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The Sun's Radiance

Chapter One: Home is where the start is, right?

Subtitled: Why is this happening?

Yoshiko looked down from his window, his white eyes purely lost and settle, and his soft delicate hair gently moving in the breeze. He fiddled with a pencil, lost in thought, and then continued to write. He heard the door softly open, and heard his mother tell him

"Come downstairs, some one wants to see you." She tells him. He nods, and then gently puts the pencil down, careful not to have it fall of the desk. He grabbed his scarf, with an insignia of a lighting bolt was etched into the scarf. He looked at his signed picture of Elesa for a second, and then smiled softly, remembering that day. His family took a trip to Unova, where he met one of his favorite gym leaders of all time.

He walked quietly down the blue stair case, and saw the dimly lit room stood a familiar figure. His heart almost skipped a beat when he saw it, start to appear, the delicate red spiky hair, and the uncaring golden eyes.

"Taiyo!" Yoshiko shouted at his friend as he ran to hug him. The other's expression went to uncaring to shock as their bodies connected, sending the both of them to stumble back a little. After the little collision, the hug went onto normal, which was Yoshiko had one of his hands around the other's waist, and the other on the back of his head. Taiyo had his tightening griping Yoshiko, like a toy he just found he couldn't lose again. (Yet he didn't know this wouldn't be true...) Yoshiko laid his head on his friend's left shoulder, oblivious to the color in his friend's cheek. Yoshiko didn't really have a sharp eye for detail, because his head was normally in the clouds, stuck with whatever leisure his fantasies shall suffice for him.

"I've missed you…" Yoshiko muttered, softly moving his hand downwards a little bit, but not enough to seem suspicious

"You too… It's been long…" Taiyo replied with a small sniffle, and blushed a little more

"Yea, so what was it like?" Yoshiko asked as he let go, but felt a little cold, so he sat down. He grabbed a brown jacket and put it on; he also put light-blue colored earmuffs. It was a cold, blustery night, so it was kind of obvious, besides Twinleaf was getting colder. Taiyo had his traditional Jacket with a stuck up collar, and his white scarf. The Jacket's color was light red, and he had on white pants.

"The Academy? It wasn't fun, but I guess I had a good time." Taiyo responded as he hauled his stuff upstairs, setting it down in his room. Taiyo's parents had died when he was younger, so he was living under tenant conditions at Yoshiko's house. When he ran downstairs, he looked at Yoshiko with a "What's happening?" look.

"Well, we're going to go to the park. Everyone's itching to see you. Oh boy the news we have to tell you." Yoshiko responded in kind, and making sure to grab his phone and house keys, basically dragged Taiyo to the park. Twinleaf has nice red cobblestone streets lined with Victorian streetlights. It was surrounded by lush scenery, from oak trees to rose bushes. When they got to the park, it was ten o'clock. The moon was shining down like a guiding light to wandering souls, wayfaring them towards the land of the lost. Just for a second it flashed crimson, and then returned to its jaundiced look. Near the fountain we're four figures, Hikari, Yukito, Sakura, and Alyssa. When the four saw the two coming, they ran towards them with glee, with Hikari falling down onto the face. Yoshiko face palmed, and then helped her up.

"The same as always Hikari, a loveable klutz." Taiyo taunted her

"Well, this klutz is now the champion." She responded to him

"Seriously? It's been that long…Wow, they like to keep us shut up in there." Taiyo responded

"Enough you two, we're here to catch up." Yukito crossed his arms with annoyance. All of them had been friends their entire lives. Yukito had light brown hair that was a clean cut, and he preferred to wear button-ups with jackets and pants. Alyssa wasn't a native to twinleaf, because of her name, and her sunset orange hair. She normally wore a light-blue dress. Hikari had a White hat with a pink pokeball insignia etched into it. She has light blue-black hair, and a magenta parka with a white skirt on underneath. Sakura was the bookworm of the group, with light brown hair and glasses with a petite build. She normally had on a Light brown t-shirt with a matching skirt.

"Yea, it's not really fun when you're arguing all the time." Alyssa responded, fiddling with her hair.

"Well, I-it's a little true…you know?" Sakura told them

"They're right Taiyo, that's to far." Yoshiko replied, sitting down in the grass. He looked up at the sky, and then suddenly gasped

"Taiyo…Come look." Yoshiko muttered as he motioned, Taiyo came and looked

"No…I don't get it." Taiyo replied

"W-what is it?" Sakura asked them

"Yea, it can't be that important." Alyssa told them

"Knowing you two, it's probably something stupid." Yukito told them

"Or not, who knows?" Hikari told him

"It's nothing. Let's just continue to relax." Yoshiko told everyone with a happy façade, but he knew that the night was marked with death, when he saw the Crimson Moon…

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