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The Sun's Radiance

Chapter 3: A different side…

Taiyo looked at the ghost, getting a little impatient. She was enveloped in a blue Aura, and her stomach had a nasty wound. He looked pissed off at her, but decided to sit through it.

"So, you understand?"

"Yea, I guess. This is just a dream, right?"

"No it isn't, this is real." She replied, shaking her head

"I guess I'm off then. Thanks for the pointers." Taiyo said uninterestingly.

"No problem…" She replied wit ha kind smile before disappearing. Taiyo looked around for the church, and gently walked over there, oblivious to the bones and gore he was wading through. He finally got to the inside of the church, and went inside. He looked around, and saw piles of papers and sealing tags everywhere. In the middle of the rotten oak building was a glowing magic circle.

He sat down, and looked around the place, and then pulled down his short's zipper. He calmly and quietly relieved himself, and then stood back up, like nothing happened. He wiped up the mess with some un-important papers, and then started to make a map of the place.

/) (\

Taiyo finished the map, and headed outside the church. The fog was lifted, signaling it was somewhat safer. He looked up at the moon, and found it to be eternally crimson. He knew both Hikari and Alyssa loved sweats, but couldn't resist the urge again. He started again, but then jumped in shock at the voice behind him

"Taiyo, this is Arceus, stop touching yourself." A voice boomed and Taiyo instantly stopped, he turned around to see Alyssa laughing her ass off.

"I got you good!" She exclaimed

"Alyssa, not funny."

"What, you don't want your small-"She was cut off

"Stop talking about it!"

"I'm pretty sure if I were Yoshiko you wouldn't have cut me off."


"Just joking, now, are we going to find Hikari or what!" Alyssa asked with glee as the two headed over to the store

/) (\

The two walked inside of the grocery store, well, one could say walked. Taiyo sighed as he moved a body blocking the entrance. They walked into the store, and the smell of decaying flesh hit their noses. They both looked around, calling for Hikari.

"I don't think she's here." Taiyo muttered

"We didn't check that metal door yet." Alyssa said bouncing towards the Meat Freezer. She was about to open it when she saw sealing tags

"Uhm, Taiyo, what are these?"

"Oh Shit Alyssa! That's a sign we shouldn't go in."


"Something horrible is in there, I can sense it."

"I'm not afraid of this spirit wuju you two lover boys spit out."

"ALYSSA! I told you to stop!" Taiyo yelled, Alyssa was about to retort when they heard a giant roar. They both turned their heads shakily, and saw a giant Machamp at the entrance. Wielding two giant flesh hammers and red, bloodshot eyes, along with decaying, green flesh gave the vibe of 'Run or Die'. It started to charge towards them. Alyssa and Taiyo parried the charge, and Alyssa threw a knife into the things back. They both ran to the church for safety. When they got inside, the head the grotesque monster writhing in pain

"W-what is that thing!"

"I don't know Taiyo, but just by a good five minutes with it, it has caused most of the deaths here." Alyssa said

"It's disgusting, and horrifying. I hope Hikari's okay. I hope everyone's okay." Taiyo said sitting down. Alyssa snuggled up next to him

"Well, this place is safe…Let's sleep." She said, oblivious to him blushing as they both drifted off, wondering if their friends were alive.

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