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On my own

Since I have moved to London and become Professor Layton's apprentice number 1, (DESPITE WHAT EMMY SAYS!) things have been going quite well. I wake up in the morning, get ready for the day, go have my breakfast than go to do my work as apprentice! I firstly collect the mail, than water the plants, than tidy up and all the other things the professor doesn't have time for.

The professor sometimes received letters asking him to solve mysteries, like when I sent him the letter about the specter in my village. Normally the professor, Emmy and I would go to solve these mysteries together. The most common answers behind these mysteries were some scientists who would do anything to discover something first. It appeared that some people conducted these plots more often than others; the person who we seemed to be running into an awful lot was Descole.

Anyway one morning I went to collect the mail and there were two letters, one addressed to the Professor that looked like it was from the University where he works and another was addressed to me. This felt odd as I normally only ever received letters from my friend Arianna, my mother and father and a few people from Mishallery. I knew it couldn't be from any of them as I saw them all yesterday, apart from Arianna but this wasn't her stationary or handwriting.

I decided to give the professor his letter than go and open mine. I walked into the kitchen where he was sat with his newspaper.

"Professor, there's a letter here for you, I think its from the University" I said.

"Ah thank-you Luke I have been expecting this letter, it's about one of the lectures I am holding" He replied.

"I'm going to go tidy up professor!"

"Okay my boy, remember Emmy's coming over soon!"

I walked into the lounge and sat on the sofa. I reached into my pocket and took the letter out. I couldn't have imagined what it would of contained.

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