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Jack yawned widely, stretching as he opened his eyes to look around the medbay.

He was surprised to find it empty, since Ratchet seemed to always be around, repairing something or patching up someone. But strangely enough, he was the only one in the medbay.

Sitting up, he rolled his shoulders, releasing the kinks in his muscles.

Jack jumped slightly when something fell from his pocket and clattered to the floor. Looking down, he was surprised to see his phone. He then remembered that he'd earlier shoved it into his pocket.

Swinging his legs over the edge of the collapsable cot, Jack reached down, lifting the phone and flipping it open.

The raven teen stared sadly at the image he'd uploaded as his wallpaper.

It was a picture of the 'bots, his mom, Miko, Raf and himself (Fowler had offered to take the picture so that Jack could be in it).

They all were smiling, even Ratchet and Optimus had small, barely noticible smiles.

Jack's eyes stung, and he had to attempt to hold back tears at the sight of his friends.

"Jack! You up! Oh, good, you are. Hey what are-"

Jack looked up, surprised at the sudden appearance of the older Miko. The woman was watching him in concern.

"What's wrong?"

"N...Nothing. Where is everyone?" He replied, quickly shoving his phone in his pocket and wiping the tears from his eyes with an impatient hand.

"They...They're all in the main hanger. Want to properly meet the 'bots?"

Jack nodded, forcing himself to smile.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

She gave a soft smile, waiting as he hopped off the make shift cot and moved over. She wondered what Jack had been doing before she came in. She'd seen him...crying.

Once Jack was in arms reach, the woman grabbed his arm and led him out.

"Then let's go!"

He yelped as Miko dragged him out.

"Alright! Everyone over ten feet come 'ere!"

Jack gulped as several 'bots came over.

"Alright, time to introduce yourselves!" Miko cheered happily.

Jack spoke up.

"I can definately recognize 'Bee and Optimus. So 'Bee and Optimus don't need to introduce themselves."

Two mechs stepped forward.

"We're Skids and Mudflap, yo!" One of them exclaimed happily, raising a hand in greeting.

Jack smiled, nodding.

"Nice to meet you both."

Another mech, taller and slimmer than Mudflap and Skids, gave a two fingered salute.

"Whats up man? I'm Jazz."

Jack laughed, nodding.

Three femme's moved forward.

"I'm this dimensions Arcee, and these are my sisters, Elita-1 and Chromia."

"Nice to meet you three." Jack replied, smiling kindly.

A mech raised a hand.

"My name's Sideswipe. An' this is Sunstreaker." He said, gesturing to a mech that stood next to him.

Jack nodded.


Then Ironhide stepped forward.

Jack tensed as he looked up at the mech. His eyes became guarded.

Ironhide inspected him for a moment.

"Name's Ironhide."

Jack nodded

"Yeah. I remember." He mumbled. "You wanted to step on me."

"What?! I did no-!"

"Your expression said it all." Jack cut off. "I can read faces without problems. Emotions too."


Jack nodded, black hair falling in his eyes, much to his irritation.

"Yeah. It's just something I've always been able to do. And I could see how you were feeling, Ironhide. You were angry, you wanted to step on me. I understand though. You must feel like I want to take the place of this dimensions Jack. But what you need to understand is my coming here wasn't planned. It wasn't something I wanted. I'm sorry that it happened, and hope it can be reversed soon so you guys can stop acting as though you're walking on eggshells."

Jack surprised everyone when he smiled.

"So, are there more 'bots? I thought I saw more before."

"There's plean'y of us, yo!" Mudflap supplied.

"They just are away on missions, or going about completing their duties." Ratchet stated. Jack nodded.

"I can't wait to meet them all. To see so mant 'bots around...it's great."

Miko grinned.

"Yeah. Now..spill! Tell us everythin'!"

Jack looked confused and taken aback.


"Your dimension! All your adventures an' stuff!" She replied, tugging him over to a crate, making him sit. Jack was embarrassed to find everyone's attention solely on him.

"W-well...W-where do you want me to start?"

"Hm..." Miko hummed, thinking. The woman's face then brightened and Jack yelped when her hand dove into his shirt.

She produced the key of Vector Sigma, nearly choking the teen when the chain the key was on tugged at his neck.


"Start with this! Tell us 'bout this!"

"I w-would if you'd s-stop tugging at it!" Jack rasped out. "I c-can't breathe!"

Miko laughed, then released the key. Jack rubbed at his neck with a grimace, then fiddled with the key.

"Well...where to start?" He mumbled. "I guess...well, Unicron was rising up, waking. It was causing chaos, so the 'bots teamed up with Megatron to stop him. Before he left, the Optimus in my dimension gave me the key, telling me it was to the groundbridge power suply.

"Later, when the 'bots returned...Optimus wasn't with them. He lost his memory and Megatron tricked him, making him believe he was a 'con. He wasn't Optimus, he was reverted back to Orion Pax. It was...it was hard on base for the month he was gone.

"The team just...seemed to fall apart..! It was like everyone just lost hope. But I did my best to keep them from giving up hope..!"

Jack grimaced, looking slightly ill as he remembered how sad and depressed everyone had been.

"But then...then we came up with a plan. The 'cons were making a space 'bridge. So we decided I'd hitch a ride on that to Cybertron, and use the key to find Vector Sigma and download the knowledge of the Primes. My partner, Arcee, went with me.

"When we got back, we found a battle going on between Megatron and Optimus, but Optimus was losing. He didn't remember, after all. Arcee jumped into the fight with the other 'bots, and while they distracted Megatron, I restored Optimus' memories."

A grin broke out on Jack's face.

"It was epic. Megatron nearly sliced me in two, but Optimus was just in time. Oh man, if you could've only seen Megatron's face!" He laughed out, eyes shining with joy.

"So that's about it. The story of how the key basically saved team Prime."

"Team Prime?" Ratchet asked.

Jack laughed, blushing slightly.

"Yeah, that's what the other human allies and I call it."

"So wait, Optimus totally trusted you with all that?" Miko asked in awe.

"W-well I don't think he knew all that would happen. Even Prime's can't really tell the future, y'know?"

"But still..!"

Jack grinned shyly.

"I'm just glad we got Optimus back. He's the one who saved team Prime, and also saved humans from Unicron." He answered modestly.

That was something both versions of Jack shared. An uncureable sense of modesty.

Silence fell, everything sinking in, then Ratchet spoke up suddenly.

"Jack will need a guardian until I can return him to his own dimension, Optimus."

The Prime nodded.


Skids and Mudflap looked hopeful. They always wanted a human partner, they thought it'd be fun. Catching the looks, Jazz raised a hand.

"Ah' vote we don' let Mudflap an' Skid's do it."

"Hey!" Both yelped indignantly as Optimus chuckled.

"I agree."

The twins huffed as the others laughed.

Optimus watched as Jack listened to Miko and Raf, who both were trying to help him open up. So far all they'd done was confuse him when they talked at the same time.

The Prime looked up when Ratcchet cam over, standing with him.

"He's much different than the Jack we're used to." The medic commented. Optimus hummed in agreement.

"He's so young, yet is involved with war...Even our own Jack was not in war until he was considered an adult." Optimus replied, grimacing.

Jack seemed to feel he was being watched, looking up to see who. He offered a smile to Optimus, who offered a soft one of his own, nodding.

Jack jumped when Miko suddenly shrieked, hiding behind a crate as a large spider skittered by. Jack and Raf laughed at her, and she gave them an indignant look.

Standing, Jack went over, scooping up the bug and depositing it far from Miko.

"Ew! Duuuude! That's gross!"

"Would you rather it stayed over here?" Jack asked as he moved back over.

The femme huffed.

Jack sat back down on a crate, fiddling with the key around his neck. He wondered how the others were. Did they think he was dead? Was everyone okay after the explosion?

"Hey, ya aw'right, lil' man?"

Jack looked up and smiled at Jazz.

"Yeah. Just thinking."

"Ah' thought ah' smelled smoke." The saboteur joked.

Jack rolled his eyes.

"Thanks a lot." He said sarcastically.

The mech chuckled.

"Well, if ya wanna talk 'bout anythin', jus' ask."

"Alright. Thanks Jazz."

"No problem lil' man."

The mech left leaving Jack to his thoughts. At least Jazz had a knack of making people feel better, and this was no exception.