Warning: Contains non sexual spanking of a vampire or two. If you should find this disturbing please feel free to not read. ... also... this first chapter was written under the influence of Redbull so be forewarned...

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"Look Jasper, I said I was sorry. What more do you want? It's not like it can't be fixed. For God's sake, I'm sure Rose can have it back up and running in no time."

Rosalie looked over at the heap of fiberglass and metal that had once been a Ducati 848 then shot her mate a look of bewilderment. She couldn't imagine what he had done that would have left Jasper's bike in such a state but she knew that the idea of its resurrection was preposterous. There was just no way this piece of junkyard scrap could ever be repaired. She was good but she recognized a hopeless case when she saw one. Jasper's bike was totaled. She knew it. Jasper knew it. Emmett knew it as well but refused to admit defeat.

"Come on, little bro. See. Plaster on some Bondo. Hit it with a fresh coat of paint. Bam! Good as new. I'll even pay for the supplies."

Emmett was beginning to feel frustrated by this entire situation. It wasn't like he had planned on damaging his brother's precious motorbike. It wasn't his fault that some kid had cut him off causing him to plow over a couple of road signs. He was lucky that tree stopped him. Stupid kid didn't even stop to see if he was okay. Some human compassion right there. Looking at the twisted frame, Emmett actually felt that the bike fared pretty well, all things considered. At least it was still in one piece...more or less.

"Oh, you better believe your ass is going to pay for it, Emmett! I told you it was okay to borrow it, not destroy it!" Jasper growled angrily as he looked from the wreckage to his brother. "Just look at it." He reached out to touch the remains of his treasured bike; a gift from Edward and his ticket to sanity whenever he felt overwhelmed with the emotions of others and needed to get away from everyone for a little while. Just he and the bike out on the road careening along away from the cares of the world, but now... His fingers brushed the broken body only to have the front fork come apart and clatter to the garage floor. "FUCK, EMMETT! It's not even a bike anymore. Looks more like a fuckin' piece of over priced lawn art! Bondo my ass. You may as well use duct tape and spit for all the good it will do."

Jasper turned his back to his brother hoping that he would be able to mitigate his anger if he avoided looking at the buffoon. He had to gain control of his temper before he did something he would soon regret. Abruptly, he spun back around and kicked the remains, sending parts flying.

"God damn it! How in the hell would you like it if I shoved your damn jeep over a cliff?" The boy's obsidian eyes flared with anger as he glared at his moose of a brother.

"Jazz, bro, calm down. You know I'll make it good. Chill. You're acting like I borrowed it with the idea of fucking your bike up. You know me better then that."

"You destroy every damn thing you get your hands on!"

As Jasper's rage intensified, it began to exude from his trembling body to infect his brother and sister as well.

"Jasper, give it a break. Yeah, Em can be a dumbass klutz but it's just a bike. Get over it."

"Get over it?" He turned on his sister with a vicious snarl. "Get over it? What the fuck, Rose?"

In his increasing fury, Jasper let fly with another kick to the mangled motor sending it soaring towards his siblings. The bear of a boy ducked as the fluid spewing missile whizzed pass his head to crash land embedding itself in the middle of the windshield of Rose's bright red BMW.

Rose snarled loudly at the damage inflicted upon her innocent car. She punched her mate hard in the shoulder. "This shit is all your damn fault." Then she turned the bulk of her wrath upon her brother. "Is this how you want to play, Jasper? Come on! I'll kick your sorry ass all the way back down to the Hickville you sprang from!"

Jasper crouched low returning her snarl with a deep resonating growl, accepting her challenge. Something tugged at the back of his brain. A whispered voice reminded him that women were meant to be cherished and protected, especially family, but a stronger voice from his time as Maria's second grew louder to stifle his childhood conditioning. All challengers were to be answered; all opponents were to be mercilessly defeated if he was to survive.

Emmett placed himself between his warrior brother and his own beloved mate. He had no doubt that Rosalie could wipe the floor with Jasper but he wasn't about to just stand by and watch it happen when he could be in the fight. His anger melding with Jasper's, he found himself bowing up while his eyes went black.

"You heard her before, bro. Back. The. Fuck. Off." He growled a warning while shifting his weight to balance himself. His hands clenched into fists at his sides ready for attack. "You're out numbered, Jazzy Reb, not that I'd let my Rose soil her hands with the likes of you." Emmett took a step towards his honey haired southern sibling clearly trying to intimidate him. Baring his teeth he continued his taunt as he spoiled for a fight. "If you know what's good for you Tex-ass parlor solider you will STAND DOWN!"

The slurs to his heritage and the military command caused a tiny spark to ignite in Jasper's mind. The solider found himself transported to another place and time. No longer did he recognize the pair before him as his siblings. The brother and sister he had grown to love had been replaced by a couple of feral newborns he was under orders to break. Jasper had never lost a battle and he certainly wasn't about to start now. He was second-in-commmand of the Mexican Coven. He led Maria's army into battle claiming victory after victory. By right he demanded their respect and by God he would have it. Just who did these two think they were to attempt to question his authority?

Jasper's indignation erupted as a guttural roar before he charged Emmett, hell bent on destruction.

Esme snuggled against Carlisle, breathing in the heady musk of his scent. She let out a satisfied sigh as they both basked in the afterglow of their love making. With his recent work schedule causing him to keep longer hours then usual, she had come to treasure these stolen moments when they had the house to themselves.

She had been busy working in the garden when she heard his car out on the road. Fearing that something was wrong sending him home at such an early hour, she raced to meet her mate. Much to her delight, her handsome blond haired lover had greeted her with flowers, massage oil and an extremely wicked glimmer in his eye.

"I decided to take the afternoon off. Seemed like the hospital had more then enough coverage today." His flirtatious smile sent a pleasant jolt through her body. "Besides, I have the feeling that I was becoming more of a hindrance."

"Why do you say that?" She purred softly as she trailed her hand along his jawline causing his eyes to close involuntarily while he surrendered to her touch.

"Because I simply could not concentrate on my work. My mind kept drifting to thoughts of the most beautiful woman I know."

"And whom might that be?" Esme's eyes darkened slightly as her physical need for her husband's touch demanded to be fulfilled.

"Why that sexy new doctor O'Hara in trauma, of course. That one is a real looker."

Esme playfully huffed as she lightly slapped Carlisle's face.

"You, Carlisle Cullen, are a cad."

He chuckled as he took her hand and pressed it to his lips.

"As if there could be anyone more beautiful in the world to me then my ravishing wife." The mischievous glint grew brighter in his topaz eyes. "Speaking of ravishing." With an easy well practiced movement, he swept her into his arms, carrying the love of his existence into the house to share in an afternoon of bliss.

Now, several hours had passed and with the sun beginning to dip behind the trees, Esme became aware of the time. She knew that their children would soon begin arriving from school and her maternal instincts demanded that she be at the door to greet them.

"Carlisle, my love, as much as I could stay right here for the rest of eternity, I think it's time to head back downstairs. The first wave will be home any minute and you know how our activities tend to disturb the children."

She made a move to rise only to find herself pulled back down on top of him and into a long passionate kiss.

"Let them be disturbed." His voice was slightly breathless and husky with lust.

Esme giggled as she slipped from his embrace and out of the bed to get dressed.

"These are your children, Dr. Cullen. It is not right to torture them so."

"Don't think of it as torture. More like getting even."

Esme laughed softly as she recalled the racket coming from Emmett and Rosalie's room several nights ago. He did have a point but still...

Carlisle rolled onto his side propping himself up on his elbow with his head resting in his hand as he watched his wife dress. The sight of her perfect features caused a low growl of desire to roll from his throat. How he ever found himself blessed with such an angelic creature he would never understand.

At the sound of his growl, Esme cocked an eyebrow and smiled. "Doctor, I dare say that you are insatiable." Returning to their bed she pushed him gently back onto his back then claimed his mouth with hers. Carlisle only too eagerly responded as his fingers raked through her hair pulling her into a deeper kiss.

A sudden crashing sound caused Esme to pull away.

"Now what have they gotten themselves into?" Carlisle's tone was one of annoyed exasperation.

"I'm sure it's nothing." She tried to keep the worry she was feeling out of her voice as angry muffled voices reached her ears. "Sounds like the boys are having a little tiff, that's all. I'll go down and take care of it." Placing a light kiss on her mate's lips, she once again found her feet on the floor. "Besides, I think you've expended enough energy for one day."

Her joyful teasing took the edge off of the frustration Carlisle felt at having their romp so rudely interrupted.

"Luckily vampires never tire." He gave her a seductively evil grin.

Shaking her head, Esme laughed at her lover before leaving to check on the state of their home and children. From the sounds of things, all appeared to be in jeopardy.

Carlisle watched her disappear before reluctantly crawling out of bed to get dressed himself so he could reunite with his family. The apparent battle below not withstanding, the evening was off to a wondrous start.