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In the dim light of the local pub, Sandra, Jack, Brian and Gerry were together at their yearly little Christmas get-together. Sandra, for once, was more sober than Jack and Gerry and more alert than Brian.

In fact, while she'd only had two small glasses of wine and Jack was tipsy, Gerry was full out drunk. So drunk that he was smiling like a fool. She leaned across Gerry to get her bag from the back of his chair. She had to hold on to the table so she didn't fall onto the hard floor as she stretched her flexibility to its limits, but she twisted towards Gerry as she did so.

And before she realized what had happened, a pair of lips were on hers and a pair of hands were gripping gently onto her arms. She started kissing back until reality hit her and she realized who was kissing her. There was a spark inside her that told her to keep kissing him, but actually, the fireworks scared her. So she recoiled away from him and looked in horror at her three boys. Reality snapped her back to where she was and who she was with.

She decided she couldn't have this. She couldn't have this sort of thing in her unit. "What the hell was that, Gerry Standing?" she demanded hotly. She looked around at Jack, who was smiling into his glass, and round to a rather shocked Brian.

"I..." he tried to start, but he was actually too drunk to give an excuse. He just stared into his seventh empty glass and tried to think up a reason for kissing a woman who would be quite happy to kill him utterly dead for it. "Christmas spirit?" he smiled pathetically.

Sandra slapped him across the face, furious. He looked shell-shocked when she withdrew her hand, both at her actions and his own. To be honest, she was shocked too. What shocked her most of all was that, for reasons she couldn't quite understand, she had kissed him back. She was angrier with herself than she was with Gerry. She hadn't thought she'd hit him hard, but when she looked back at him, she could see tears building up inside his eyes and her hand print red on his cheek.

She stalked out and into the car park for some air, until she cleared her head and decided what to do. This couldn't happen. She couldn't let him get to her like this. Although, she did wonder if he was as drunk as he appeared or if this was one of his more annoying jokes.

Suddenly, Brian was next to her, the only one sober enough to understand fully what just happened. "Don't take him too seriously, Sandra," he told her. "He's -"

"Drunk?" Sandra finished for him. "Yeah, I'd noticed that," she sighed. She left him standing there and went back for her bag before she went home. She glared at Gerry, daring him to utter a single word to her. She was fuming. If it was supposed to be funny, it most definitely wasn't. Gerry just looked up at her, the look in his eyes telling her he didn't really fully know what was going on.

She didn't think she was over the limit but she didn't care if she was; she was going home. She was driving home herself, because, right now, what she wanted more than anything was just to curl up on the sofa with some music and a glass – maybe a bottle – of dry white wine to take her mind off what Gerry had just done, in his drunken idiocy.

She started the engine and put the radio on as a distraction from her fury with herself and Gerry. She then decided to start making her way home, taking the road carefully in the dark and the cold. But her thoughts wandered in different directions. She wasn't thinking about driving anymore – that was now on a sort of auto-pilot. She was wondering why she had kissed Gerry back after he made his move on her and why she had even put herself in that position. Couldn't she have just asked Brian to pass her bag over the table to her? Although she wasn't drunk, she was finding it hard to think straight.

She was kicking herself. True what they say, then. Hindsight really was a wonderful thing. She was Sandra Pullman, for Christ's sake. Sandra Pullman just didn't put herself is that position. Especially with Gerry Standing!

Sandra had no idea why she was so angry. Was it because he had invaded her personal space? Because he could only have the courage to do that when he'd been drinking? Or maybe it was because she had liked that he had kissed her. That thought was frightening.

Suddenly as she was turned the corner she found the car spinning on some black ice. It spun around like someone was whipping it around on a piece of string. She had no control whatsoever. Something Sandra was not used to. For some reason, she took her hands off the wheel and shouted, "God help me!"

Her hands were in the air and there was no going back now. She had given up any control she had on what happened now. The car slammed into a brick wall and the windscreen imploded, showering her in glass that ripped through the inflated airbag. There was a sharp pain on the back of her hand and she could feel blood trickling from her head.

She groped around for her bag on the passenger seat, feeling her way through the contents until she found her mobile phone. She dialled 999 and when they asked what her emergency was she replied, "I need an ambulance. I've crashed my car."

"Can you tell me where you are?" the operator asked. Now, there was a question. She squinted out the window and looked for the name of the street.

"Highland Road," she read out slowly, making sure she had got it right.

"How badly are you hurt?" she was asked and she quickly assessed her injuries. The pain in her head and hand and neck were quite unpleasant, and her foot felt like it had been twisted the wrong way.

"I've cut my head and hand and I think I've twisted my foot and neck," she answered trying to remain as calm as she could which was no where near calm enough for her liking. "I'm a police officer," she added. "I know that I can't get out of the car until I've been checked for worse injuries."

"OK," the operator said. "Stay where you are. Paramedics are on their way to take you to A & E."

"Thanks," Sandra sighed as she hung up the phone. Brilliant. She had crashed the car thinking about Gerry and he was the first person on her emergency contacts list.

So much for a night alone with some pop music and a bottle of wine. Now she was stuck with Gerry after his stupidest move yet. She remained silent while she was taken out of the car, only speaking when spoken to. And by the time she was in A & E, she was dreading Gerry's arrival, because she knew he was coming.

She still wasn't thinking straight and, just to make it worse, she was in too much pain to think rationally. She had no idea what she was going to say to him, but she knew it wouldn't be long before he arrived, especially if he learned she was in hospital.

Ten minutes later, there he was, standing there, with a look of horror on his face. There was nothing to worry about; she'd had her cuts stitched up and she'd sprained her foot and pulled a muscle in her neck. She was fine.

But a drunken Gerry didn't know that, did he?

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