Summary: Rosalie and Emmett uncover dark magic in the woods behind the Cullen house, magic that causes the personalities of the Cullens to flip. Esme and Carlisle are no longer acting like adults, so it's up to the Cullen kids to get to the bottom of it, before it's too late.

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Darkness shrouded the little city of Forks on the morning of April 5th, 2014. It was early, 5 AM to be exact. The streets were nearly deserted, a few early workers being the only exceptions. A mail truck trudging through the sodden roads was a rarity on a day like this, everyone wanted to be safe inside their houses.

See, sometimes even humans can tell when something bad is about to happen. They say a number of people on the Titanic put on their life vests before they went to bed on the night of its legendary sinking, so why not now? The people of Forks knew something was up and they didn't want to know what. So the sleepy residents of the tiny Washington stayed in beds a few minutes longer, a wise decision for something evil had arrived.

Though most residents were fast asleep the Cullens were not. The big white house at the end of the road was bustling with activity, even at this early hour. Love blossomed in and around the Cullen mansion, and an enticing sweet scent poured from its doors and windows. Gardens flowed with flowers and produce, all covered in a shiny coat of rain. Though the Cullens were members of the undead, their house and its surroundings said the very opposite.

Our story begins here, in this expansive house built over a century ago. Eight vampires live in this house, and by the day's end none of them will be the same.


"I've been having some freaky visions lately," Alice said, setting down her fashion magazine. Her and her husband had been relaxing in their room on this early morning, relishing in their family's absence. "I mean really freaky."

"Like what?" Jasper asked, concern flooding his voice.

Alice leaned back and sighed. The visions she had been having were hard to explain to say the least. "Well, I don't know, there's a lot of colors and then blackness, and then everyone is acting weird and dressing weird, do you get what I mean?" she asked her husband tentatively.

The tall blonde closed his book and stood up, walking over to a large glass window overlooking a rushing river. "I wish I did, love, but I don't. Does it seem dangerous?"

She shook her head steadily, "I can't really see much but by what I've already seen I don't think it's anything dangerous. Just weird." She twisted her hands nervously, awaiting a reply from Jasper.

"From what I've learned over the years, weird is sometimes good," he smiled warmly and pulled his wife into an embrace. "Don't worry about it, everything will be alright."


"Emmett, let's go find Carlisle and Esme. This place is giving me the creeps," Rosalie called, jumping onto a moss covered rock.

"Oh, come on Rosie! This'll be fun! Who knew this was out here?" Rosalie sighed. This was not her definition of a 'fun outing.' But Emmett had insisted they explore the little alcove thirty miles west of the house. Carlisle and Esme had tagged along, but broke off early on, deciding to hunt instead. They were alone.

"I don't know Em," she started, scared for the first time in months, though she didn't know why. She was a vampire, what did she have to fear? She could take any human and together she and Emmett could take any vampire. There was absolutely no need to worry. Yet something was telling her not to go into that cave. That something bad was going to happen if she did.

"I'm going in Rosie. Come on, there's nothing in there! Nothing to worry about," he trudged through the river, Rosalie a few paces behind.

"I'm coming too," she said, pushing past the rushing water. The cave was made right out of the hillside, as if someone had built it. But Rosalie knew better and so did Emmett. No one had inhabited these woods in many years.

Slippery moss covered the bank and thick vines covered the entry to the cave. Rosalie's boots sunk into the mud as they walked, causing her to groan in frustration.

Emmett just smiled and brushed away the branches and vines, revealing a very dark and very deep cave. "Ready?" he asked, pulling her up so she could see in.

"It's pretty dark. Even for us," she said nervously. But she had to be brave. "Let's go," she said, making Emmett chuckle lightly. His Rose never backed down from a challenge.

And so the couple made their way through the dark tunnel, their eyes squinting and their hands brushing against its walls. Creatures chirped and sang, surprised at the sudden intruders. Not many people ever found this cave, and for a special reason.

This was no normal cave. It held dark magic; the kind people thought went extinct thousands of years ago. A few places, like this cave, hung on to its magic, not ready to release it yet. For many years the cave sat untouched, waiting for some unlucky passerby's to explore it's labyrinth of tunnels. Power radiated from it, and by the time Rosalie and Emmett were half way through its maze they could tell they were in trouble.

"Something's not right, babe," Rosalie said, blinking in the darkness, "let's turn back."

"Yea, you're right. This place is giving me bad vibes. Bye cave," Emmett turned around and together they walked, looking for a bright light signaling the end. But the light never came.

The cave had tricked them, and guided them even deeper into its maze. They were stuck.

"There's got to be a way out of this thing," Rosalie said, kicking the stone wall angrily. Her boot connected with the wall and a sharp ping! resounded off the walls. Again and again the two pounded at the walls with both hands and feet but nothing budged.

"What do we do now?" Emmett asked. For the first time he was thoroughly worried, and not just for himself. He was worried about Rosalie. He would do anything to get her out, even if it meant he being trapped in this cave forever.

"I don't know Mr. Genius, you tell me!" Rosalie screamed loudly. "You got us into this mess, you get us out!"

Emmett grimaced. She was right; he did force her to go into this stupid cave. They should have stayed at home today. They should have trusted rose's instinct. "I'm sorry, baby."

"You better be! Hell, I don't care. Sorry won't do anything now! Wait," she said suddenly, the dangerous glint in her eyes gone, replaced by joy. "I have my cellphone; we can call Carlisle and Esme! They can come and get us out!" She smiled broadly and ripped a small silver phone from her pocket.

"Do you have service?" Emmett asked, believing this to be too good to be true.

"Surprisingly yes. Four bars, aren't we lucky?" She dialed the number and waited for Carlisle to pick up, which he did on the third ring.

"Hello," Carlisle's voice calmed Emmett. It was a nice break from the irritated screaming he'd been hearing from Rosalie for the past hour.

"Carlisle? Remember that cave Emmett was so excited about? Well, we're stuck and we can't find a way out. The walls won't even crack, and every time we try to retrace out tracks we end up going into another tunnel. Can you help us?"

There was a pause and then, "Of course, were on our way now. Don't move."

"Thanks," she mumbled, shutting the phone.

Emmett smiled and lifted his wife in a bear hug, "yes! We're getting out of this hell hole!"

Rosalie laughed and swatted at him, "put me down you big buffoon!"

Rosalie and Emmett might have thought they were safe, but they were far from it. The cave took the couple's moment of euphoria to release its magic, infecting not only them but all the Cullens.


"Carlisle, did you feel that?" Esme asked, placing two fingers on her temple. She had been running through the forest one moment and the next moment an immense pain had shot through her skull, stopping her in her tracks.

"Yes," her husband replied from behind her. He too was massaging his head, trying to numb the dying pain.

Esme rushed over to her husband, grabbing his hand and pulling him down to sit next to her. "But Rosalie and Emmett," Carlisle whispered.

"Can wait, I'm not running in this type of-oww!" Esme screamed loudly as another round of pain shuck her mind.

"Esme!" Carlisle grabbed his wife, pulling her into a tight embrace. He bit his lip tightly as his brain withered in agony.

"What's happening?" his wife asked breathlessly, her hands on either side of her head.

"I wish I knew," Carlisle muttered before another bout of pain shot through his mind, sending hi m into darkness.


"Edward! Please wake up!" Bella screamed, shaking her husband roughly. "You can't leave me! You just can't! Please, please…"

It was no use. Edward wasn't dead but he wasn't conscious. Bella picked him up carefully and, with vampire speed, raced him to their bedroom. She laid his body down on the bed, propping his head up with a pillow.

Bella sat down on the bed next to her husband and tried to clear her head and remember what they had been doing before Edward passed out.

"You cheater!" Bella said, reaching across the chess board to ruffle her husband's hair lightly.

He grinned, "You're getting too good, I have to do something to keep up my winning streak!"

Bella laughed and pushed the chess board to the side, pulling her husband in for a heated kiss. "You know, Nessie and Jacob are gone for the next three months. We have this place all to ourselves. We can do whatever we want."

Edward leaned back, his eyes mischievous. "Yea, but what if Carlisle and Esme walk in on us?" he mused, running his lips over his wife's neck.

Bella moaned, "We walked in on them one time, remember? They'd be getting even."

"Oh God, don't even remind me about that, I'll never be able to look at Esme the same way." He pulled Bella into his lap, slipping his hand under her shirt.

"Hmm, me neither," Bella chuckled, enjoying the feel of Edward's hands against her bare skin.

"Or Carlisle," Edward mused, smiling.

"Who knew they liked that type of stuff," Bella pulled her husband's shirt off, tossing it over her shoulder. "So perfect," she whispered.

Edward beamed, showing off two rows of pearl white teeth. "All for y-"he started, but was cut off by a sharp shriek that escaped from his chest. He ground his teeth together as Bella got up from her position on the couch.

"What's wrong?" she asked, her eyes searching for any obvious wounds.

"My head, it's killing me," he ground out. And then his world turned black and Bella screamed.

Bella gulped as she looked at her unconscious husband. She had absolutely no idea what to do. She thought vampires didn't get sick or have headaches or pass out. She had to call Carlisle; he would know what to do.

She quickly dialed the number, praying he would pick up. If he didn't she'd be hopeless. She had no idea how to treat a vampire suffering from headaches.

"Come on Carlisle…please…"

"You called Carlisle Cullen. I can't come to the phone right now, so please call back or leave a message after the beep."

Bella cursed under her breath, but waited for the beep. "Hey Carlisle, its Bella. Look Edward just passed out and I don't know what the heck to do so please call me back. I'm so worried." She ended the message and tried Esme's number. She also didn't pick up, which was very unlike her. Esme always picked up.

"I'll be right back, Edward," Bella said, giving him a quick kiss on the forehead. "I'm going to get you help."


The Cullen home was quiet when Bella entered, too quiet. Bella had become accustomed to constant noise, what with her vampire hearing and all, but she heard absolutely nothing as she walked through the house.

"Alice, Alice?" She called, climbing the stairs to the third level. "I know you're here guys, this isn't funny. Jasper?"

Bella was starting to get worried by this time. Alice and Emmett were known pranksters in the Cullen family, but they never went far enough to upset anyone. "Look guys, Edward's in trouble he fainted, Oh my God," Bella cried as she opened the door to Alice and Jasper's bedroom.

There on the floor lay Jasper and Alice, their faces contorted in dream-like pain.

"Alice!" Bella screamed, shaking her sister forcefully. "What's going on?"

But Alice said nothing, her mouth slightly a jar as if she'd been sleeping for hours.


"What the fuck?" Esme muttered as she sat up, her caramel locks covered in dirt and leaves from lying on the forest floor. "Carlisle?" she asked as she stood up, brushing debris off herself. "What am I wearing? Ick," she inspected her clothes, pulling at the expensive skirt and blouse. "I'm twenty-six, not forty. Carlisle?" she called again, searching the forest for her husband.

She finally found him hunched over a small stream, washing his hair. "What the hell, Carlisle? What type of man just leaves his wife like that?" she snapped, pushing her husband into the water with a little more force then she had intended. His form splashed loudly and he growled lightly.

He huffed and tore off his drenched jacket, throwing it onto the bank. "You know you don't have to always be such a bitch."

She scoffed, crossing her arms, "and you don't always have to be such an idiot."

He frowned and climbed out of the water, "I was going to come back. Do you remember what happened?"

Esme pondered the question for a moment and shook her head. "Not really. I remember running and then I woke up. I don't really remember why I was running…wait we were going to get Rose and Emmett. Remember, they were trapped in that creepy cave?"

Carlisle ran a hand through his damp hair, "oh yea, Emmett was such a dumbass for wanting to explore that thing. I don't know why we cared, Es. They're not our responsibility."

Esme fluffed her hair vainly, "you're right; I mean it's not like we're their parents."

"Exactly," Carlisle grinned devilishly and pulled his wife into a strong embrace. "You look sexy Essie," he purred in her ear, grabbing at her breast.

She laughed, "Yea I'm sure I look so sexy with shit in my hair," her fingers picked aimlessly at the twigs and leaves lodged in her locks.

"You always look sexy," he groaned, sticking his tongue in her mouth forcefully.


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