Edited in March of 2018.


When people hear the name Black they get many associations.

Many think of all the stories, almost legends surrounding the Black family, stories of blood magic, rituals and inherited proficiency in everything Dark. Then some think of Walburga Black and her awful screeching and shrilling voice screaming about mudbloods and blood traitors, her portrait forever glued on the walls of mysterious Black residence. The lucky few that survived, never forgot meeting Bellatrix LeStrange neé Black, a prime example of this family's vindictivness and insanity, her deranged laughter never truly leaving their nightmares. But out of all the Blacks, certainly the most well known, sometimes even infamous, was none other than Sirius Black.

Sirius Black was one of those men that people never ran out of stories about. First he was the perfect pureblood Heir of House of Black, then he was a Gryffindor, a family shame. Then he was a Marauder, best mate of Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, a brother to James Potter and Hogwart's greatest player of women. He was mischiveous and charming and rebelling and a best man at his friends wedding and he swore to be the best godfather to walk the Earth. Until the point where he was a traitor, a Death Eater spy, a lunatic, a murderer and the infamous prisoner of Azkaban. In time that changed to murderer on a run, a fugitive and a wanted man. Few were privileged to know his real story before he died, a story of how he loved without fail and was loved in return, how he stayed loyal, how he was finally broken by Azkaban and how he tried to put himself back together just so he could be there for Harry.

Of course, on matter of what people think and tell there is only one thing to say – people seldom know anything and they even rarely know the truth.

People are clueless. Proof? Blacks had a secret that never saw the light of day outside their home.

And I am here to tell their story.

My name is Hermione Jane Granger Weasley and I am one of the four persons who know the whole life story and truth about Sirius Orion Black and Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. And I am here to change his and their past. Or future actually. I'm here to change the past and future of whole wizarding world.

But we should start our story at the beginning.

It all started with the end of second Voldemort or Blood war as we named it. It was end of our Seventh Year and after months on the run, I, Ron and Harry were finally back at Hogwarts facing Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters. Deaths were many and injuries were countless but by sundown magical world of Britain was free of Voldemorts reign and peace and calm were finally at our fingertips. But before that, we were faced with the aftermath of a war that terrorised us for decades.

A lot of people died, schoolmates, friends, you name it. Grief was great and depression was big but with hard work and uniting of community we made it through. We survived together.

Weasley clan suffered great loss with Percy's death and George becoming paralyzed when a wall fell on them. Order of Phoenix lost many of their members, centuries old families became extinct in one day.

But there was good too. I went back to school along with Draco Malfoy, others took their NEWT's and went to work, we were all happy. I lived with Weasleys in Burrow that summer and with September I opened my own shop in Diagon Alley with everything for wizards that wanted to know more. I sold everything from books to artefacts and my shop was located right next door from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Fred and George offered me to stay at their place, seeing as it was closer to shop than Burrow and I accepted. By April, I and Fred were already dating and George had only days left before his wedding with Angelina. George's wedding came along with him moving out and I and Fred were left to live alone. We were happily engaged by the end of summer and married in spring next year.

Wizarding world lived in peace and calm, everyone was happy and we all basked in the sunshine that came after the rain, but if after every rain comes the sunshine, then after every sunshine comes the rain.

It all started seven years after the war, I was 25 at the time and Ginny (who was already married to Harry) was 24. We both went to healer because we still weren't pregnant. I and Fred had been trying for a few years already as had Harry and Ginny. That day we were both told we can't have kids and later on we found out that Ron and Pansy, Blaise and Astoria, Draco and Luna and Theo and Lavender were also all trying for children. Couple of appointments with healer later, all of the results came back the same - not even one of us could have children. After we pulled some strings at the Ministry and Harry called in a personal favor with Minister of Magic Cho Chang, we managed to get every single woman and man over fourteen years old to go to healer and all the results were the same. There was not a man or a woman in whole magical England, who could have kids. Effects of this went on to every wizard who ever lived or visited Great Britain.

Magical community has came face to face with complete extinction.

With that we can start talking about the current situation I found myself in. You see, after we got the results back magical communtiy came down in blink of an eye. It was almost worse than the war, panic settled into every aspect of our lives. It took almost a year to get people together and start looking for solutions. But even with every wizard looking, we couldn't find one. Until that day almost three years later.

21. of April, at dinner time. That's when I had my idea. I was dining alone because Fred was over at George's. George's wife, Angelina was one of the many unfortunate ones who fell ill to a mysterious sickness that some linked with a curse, but there was no definitive proof seeing as there was no definitive physical proof of the curse. All we managed to do in three years was to gather enough information overheard by Death Eaters to know that everything happening was Voldemort's revenge plan in case he didn't succeed. And because we didn't know anything about the curse it was impossible to heal the sick, all healers could do was fight the symptoms but every single case ended with another death. Angelina was no different, she was sick almost two years before the sickness took her.

It was then that I hit jackpot, so to speak. You see while I was finishing up my dinner I was reading Dumbledore's diaries where I came upon an entry that solved every problem we had. The answer was very simple – Time Travel. I had to go back in time and change the past. I travelled in time before, I can do it again and this time I can make sure the Blacks succeed.

So, with new idea and start of a plan, I threw myself into work. I spent every breathing moment working, taking breaks only for bathroom and barely sleeping. I worked and read and it became my life. My and Fred's love was slowly dying as was everyone else's. The despair was in air and no one was able to resist it. I still have great affection for Fred but there isn't that comfort and love in his arms anymore. And that led me to even consider this seriously. It would change everything.

With my decision made and research finished I started the actual preparation. Because Time Turners were limited to only a few hours of back and forth I couldn't use them, which left Dumbledore's invention. It involved a complicated spell and a potion I couldn't brew in the time limit that was given because of the rarity and sensitivity of ingredients which all had limited life span. So, I employed help of Hogwarts resident potion master, Draco Malfoy.

Draco is godson of one and only Severus Snape and as you know, every wizard child takes over one attribute or talent from their godparent no matter if he or she is magical or not, as long as the child is. So, little baby Draco took Snape's potion abillity and with years Draco only made it more perfect.

Draco wasn't too happy about the idea of me going back in time but by now it was clear we won't find any other solution, so he helped me. Exactly four months later I was all ready to go.

I said my goodbyes through some well meaning words but I kept my intentions hidden and on the day I was gonna do the spell I send Fred to George, who was still mourning his wife. Draco came over and we shared lunch, reminiscing about our times together. Finally it came time to do it.

Without further ado I drank the potion before saying the incantation for the spell and the moment it left my mouth I was enveloped in darkness and I felt like I was falling into endless pit, trying to focus my mind on only one thought, repeating it over and over, praying to whoever was listening to just take me there.

Sirius Black summer of 1976.

Sirius Black summer of 1976.

Sirius Black summer of 1976.

After what felt like an eternity in darkness there was suddenly bright light above me and my mind barely had a moment to register the facts that the light above me was a chandelier and I was falling through air, before I landed on something moving, grunting, warm and kinda comfortable. A moment of clarity later I realised I was laying on someone's lap while there were black haired people all around me, with their wands pointed at me.

Wish me luck 'cause I just realised I'm in the middle of what looks like Black family living room. Filled with paranoid and very magically capable Blacks. And they were all pointing their wands at me.

Sweet Merlin.

I'll need that luck.