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Shattered Glass

When I open my eyes again, the sun shines down brightly and I have to close them again against the bright glare. How long has it been since I've seen such a clear day? Who knows—before today, I never paid much attention to the sky.

My mind is drawn back to where I am. Which is a beautiful room with a mattress soft enough to sink into and fall asleep instantly. With difficulty, and an odd tiredness, I manage to move.


I hear exuberant giggles from the other side as little children stare at me from the doorway. I lick my lips and ask the time honored when-the-sleeper-wakes question.

"Where am I?" I ask, a soft exhale I'm not sure anyone heard.

"You're on Mako Island," says a graying woman with a kind face. "I'm Kiyko, and the children's names are Aoi and Yumiko. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," I mumble, looking down at the covers. My hands are still small and slightly bony, but they're drawn in ink. Kiyko smiles gently, an old-woman smile that has Eichiroo Oda written all over it.

I'm really here. I really, honestly am here. I am in One Piece, the place I have dreamed of escaping to ever...ever since...well, ever since that time. It's so much better than my old world. People don't die here. Pain is only a little thing, such a little thing... People are strong. Stronger than anything. Strong enough to achieve their dreams.

This is the place that dreams come true.

Including...mine? Could I possibly walk again? I still can't feel my legs, even though the useless lumps are clearly seen through the blanket. The doctor said a very small chance. Still, that's a chance, right? I may never see anyone familiar, what are the chances? But if I can overcome that, maybe...

"Are you OK?" Kiyko asks gently, putting a slightly rough but still very soft and motherly hand on my shoulder. I blink, finally registering the tears in my eyes, registering how tightly my hands have fisted over the blanket.

"I...I'm really here," I murmur, powerless to stop the words from tumbling out of my mouth. With that, something that was always brittle inside me snaps like a candy cane and the tears come again, both warming and chilling me inside. Kiyko only smiles sadly as if she's seen this before and hugs me with the warm gentleness that only Claire has been able to give.

"Ssh," she says softly, gently rocking me back and forth. "It's alright. You're safe now. It's alright to cry."

And with that, I do.


When I'm finished, Kiyko releases me and walks out of the room. I can hear some silverware being moved around, and she comes back with a tray of steaming soup. When she sets it down on my lap, I can feel the heat from the tray, can smell the goodness of the miso, and I can feel my stomach's lurch, suddenly awakened with the promise of miso soup.

"Thank you," I mumble, before hissing as the hot soup scalds my mouth. Kiyko hums.

"Be careful. Soup can burn you easily," she says with her motherly smile. I offer a pale fasimilie, blowing this time on the soup before swallowing. It's delicious and practically radiates heat as it goes down. I finish it in record time, and after I'm done, Kiyko takes the bowl and sets it on the table. "Now, tell me how you washed up here on this side of the Grand Line," she invites, sitting down and looking at me carefully. I bite my lip, trying to come up with a realistic response.

"I...well, my parents and I were traveling to...another island, to see if one of the doctors could fix my legs." I gave a brittle smile and gestured to the two lumps under the covers. "I was accident and now they're paralyzed. The doctors back home told us it was hit a storm while traveling and the ship wrecked...I don't...I don't remember…I…don't think anyone else...survived," I finish, staring at the covers. Kiyoko raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything about the insane number of holes in my story.

"What's your name?" she finally asks.

"Faye. My name is Faye Coeur." She smiles and gestures to a corner of the bedroom. Sitting there are my wheelchair and backpack, and my clothes, that look washed and folded.

"They were found along with you," she says. "Are they yours?" I nod vigorously, hoping that everything is OK in there. "You've been out of it for two days," Kiyko starts. "I bet you're itching to go outside. Let's get you into that wheelchair, and I'll push you to the front porch, OK?" I nod and let her help me into my wheelchair.

Outside, the weather is warm and the winds, more wild and confident than those in my old world, carry the warmth into a blanket. The sun shines merrily in the baby blue sky and the ocean laps a nearby beach. Everything radiates a carefree cheerfulness, and I'm powerless to stop the smile tugging at my mouth. I want to stay here forever, in this world that is so much more inviting.

But the outside also reminds me of an important question: now that I'm here, what should I do?

Should I stay on this island forever, content with a simple life?

Should I venture outside to the wide world?

Should I try to find the Mugiwaras?

Should I search for a different pirate crew?

Should I stay on the other side of the law?

Should I just try to find a way for me to walk again?

What should I do?

The wind continues to play, and something makes me reach into my backpack. What I pull out is the One Piece book I found. The bookmark falls out again, with a single word.


And with that single word, I know what I will do.

The contents of the book have changed incredibly, or perhaps they were never normal-I didn't look inside before I left. Instead of documenting Luffy's journey from Fushia Island and the recruitment of Zoro, there's maps and notes, excerpts from some ship logs and tips on almost everything.

"Faye?" I hear Kiyko say next to me, and I look up. She is still smiling. "What will you do after this, Faye?"

My smile stretches, and for a moment it feels off, a little weird. But I welcome it and it settles naturally. I look out to the sea and feel laughter bubble inside my chest for the first time in so, so long.

"What am I going to do? I'm going to live!"

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