Emmett grinned as he bounded down the stairs while the normal morning arguments echoed through the house emanating from the upper floors. He had just managed to escape Alice's fashion make over and was humming happily to himself as he celebrated his lucky break. That was the moment when he caught sight of his father alone in the kitchen.

Carlisle was standing at the center island, leaning on it casually as he read the morning paper. His relaxed manner caused a devilish grin to form on his husky son's boyish face.

"Morning, Pops."

"Good morning, Emmett," Carlisle replied without raising his head as he continued to remain focused on the news story.

"Looks like it's going to be a pretty day, huh?" Emmett closed the distance between his father and himself. "You don't look real comfortable, Pops. Here, let me grab you a chair so you can sit and relax." He winked and chuckled as his father huffed quietly then rolled his eyes at the family jester.

Walking towards the window in the kitchen, Emmett "inadvertently" brushed against Carlisle's backside as he passed by. The elder's head snapped up and a low hiss emanated through his clenched teeth as the contact caused the deep penetrating soreness to flare once again.

"Oh, my bad. Sorry, Pops." Emmett grinned as his eyes sparkled with mischief. "Can I get you anything for that? Too bad aspirin is worthless, huh? Word of advice from an expert; ice is your friend."

"You'll be the one needing some ice in just a couple of minutes if you don't stop it."

"Stop what? I have no idea what you're talking about. I was just coming in here to spend some quality time with my dear old Dad."

Carlisle glared at his boy while he grumbled quietly. "Isn't there some video game calling your name about now?"

"Nope, I found something much more interesting to keep me entertained until it's time to leave."

"Emm-ett," Carlisle growled in a soft warning that appeared to have little effect on his son.

"Yes, Pops?" The dark haired youth leaned next to his father with his back against the counter while grinning in delight.

Carlisle was not amused at being his son's latest target, but simply glared at him before turning his attention back to his newspaper. I knew better than to tell Emmett anything. Now look at what you've gotten yourself into and who knows how long this could go on before he becomes bored. He sighed inwardly while trying his best to ignore his hovering son.

"Mom's got a wicked swing when she's handing out a smack down, doesn't she? So how do you enjoy being a card carrying member of my club, Pops? You know it is very exclusive. Only the best of the best get to join. Not many can say they have endured the wrath of Esme and lived to tell the tale." He folded his arms over his broad chest, the smile never leaving his face. "You know, you never did say why she let you have it. Damn but you must have gotten into some serious shit with her for Momma to tear your ass up like that."

It was clear to Carlisle that Emmett was having entirely too much fun at his expense. "Language, Emmett and I'm not discussing this."

"You know we might want to move her up in the batting lineup next ball game. If she can do that to your behind, just imagine what she can do to the ball if she puts her mind to it. I knew it all along. Momma has been holding out on us all these years.

Who would have thunk it? Sweet little quiet peaceful Esme. I guess she has you turning the other cheek now."

"Emmett, so help me..."

Emmett whooped quite suddenly cutting Carlisle's threat off in mid-sentence as the sounds of a large truck could be heard coming up the road towards the house. "It's here! Hot damn, Pops, it's here."

In his over exuberance, the boy gave his father a rather solid whack on the rump as he dashed from the kitchen causing Carlisle to grit his teeth while he mentally conjured up visions of tortures that he would have loved to introduce his son to. Those years with the Volturi really could pay off. Regaining his composure, he walked over to the door to see what was causing so much excitement in Emmett.

Stopping at the foot of the stairs the bruin bellowed loudly, "Jasper! Jazz, get down here. Leave the primping to Alice. There is something that you have got to see. Get your ass in gear, boy. Time's a wastin'." When the solider appeared at the top of the stairs, Emmett flagged him down. "Come on outside. Just wait until you see it. This is going to be so completely bad ass. Oh my God, I can't wait!"

"You know, Em, it's way too early for this much enthusiasm." Jasper made his way down the steps while trying to buffer the effects of his brother's frenzied excitement on his own emotional state. "What in the world has got you wound up this tight?"

Emmett's grin broadened. "Who's your favorite brother?"

Jasper eyed Emmett with suspicion before muttering, "Edward."

"Pfft, you say that now but just you wait!" He slapped his brother on the back before wrapping his arm over Jasper's shoulder and leading him towards the door.

Carlisle was already standing on the porch when his sons walked out the door to join him. "Emmett, why is there a semi in my front yard?"

"Because I'm making amends with Jasper."

Jasper narrowed his eyes as he glanced at his brother. "Why? What did you do this time?"

"Nah, it's for something that I had already done and just never got around to properly apologizing for, so my apology is in that truck." The bruin positively beamed with pride.

The truck driver sauntered over toward the three men standing on the porch. "I'm looking for an Emmett Cullen."

"That would be me."

"Would you please sign here Mister Cullen?"

Carlisle read the insignia on the side of the truck. "Emmett, what could you possibly need from Marine Turbine Technologies?"

Emmett just laughed as he signed the delivery paperwork. "You'll see, Pops."

"You bought a boat?" Jasper asked as he watched the driver disappear into the trailer.

"No, but I did think about it. They do build some awesome boats. They have even tricked out some cars with jet turbine engines just because they can."

"Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what is that?" Carlisle stared in horror as the gleaming black cherry motorcycle was rolled down the ramp and onto the driveway.

"Emmett, what did you do?" Jasper quietly asked before his breath caught in his chest as he eyed the lustrous sleek machine.

"Meet Jasper's brand new MTT Turbine Superbike." The dark haired boy grinned broadly. "Its predecessor was powered by jet engines reclaimed from helicopters. I went ahead and got the upgrade on this one; 420-HP turbine engine. You are looking at the fastest street legal bike in the world. Should hit 250 MPH easy and it is possible that in experienced hands it can go faster. There's no governor on this baby. Now tell me that isn't better than your old Ducati."

"No, Emmett. I'm sorry but I must insist that you send it back. Just the idea of the damage that thing can cause." Carlisle shuddered slightly at the thought, but Jasper was already running across the yard to take the bike from the delivery man.

"I'll be careful with it, Papa. You know I'm a responsible rider. Nothing will happen, I swear," Carlisle's solider yelled back over his shoulder. "Oh my God, Emmett, she is gorgeous."

"I said no." Carlisle crossed his arms as his foot began to tap in annoyance. "It's too dangerous and much too high profile. The idea is not to draw attention to ourselves. All that monstrosity is designed for is to draw as much attention as possible. It's simply not a good idea at all. There are plenty of motorcycles on the market that wouldn't be as conspicuous."

"Aww, come on, Pops. Loosen up at little. It's just a bike. Sure, it can be a bit too much bike for most people, but for someone like Jazz it's perfect. Besides, it's custom. I can't send it back," Emmett tried to reason with his father. "It's a gift, Pops. You can't just turn a gift away. That would not be cool. Let Jazz have it. I owe him a replacement for wrecking his bike and this is the least I can offer him after everything he ended up going through with flipping out and all that. All that was my fault and this is my way of finally setting things right. You wouldn't want to deny me that opportunity, now would you?"

Carlisle sighed as he shook his head in defeat. "Fine, you two can keep it, but you, young man, are going to have to explain it to Esme."

Laughter rang out from across the yard, causing father and son to turn their attention towards Jasper. "Emmett, what the hell? Why did you get that put on the tank?"

"I thought it was appropriate. I kinda already figured that Pops would have some issues and planned on that being a little visual reminder not to screw around when you're on the bike." Emmett smiled then added, "You think you're man enough to ride with that as your copilot?"

Jasper snorted. "You know I am. Only a real man could own up to having this bike, and I would like to see the fool who would give me crap about it. The bike speaks for itself and would leave his… well he would regret disrespecting the ride." Jasper laughed at his brother's insanity, but had to admit that it made the bike all the more special. The southerner simply wouldn't have dreamed of changing a thing.

Jasper's warm laughter caused his father to smile in spite of his trepidation. He would never grow tired of that sound. It seemed so rare for his son to actually be happy, owning mainly to his special ability and the turmoil that it brought, that Carlisle had learned to treasure these precious moments.

Cocking a brow as he looked between his two boys, the elder spoke softly, "What is he talking about, Em?"

"Go have a look, Pops." Emmett gave Carlisle a little push towards the bike as he laughed. "Go ahead, it won't bite ya. I thought the custom design was a pretty cool addition, actually."

The truck driver climbed up into his cab and gave the burly boy a wave. "Nice doing business with you, Mr. Cullen. If there is anything else we can do just let us know." With that the large truck lurched to life and rolled away back through the trees towards the highway, leaving the men and their new jet bike behind.

Carlisle blinked as he glanced at the embellished paint job. "Is that...?"

"Yep." Emmett puffed out his chest proudly. "Hello Kitty at her best. My thought was, when he's riding that little cat will remind him about the rest of those kitties back in the study that he would have to deal with if he gets into trouble with the bike. I know the thought would keep me from screwing around and doing something stupid." Absent mindedly, Emmett rubbed his rear end. "It's just a little insurance policy of sorts."

"This is fantastic, Em. Thank you." Jasper turned his bright eyes on his brother. "Hey, let's load it in the jeep and go fuel her up. I can't wait to take her on a test run."

"Aren't you forgetting something, Jasper?" Carlisle gave a little nod, but Jasper's expression went blank. "School?"

"They won't miss us, Papa." The look of disapproval on his father's face caused Jasper to amend his words. "We could be just a little bit late."

"I don't think so, Son. You can take it on a test ride when you get home this afternoon. It's not going anywhere and will give you something to look forward to."

Emmett piped up, "It's still early, Pops. What if we go gas it up and Jazz rides it back home before we leave for school? With how long it takes the girls to get ready we should have plenty of time."

"Emmett, I said no. Now go put that new toy away and finish getting ready for school. I'm not going to say it again." Carlisle noticed the looked exchanged between his sons and cleared his throat. "If it leaves our property before this afternoon, not only will I be in charge of the key for a couple of weeks, but I can promise that neither of you will be capable of sitting long enough to ride it. I advise you to carefully weigh the cost before you decide to defy me."

Jasper bowed his head and whispered, "Yes, Papa."

"I'm serious, Jasper."

"Yes, Sir. I know." Reluctantly the younger blonde rolled his new vehicle towards the garage. "This afternoon will be fine. I'll have more time to get used to it then, anyway. I just hope the day goes as fast as this bike does."

Emmett, on the other hand, was not quite ready to concede defeat. "What if we let you ride it first, Pops. I really want to see how it handles. You have no idea what I went through to find the perfect bike for my little bro and I want to make sure that I did good."

"From his reaction, I would have to say that you did much better than good, Em. While I still think it's a bad idea because of the attention it can cause, I have to say that it's nice to see Jasper so elated. You should be proud of yourself, Em." Carlisle smiled gently as he patted his bear's shoulder. "Now come on and let's go back in the house. I can't wait to hear how you are going to explain the newest addition to the family to your mother. And to think, you figured that I incurred her wrath. You, my boy, have not seen anything yet. Vengeance truly is sweet."

With a grin curling his lips, the patriarch placed his hand between his son's shoulders and guided him back into the house grateful that peace had finally been restored to his family; at least for now.


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