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Warning: Slash, Mpreg

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Had Anyone …

1. The boy and his lonely "mother"

(Harry's POV)

'Had anyone killed me right now, I would have died a happy man.'

That's what I thought back then… that one night of all… It was how I sincerely felt.

Little did I know at that moment what would the morning be like…

(Third Person's POV)

"Are you ready to sleep, sweetheart?" asked a bright-eyed man, who was tucking a blonde boy, who had the same eyes as him, to bed.

"Yes mummy." said the boy as he clutched his teddy bear to his chest.

"It's your big day tomorrow." smiled the man to the boy. "It's not your birthday everyday."

"Yes! I'm going to be six already!" squealed the child excitedly.

"But now go to sleep Cygni, okay? We don't want you asleep while standing in the Diagon Alley like the last year."

"That was just once…" mumbled the Cygnus his cheeks tinted with pink, then however he was as lively as before again. "Will you tell me a story?"

"And what story would you like me to tell you this time?" asked the man, smiling gently at the child.

There seemed to be hesitation in the green eyes of the child. "But I don't want to hear a fairytale tonight… Will you not be angry with me?"

"And should I…? What do you want me to tell you about?"

"I… I want you to tell me about daddy." whispered the child into the fur of the bear, waiting to be… What did he wait to be? Punished? Yelled at? Harry was sad seeing that his own son was obviously scared that he'd hurt him.

"I'm not angry…" he sighed. "Besides, you have the right to know… I guess it's about the time for you to know…" Harry said, convincing himself that it was a good idea. The reasoning worked in the end.

(Harry's POV)

"You know, Cygni, had anyone told me that I'd fall in love with your father of all people, I would have called them crazy at first."

"So you did not like daddy when you two met?"

"Not really, but I think that the attraction was there from the very first moment."

"How is that possible?" asked Cygnus, he simply could not place the two feelings together.

"I've learnt to love him over time. He was pretty mean to me and my friends, as I refused his offer of friendship the first day in school. That however did not change that we were always aware of each other… or that I was always searching for him in the crowd, following him with my eyes." I smiled at Cygnus caressing his cheek gently. Then my mind returned back to the matter and I felt my complexion harden.

"But your father he… he did not love me back." I could only whisper sadly. It was hard for me to admit to him that he was not created out of love… of both parties concerned. I however also knew that it would be better to tell Cygnus now. Just in case the fate decided to be a bitch and we ran into Dra-… Malfoy somewhere, especially now, that he has returned to London – according to Daily Prophet… I did not want my little boy to be disappointed later.

As I was lost in my dark thoughts I did not realize how my mind affected my appearance and how a grim expression over took my features.

It however did not go by Cygnus' attention and soon he seemed to be regretting that he brought the topic up.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to…" he mumbled, pushing his own hope for the complete story aside.

I could however see how he longed to hear it and so I only shook my head. "You have the right to know, Swan." I repeated, then continued digging deeper into the painful memories of the events which were long gone.

"I began to grow out of the hate for your father after our fourth year at school. I was feeling quite lost at that moment and so was he. His own father started to push him into things he obviously did not want to do. He still hated me back then, but I was starting to feel drawn to him. He still scowled at me from time to time, however I learned that sometimes not replying had better effect. And so he stopped. He pretty much ceased to call me names after that. And then…"

"What happened?"

"One day I saw him smile." I said as I petted the child's unruly blonde hair. "That was when I realized that I fell in love with him. It was not like I did not see him smile before, but that one day has had its magic for me. Because that day, he smiled at me, something he has never done until then… Your daddy has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen… I wish I could see it again."

I could not help the pain that escaped my lips in a form of a whisper. I could see how Cygnus seemed to be battling himself to stop asking, but the childish curiosity got the better of him in the end.

"Daddy is the blonde man on the photo you always look at?"

'I knew I should have hidden it, not look at it, but what's done is done.' I only berated at myself, then sighed and continued.

"Yes, that's your father… That's Draco Malfoy."

"Malfoy? The most insufferable git ever?" he asked, only to yelp and hide his face in the fluffy head of his bear second after.

Even as depressed as I was, I could only laugh at the sight.

"Yeah, that would him, where did you hear it though?"

"From you…" he mumbled, still not looking up, "You said it when Uncle 'Moony was over."

"That sounds like something I'd say when speaking to Remus." I smiled then sat closer to Cygnus, leaning against the headboard. "That however does not mean you can call him that, okay?" I said, turning to my son, who nodded. Only when I saw that, did I continue.

"In the sixth year he started spying for our side. He even somehow evaded getting the Dark Mark – remember how I told you the story about the bad Snake-man?" I asked, stopping with the explanation for a bit. Seeing the faint recognition in Cygnus' eyes, I continued, skipping the part about Snape killing Dumbledore in Dra-… Malfoy's place.

"Then went the last year and the final battle… It was after the final battle that you came to be." I did not want to dig into it. It would be too much of pain that would be brought to re-live. Cygnus did not need to know that his "mother" was tossed away once his father apparently got what he wanted.

"Let's stop talking about this…" I sighed in the end. When however I turned my eyes to my son I saw that it was not even needed for that to be said. Cygnus' eyes started dropping already and the boy seemed to be about to fall asleep any second. He however did not seem to want to stop this yet.

"Do you still love daddy?" asked Cygnus sleepily as his body curled around his stuffed bear even tighter.

"Don't you know that already, Swan?"

"You do then?" continued the boy, slurring the words together. He fell asleep seconds later.

I watched the sleeping child with love, pulling a blanket he managed to kick off, back over him and his teddy bear.

"I do sweetheart." I only whispered, placing a kiss on my boy's forehead then walking out of the room to go to my own bed, whispering into the silence of the hall.

"I so very do."

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