I thought Ranger and Stephanie deserved some romantic adventuresXD Not sure how M they'll be since I've never written M rated fics in the first person POV. Most if not all of these will be Ranger/Stephanie already in a relationship, meaning Stephanie chose between the two men in her life. In this one, a few text messages pave the way for a reunion between S&R.

Disclaimer: The Plum universe belongs to JE.

Grandma Mazur asked me to drive her to Stiva's for a morning viewing. She's usually more attracted to the evening viewings, but the deceased, Johnny Ponghetti, was crushed under a bookshelf. It was going to be open casket and Grandma Mazur wasn't going to miss getting a closer look.

"Please keep an eye on her." My mother told me. I nodded, sipping some coffee as I waited for Grandma to come downstairs. I only agreed to watch her, but didn't promise to keep her from causing a disaster.

My cell phone vibrated in my jeans pocket, alerting me of an incoming text message. A small smile tugged at the corners of my mouth when I saw it was from Ranger.

You busy?

I texted back, telling him I was going to drive Grandma Mazur to Stiva's. He's been away on a business trip for almost two weeks and it isn't uncommon for us to send messages to one another during his time away.

His next message left me a little confused.

Delicious. Was he having a late breakfast?

"Stephanie…" My mother said she was making meatloaf for dinner and rice pudding. She wanted to know if I would be having dinner here.

"Sure." I answered, my phone vibrating in my hand. Another text from Ranger.

That's how you taste. I did a double take, feeling the heat rise in the room.

I do? I replied dumbly as Grandma trotted downstairs and called me to the front door. She wanted to get there early to get a seat up front.

Mmm…yeah. I almost stumbled into Grandma as we walked to my car. I was getting hot just from reading his messages.

I heard the buzz of the cell vibrating on the console as I drove. I was tempted to read the message, but managed not to. By the time I rolled to a stop in front of Stiva's I had a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel.

I followed Grandma Mazur inside. I fought myself not to read anymore messages. I was just going to get frustrated, distracted and horny. Not a good combo if Ranger's not available to take care of business with.

The viewing was uneventful. After Grandma mingled some I drove her back to my parents.

Once I was back in my apartment and ALONE, I scrolled through my inbox. I had five unread messages, all from Ranger.

I'm hard just thinking about it.

I know just how you like it.

And you know I always deliver.

Clear your schedule, Babe.

You're all mine tonight.

That last message spiked my arousal and filled my mind with various suggestions.

I know what I want. I texted back, hoping he was busy. I wanted to surprise him as much as he had. It's not like we do this all the time, but I was definitely getting into the naughty texts game. I closed my eyes, picturing his hard body and all the things I wanted to do.

At your place? He texted back a few minutes later.

I told him I was in my bedroom.

Good. I heard the lock tumble as I read his message, my heart rate skyrocketing with anticipation.

"Strip." I ordered as a pair of black boots caught my attention from the corner of my eye.

"Babe." His husky remark was followed by a black T-shirt landing on the floor. I hooked a finger in his direction. Ranger accepted the invitation, reaching the foot of the bed in two long strides.

I knelt on the mattress, hooking my fingers in the waistband of his cargo pants to pull him another inch closer. "I want a taste too." I whispered against his mouth before brushing my lips with his.

A harsh moan escaped him when I began trailing hot open mouthed kisses down his torso and he realized I was aiming for the impressive erection tenting his pants.

Thoughts, suggestions…