The Knight


Inspired by Smallville and Batman Begins, The Knight is a reinterpretation of Batman more focusing about young Bruce Wayne's life before donning the identity of the Dark Knight. This series will tell of Bruce's life before Batman, but after multiple seasons we will see the Dark Knight in his prime and glory; the show will focus on a much younger Bruce as he battles adolescence, love, sadness, death, and justice. In definition, this is the evolution from Bruce Wayne to Batman.

The series will follow the same rule as Smallville; the "no tights rule" as it will play out Bruce will be the only hero as Batman hasn't even exist, yet the mythology will play on. The "weekly" villains will be normal people showing weird abilities because of a Wayne Enterprises' lab explosion, but there will be versions of Batman's future nemeses such as Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and others, but like Bruce no costumes are allowed.

Bruce, Alfred, the Waynes, Lucius Fox, and Julie Madison will be comic book characters focus on the show as well there will be series-created characters such as Leo Foster (a Robin archetype), Jason Powers, Victor Powers, and Det. Megan Alder (a Jim Gordon archetype) as the cast. Each season will have 13 episodes in total.

The Knight follows the life of young Bruce Wayne in the 21st century beginning as a high school junior as he battles adolescense, love, sadness, death, and justice. After his parents' mysterious death, he will be lured to the world of vengenance as he fights back learning the arts of man-hunt and soon become the persona known throughout Gotham as Batman.

Series Regulars

Bruce Wayne (Ian Somerhalder)

Bruce is a young teen who in the opposite play as a rich, cool kid, but actually struggles with his love for women and the interest of finding a new identity. His parents died at when he was the age of 12. When unusual things begins happening in Gotham, Bruce starts using his "detective" skills as it pays out to stop the metahumans and keeps it as a secret to Jason, Julie, and others, but Leo, Lucicus, and Alfred are the only three who knows he is doing this. He will soon become Batman in the near future.

Julie Madison (Sarah Mason)

Julie is one of Bruce's friends, but before Zantanna, Selena, and Talia, she is somewhat Bruce's first love interest as they keep on having on-and-off relationships. She is the daugther of succesful ADA Fred Madison and Dr. Susanne Madison and has a specialty of being a future actress. She will be known as the dasmel when she gets kidnapped, used, or attacked by many metahumans having Bruce to save her.

Jason Powers(Matt Barr)

Jason is the son of bussiness magnate, Victor Powers, and has a brother-like relationship with Bruce since both of their fathers are bussiness owners. He dates many girls punning the future Bruce Wayne's playboy status; he always having problems with his father and has a obession of investaging the metahumans.

Leo Foster (Tyler Hoechlin)

Leo is Bruce's best friend in high school and somewhat as a sidekick of his; he once never knew about Bruce's secret actions, but he is one of three poeple who knows his secret and helps him with the information about the metahumans. Soon, he will have a part in when Bruce becomes Batman.

Alfred Pennysworth (John Cleese)

Alfred is the Waynes' trustworthy and loyal butler and has stick by them for many years. After Bruce's parents died when he was 12, Alfred took care of him since then and keeps on becoming a father figure to Bruce; he is one of three who is learning about Bruce's heroic crusades for Gotham and helps him by keep on giving him support. He will soon become Bruce's main assistant when he becomes Batman.

Det. Megan Alder(Gina Torres)

Det. Alder is a great and tough officer who has served for the Gotham Police for almost fifteen years and beginning her thirteenth, she will begin probing alot of weird cases invovling metahumans. When Bruce is always becoming a prime witness during her investagations, Alder tries to warn him about the danger, but later on she lets him helps her with some of the cases.

Reccuring Regulars

Lucius Fox (Keith David)

Lucicus is the main lab technican for Wayne Enterprises and had a great relationship with Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, for many years. One of their last projects was a chemical known as "Phoenix", a dangerous mutangen that can fuse with any kind of genetic and natural resources, but soon Victor Powers decides to use his connctions and disbands the project; one day a stom leads to a dangerous lab exoplosion causing the "Phoenix" to go in the air and infect multiple unknown poeple. Soon Lucius will find about Bruce's secret actions as he is one of three and helps him with alot of combative stuff as it reveals Lucicus is a blackbelt.

Victor Powers (Paul Johansson)

Victor is Jason's father and the CEO of PowerCorp; he begins using these powers for evil purposes as he starts doing shady experiments including the project involving metahumans who been infected by the "Phoenix". He was responsible for the "Phoenix" disbanding and decides to help Gotham by getting rid of the Phoenix-infected freaks. He was once a old friend of Thomas Wayne, before something happening to make them bitter rivals.

Comissioner William Woods (Geoff Pierson)

William Woods is the current comissioner of the Gotham Police Dept. and has a sense of knowing that Gotham is not all that normal. He is the mentor of Det. Alder once he was a sergent, but now thinks she has all the knowledge he gaved her knowing she will use in good time. He were great friends with the Waynes and occasionally keeps in tact with Bruce.