God's Hunter

E/O Drabble challenge, word: drug.

Summary: If the devil is about to scam his way back to mankind he'd better expect a warm welcome of God's own army… Tag to 3.02, 'Bad Day at Black Rock'.

A/N: Beckydaspatz, Opheliac Angel – thank you for taking my mind back to the good old days and some characters that are long gone. It was fun to dive into the past and play a bit - hope you remember Kubrick :-)

He raised his head and flinched when the motion sent scorching arrows through his broken nose. Jesus' calm blue eyes followed him to the desk where he started to meticulously oil his weapon.

Oh, he'd been an errant lamb, mocked and lied to even by the ones who pretended to be righteous. But not anymore. Now he knew he was the chosen one, and it filled his mind with a joy deeper and more powerful than any booze or drug had ever achieved.

He hummed a half forgotten hymn, smiling as he remembered HIS voice.

"Go and kill Sam Winchester."