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Autobot Base, 3rd POV

"Hey Ratchet, what're you doing with the groundbridge?"

The medic looked up in surprise at the raven haired male that stared at him, leaning on the rail of the cement deck.

"I'm adjusting a few things, the reaction time has been a bit slow." Ratchet mumbled in reply, shutting the panel as he finished on the circutry.

"Oh." Was Jack's brilliant reply. But the teen knew better then to try and converse with the medic, Ratchet only ever seemed to not mind talking to a human when it was Raf, since the 12 year-old could easily follow his words.

Jack moved away to the corner between the railing and wall. He slid down so that he sat, wedged in the corner.

The teen tried his hardest to socialize, but he'd never done it outside of his job before the 'bots, Miko and Raf came along. Even now, he'd sometimes withdraw himself from everyone else, and would lose himself in his thoughts for long periods of time.

The teen was different, that was for sure.

"Optimus I've repaired the groundbridge, but it will need a test run."

Everyone looked over at Ratchet, then gathered (the kids included, coming down from the deck).

"Is there a large chance that it could be harmful?" Optimus asked. Ratchet sighed.

"Optimus. There's always a chance, but I've tried my best to eliminate that factor. All we can do is try, and pray to Primus that it will work."

"I'll try it!"

Everyone looked at Miko incredulously. She looked at them all in return.


"Miko, I thank you for your eagerness to help, but I believe it is best if I am the one to test the groundbridge." Optimus finally said, earning a dissapointed 'aww' from Miko.

Suddenly, Raf spoke up.

"But you'll need a human to try it, too. Our molecular structer is different, and Miko's bound to follow you on recon again at some point."

Ratchet pondered this for a moment, then gave a grunt of agreement.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. We'll have to wait for Agent Fowler then, he should be visiting in the next couple days."

"I'll test it."

Everyone looked at Jack in mild surprise. The raven haired male moved forward to stand by Optimus' foot as he looked up expectantly at Ratchet to start the groundbridge.

"Why do children feel the need to get themselves into trouble?" Ratchet muttered to himself, looking at the roof of the silo for an answer.

"Look, you have no time to wait for Fowler, what if 'cons come up? Or an energon mine? You can't ignore either, and I know as well as you that Miko will follow, one way or another. I don't want Miko or Raf to be put in danger as much as you guys, so let me test it with Optimus."

"The likely hood of Decepticons attacking while searching for the relics, it's very, very unlikely."

Jack met the medics gaze squarely, and everyone was shocked at his next words.

"And if you're wrong?"

Everything was silent for a long moment, then Ratchet sighed.

"Fine, if Optimus will allow it...then I will as well."

Jack looked up at Optimus expectantly. The Prime hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

The 'bridge came to life, and Jack took a deep breath befor emoving forward.

The bridge flickered, then exploded.

Bulk and 'Bee grabbed their human charges, protecting them from the metal debris.

Soon the smoke lifted away to reveal the pile of metal. Arcee stumbled forward, then stopped.


Seperate dimension, military base, 3rd POV

The base was hecktic (as it always was). Autobots were wandering around, careful to avoid stepping on any of the organics at foot (though the humans themselves were being cautious as well).

Optimus Prime was looking for his charge, who was also an amazing soldier, human rep for the Autobots, and a good friend of the 'bot leader.

"Ratchet, have you seen Jack?"

The medic paused for a moment to ponder this.

"Hmm, last I saw him, he was speaking with Jazz. Perhaps he can assist you."

"Thank you, old friend." The Prime thanked, giving a nod before heading off to find the laidback 'bot.

After questioning a few 'bots, Optimus ended up finding Jack in the training room, attacking one of the punching bags.

The young man was about twenty-one. His hair was wild, spiking in different directions, but the young male had managed to tame most of it back, tying it back at the nape of his neck, the raven locks brushed a few inches past his shoulders, and long bangs framing his features.
His eyes were a dark blue-grey that resembled the color of a stormy sea, and they held wisdom far beyond his age.

Sweat dripped along his face, down his neck to roll across the light tan skin of the male's bare chest. Despite his lithe frame, he was decivingly muscled, and strong as well. His body was littered with scars, showing that he'd seen his fair share of battles, but the scar under his left eye was not from a battle in the military, but rather a sign of just how special he was.

The scar was a Cybertronian rune, it showed his near escape from death at the hands of Megatron, thanks to the all powerful allspark (which came at the price of becoming the bearer of the cube).


The male's eyes flicked to Optimus for a moment in acknowledgment before he continued to pound at the punching bag.

"Optimus...need something?" Jack grunted between punches.

"I was merely looking for you, you seemed very unsettled after our last mission."

Jack offered a weak smile, giving the bag a kick before stepping away to grab a towel.

"Should've known you'd want to talk, but then again, you are my guardian."

"I am also your friend, my concern is not only due to my guardianship over you." Optimus replied, earning a muffled chuckle from Jack as the human dried the sweat away from his face.

"I know Optimus, don't worry, I'm not accusing you of not caring. I've known you for too long to think that." Jack set aside the towel and lay on one of the press benches, gripping the bar and begining to lift the weights.

"...You are distracted, what is wrong?"

Jack was silent for a moment as Optimus shifted to kneel close to the bench.

"Nothings wrong. I just keep feeling like...I don't know. Like somethings going to happen. Something big. But I'm sure it's nothing, just probably getting over the adrenaline from our last mission."

Optimus was silent for a moment, then he looked at Jack.

"Perhaps, but we should not dismiss it, you have many times sensed things, and many times have been our first and only warning. Such as that mission in Russia, when we were ambushed. If not for you, Mudflap would have been killed by that missle." Optimus reminded. Jack gave a grunt, showing he remembered it as well.

Optimus sighed, then placed a hand, palm up, close to the ground.

"Come, Ratchet has finished building the groundbridge. As I am a Prime, and you the Autobot representative, we must test if it is truely safe to use."

Jack nodded, slowly setting the bar down before sliping out under it to sit up. The raven haired male grabbed his shirt and pulled it on, the simple grey fabric slightly sticking to his sweat soaked skin. But he paused when he grabbed his hoodie, he held it tightly for a few, long silent moments. Optimus saw the pensive look and waited patiently, knowing that Jack was about to speak.

"...It's been the same as always, after our last mission. I've had no nightmares about the blood or the fighting, not even how many soldiers we lost. regret. It makes me wonder..."

"Do not wonder again if you are truely human. You might not face nightmares of death, but you feel the sorrow and weight of those deaths of not only fellow comrades, but your enemies as well. Do you understand?"

Jack smiled half-heartedly up at Optimus, but didn't reply. He simply pulled on his hoodie, drew the hood up to hide his eyes and swiftly leapt onto the Prime's palm.

The two went down the hall in a comfortable silence. They had a strange understanding, and many times words wouldn't have to be exchanged for them to understand eachother.

When they entered the Autobot hanger, all of the 'bots and many army and goverment personal stood before the now finished groundbridge.

"Optimus, Jack, are you both ready?" Ratchet asked as the Prime set the raven aired human down onto the floor. Jack grinned up at the medbot.

"Ready. Let's get going before the one of the goverment people try to give a long, drawn-out speach." The young man replied, earning a few chuckles from most of the people in the hanger.

Ratchet gave a slight, crooked grin and nodded, starting up the 'bridge. Jack turned to Optimus.

"I'll go first, and don't even try arguing." He said, tone showing that he wouldn't change his mind. Optimus let out a long, drawn sigh, but nodded.

Jack chuckled before heading to the swirling vortex of green and blue. He paused, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, then he stepped through.

There was an explosion of light and the ground rumbled. 'Bots and humans alike stumbled, trying to regain balance. Soon the smoke and light cleared to reveal the groundbridge to be obliterated, and there was no sight of the young, raven haired man.


Optimus moved forward slowly, everyone watching in shock and sadness.

Jack had been so kind to them all, at times a hard trainer for those who needed help in combat and stealth training, and he'd dealt with being the guardian of the allspark. And now to think that the young man was...gone.

Everyone jumped in surprise when the pile trembled slightly, something moving beneath the ruble.

Optimus moved forward quickly, moving the metal away and jerking in shock when he found the source.

A raven haired teen...

An even younger, scarless Jack.

The Prime looked over to Ratchet quickly, standing as he swiftly moved forward.


"Is that...?"

Optimus nodded, gazing at the teen.

"Don't worry, Jack. We will help you."

Original dimension, 3rd POV

Arcee stared at the ruble, lip slightly quivering.

Ratchet ran to the monitor, and surprised everyone when he gave a sigh of relief.

"He's alive. His life signal is no longer in base, but somewhere outside of base. He is safe...he is alive."

Arcee gave a sob of relief, burrying her head in her hands.

Jasper, 3rd POV

A groan sounded from in an ally, and a figure slowly sat up.

Jack (A/N: the one from the other dimension) rubbed his head, wincing as it throbbed with a migrane.

"Augh...wh-what? Op...Optimus!"

The raven haired male jumped to his feet and looked around.

"What? Where...wait, this is Jasper. What the frag?"

Jack forced his mind to calm down and he went to the end of the ally, peaking out into the street.

"Okay, either Vince has a really good plastic surgon, or he's still sixteen. And I'm pretty sure no one can help Vince with his face." Jack muttered to himself as he ducked back into the ally.

"Let's see...I went through the 'bridge and then there was that I'm in Jasper, in the might've become some inter-dimenshional portal when there was that power surge..."

Jack sighed, maybe he did hang out in the Autobot medbay a little too much.

With a shrug, he stepped out onto the sidewalk and headed off.

'The only place were I can safely try and contact Optimus or Ratchet will be at that old missle silo. I just hope I remember all those security codes...wait, what am I saying? Of course I remember, I've got the fragin' allspark in my mind.' Jack thought to himself as he allowed the shadows his hood cast hide his face.