five feet and completely black. Musashi fumbled for a moment before he got it to hook than sat waiting.

Hiruma licked his fangs, his tongue sweeping across them. "Put this on me." He demanded holding the ball gag out. Musashi blinked surprised at his words but already the obedience was being ingrained into him as his body reacted before he could think, reaching out to take the gag from Hiruma's hand.

Musashi carefully inserted the ball into Hiruma's mouth, taking extra care to make sure his fangs were on the outside before firmly strapping it around his head. Hiruma than held three fingers up to Musashi's mouth, his pointed look saying he was expecting something. Hesitantly Musashi took the fingers into his mouth, sweeping his tongue across the digits. Hiruma's eyes shuddered slightly before he pulled the fingers from Musashi's mouth and motioned for him to retreat down by his feet. Musashi did just that scooting back until Hiruma's entire body was laid out before his eyes. Without any preamble Hiruma sunk one long finger into his anus, groaning around his gag, his eyes trained on Musashi who found himself suddenly unable to breath due to the sight before him.

Musashi couldn't drag his eyes away from the finger that was slowly moving in and out of Hiruma. Musashi moaned as Hiruma entered another finger, the motions getting rougher and more frantic as he started to wither against the ground until he finally entered the third and final digit.

"Hiruma" Musashi groaned hoarsely. "Please, do you want me to fuck you?" Hiruma's eyes said he was a dumb ass, Musashi hardly noticed anything other than the affirmative. "please tell me your ready because there's no way I can wait." Hiruma somehow managed to snarl around the gag before grabbing the leash and yanking fiercely. Musashi fell forward bracing his arms on either side of Hiruma's hips.

Hiruma rolled onto his stomach, his back arching, his ass in the air. One hand braced against the floor the other reaching down to caress himself. Musashi growled at the sight, starting to feel feral and possessive. With a snarl Musashi lunged over Hiruma, grabbing his collar he yanked his face off the ground and licked the corner of his mouth before moving to his neck where he bit down hard enough to draw blood, Hiruma shuddered noticeably and moved restlessly against Musashi who was now plastered against his body.

Musashi groaned caressing Hiruma's ass before taking hold of his erection, slowly keeping a tight rein on his control, he entered Hiruma, who stilled beneath him, breaths ragged around the gag. "fuuuck." Musashi growled as he sheathed himself fully. Beneath him what was vaguely recognizable as the same word came from Hiruma.

Hiruma wiggled beneath him pressing himself onto Musashi's even further. With a snarled curse Musashi's control broke and he clamped one hand down on Hiruma's hip the other one held the collar tightly as he began thrusting.

Hiruma responded immediately, arching his back even further, moving with Musashi's violent tempo. Breath sawed in and out of Musashi's mouth he pace frantic from the pleasure that was sweeping over him, through him, inside of him. Musashi couldn't comprehend anything other than the pleasure, anything other than the man beneath him.

Musashi leaned forward keeping one hand on Hiruma's hip but bracing his other on the floor as he sought more leverage. All off a sudden a strangled scream came from Hiruma and his head whipped up his body pressing franticly back against Musashi who snarled ferally, making sure to hit the same spot again.

Musashi clenched his teeth as he fought the waves of overwhelming pleasure, wanting it to last just a bit longer, but the sudden deep moan from beneath him fallowed by a whole body shudder and Hiruma's ass muscles locking down on his dick immediately sent Musashi over the edge, barking out a guttural moan as Hiruma came beneath him.

Musashi's entire body trembled as Hiruma and him rode out their orgasms, the only sound in the room their harsh breathing. Finally Musashi carefully removed himself from Hiruma and loosed the ball gag, allowing it to fall around Hiruma's throat before lying down next to him, the wooden floor feeling blissfully cool against his heated skin.

For a while it was silent but finally Hiruma rolled onto his side facing Musashi, "Hey cupid."

"I'm a fallen angel," Musashi replied without really thinking.

"Cupid." Hiruma stated again, his signature smirk spreading across his face. "It's obvious why they kicked you out of heaven."

Musashi tensed, opening one suspicious eye at the grinning devil, who reached out and fisted Musashi's hair. "Because sometimes the only way to save someone is to sin." Hiruma murmured before dragging Musashi's lip to his own, and in that kiss Musashi felt the thank you that Hiruma would never allow himself to utter.