Had Anyone …

7. How much can love change someone's life?

(Harry's POV)

Had anyone tried to hurt me, I would bear it However no one should ever mess with me by hurting those I hold dear… For I'd make sure that an excruciating punishment comes their way.

(Third Person's POV)

The news of the Death Eaters Carrows actually getting the Dementor's kiss this time around were met with relief. At least some justice still was in the world. Not that Harry would admit that maybe he had something to do with that fact. One of the only two times he left the hospital since Cygnus admittance has been to make a stop by Kingsley's office. This current Minister was the one Harry liked the best of all of the Ministers for he knew that Kingsley would continue to do good for the wizarding community in Britain… unlike most of his predecessors who had that title during his life.

It however was not Kingsley who Harry wanted to sway in their judgement by his appearance. It was all of those who were foolish enough to think that if they tried to somehow try to help Carrows and the rest of the men involved that Harry would just let it pass by. Not this time. Not ever. Not to mention that an assault of a child was one of the heaviest crimes in the wizarding world - aside from actual murders - for children were held precious, there being so little of them. It was quite common for in the wizarding community to only have one child and it meant all the more if that one child was hurt in some way. Like that if someone spoke up and tried to defend the assaulters there would be a heightened possibility of the spokesperson to have some Dark allegiances.

Not all the bad blood has been eradicated from the Ministry still.

The verdict was made only a few days after the Carrows and the other men involved in the kidnapping were caught. During all that time Cygnus stayed in Saint Mungo's and was yet to show a sign of waking, it worrying both of his parents greatly.

That day fate itself must have felt generous though and late into the afternoon the green eyes of the child shown themselves to the world from behind the long eyelashes.

It was not a shock by all means when the child went into a panic attack at first, he however was soon calmed as Harry took him into his arms and started rocking him. If not for the situation which brought it about it would be a picture of a perfect bond between a child and their mother. Which it of course was, however no need to take a photo of it in a hospital, right?

"Is daddy going to live with us now?" Cygnus asked innocently after he was checked all over by one of the medi-witches who was alerted immediately after the boy woke up. The fair-haired child by no means missed that even though both his parents looked worn out and exhausted they now stood next to each other with an ease… which was not something Harry would do before if the times he woke up sometimes, crying over the blonde man, were anything to go by.

Harry only blushed as he nodded to the child, sending a shy look in Draco's way to which he got a teasing smirk, it was sometime during that non-verbal communication that Draco intertwined his fingers with Harry's and the emerald eyed wizard blushed even more once he realized it.

To that both of the blondes in the room laughed only.

Once Cygnus fell asleep once again Harry sat next to his bed, running his hand through the blonde hair of the boy.

"He is going to be okay, right?" he asked silently, directing the question to the only other person in the room.

"The medi-witch said that there might be some after effects of the curses used on him… some of them being Dark and all that. She however also said that if we follow all the check-ups the potion prescriptions and anything else said that he might come out of it almost as if nothing ever happened." Draco answered as he came closer and placed his hands on Harry's shoulders, it easing the tension in them a bit.

"Almost?" Harry could not help but ask as he held his little boy's hand.

"Some of the scars they will not be able to take away fully… The Dark magic has too much of an engraving effect… Most of them were accomplished by a "usual" slashing curse though… those can be removed completely. And then there are nightmares… He'll probably have to live with them for some time, all of those who go through something like that do."

"Yeah, I know." Harry sighed. "I can help him with these…" he said, then turned to Draco who looked at him questioning. "We can help him… right?"


(Draco's POV)

As I looked at Harry who fell asleep in his chair I could not help but sadden. What did he and Cygnus have to go through in the last six years, seven in Harry's case, I could not even imagine… For Harry I've been a source for quite a few of his insecurities and I knew it would take Harry some time to get over all of them even if the whole start of this disaster we cleared up finally.

. . .

"What will become of us?" Harry asked as the two of us separated from a kiss that has been long since overdue in its timing. "Will you just leave again?" he whispered and I could already see more of his tears threaten to fall.

"I'm not going to leave…" I said sighing as I looked around finding too many to people to be to my liking around. "Come with me…" I said taking his hand. "We have some explaining to do first."


"Just come…" I sighed, turning to look into his eyes which were filled with confusion. "Please…"

I would not be surprised if he refused to come with me, after all of the heartbreaking experience I've put him through, however I wanted him to at least understand my part in all of that first. I hoped that maybe if there was a chance given I could make it all up to him and to Cygnus.

It was my luck that Harry has always been a gentle person and as he came closer to me, still as confused as before, I could not help but feel more of that silly hope of mine surface.

"Where to?"

. . .

As we walked through the Manor I talked.

I tried to explain what happened that morning… and about the pug-faced woman who was lucky to live over the ocean.

I spoke of the time which followed that morning and which I spent without memories of it…

I told him all I could think of about all the years which I spent searching for him… It being as fruitless as it turned out to be.

Harry only listened silently, only every now and then asking a question. It was however the last of his questions that seemed to have the most importance to him.

"How did you find out then?"

It was needless to ask what he meant by that, for it was quite an obvious one… Find out about him, about Cygnus…

"You have to see something…" I said in the end as I made a turn which lead us to a door I opened more than often during the last few days. The door which lead to a corridor, on end of which was a tapestry, which all but caused all of this.

Harry looked confused when we stood in front of the blank tapestry, something I could not hold against him, for I was sure that aside from the Black's tapestry in the Grimmauld place where we often spent time during the Order's meetings he has not seen one. Not to mention that the Black tapestry was not run by magic.

I extended my hand to the blank cloth and as I infused the magic into it names began to appear.

As it neared the present line Harry held his breath as he realized just who is sure to appear at the very end… The youngest of the Malfoys, the one who still slept in the Saint Mungo's… and indeed he did. It shocked Harry so much to realize just what he was looking at that he even overlooked his own presence on the tapestry, which I had to point out to him.

"Why is the joining line different?" he asked as he traced the swirling emerald line between our names, there only being two, maybe three of the similar outlook on the whole tapestry.

"Because it means something different from the marriage line…" I started explaining, as I pointed to the straight line with a golden ring in the middle which joined the names of my parents. A ring our line lacked.

'Maybe there could be one? In the future?' I could not help but ask myself. I however quickly pushed those thoughts aside for Harry started talking again.

"How is it different?" Harry asked as he looked at the line rather than the two people joined by it, only looking briefly at the face of my mother who smiled at him.

"It's a line which symbolises Soul Bonding…" I said quietly, not knowing what reaction to expect.

His eyes widened and his jaw slackened apparently as his mouth opened a bit. Only when he snapped back to reality did he actually speak.

"S-Soul Bond?" he asked silently as he absent-mindedly traced the swirling line which extended to Cygnus who smiled brightly at Harry when he traced the line to him, caressing the portrait's cheek. "Really?"

I did know what answer he was expecting. What else could be said to that?

"I really did not think it would be that one…"

When Harry said that it was my turn to look confused.

"When I had Cygnus…" he started, still keeping his eyes on the tapestry. "I tried to search what could have been the trigger for him to even be… created. Remy told me it was not exactly a common thing, even among the wizarding community because not all the couples who try can actually get the results, their magic not being enough most of the time. Or sometimes it is just enough for them to only have one child… Just as most wizarding couples do." Harry's voice softened a bit, probably thinking what it would be like if he had a sibling before his parents died. He then however quickly gathered himself together and continued.

"When I searched I stumbled upon quite a few explanations, from potions which I could rule out immediately to creature blood in family… or even it being a specific genetic trait in the family line… There were quite a few possibilities, surprisingly… and then there was the Soul Bond… I did not believe it to be that one… Its rules seemed too far from the way we got together that night… and how we parted." he whispered, his eyes getting a glassy look.

"Gosh, I hate this…" he said as he started rubbing his eyes.


"After I had Cygnus my emotional stability never quite returned to normal… It's not as bad as it was during the pregnancy, but still…" Harry admitted, still not looking at me stubbornly. "Madame Pomfrey said it might be due to the fact that I…"

"You what?"

"That I did not have Cygnus' other parent with me…" he sighed and let the tears run freely.

"I'm sorry…" I mumbled into his hair as I hugged him closer to me, to which he surprisingly did not resist. "I should have been there."

As my hands were placed on the tapestry no longer the faces of the Malfoy family started disappearing one by one. Harry cared for that only a little however. He only looked at Cygnus who still smiled at him.

"It could have been worse…" Harry started, however his voice died off. As I hugged him closer he got encouraged and continued. "He could have been born a squib… or… or even dead." The last part was whispered in a voice so silent that if I did not expect the words I would not hear them. They however were no less hurting even at that volume.

"I should have been with you still… To prevent all that… To encourage you… To hold you when you cry over a shirt which you put on the wrong way… To make you smile over it… To help you to stand up when you have problems getting off the couch… To help you choose a name, not that I'm saying I don't like Cygnus… To massage your feet when they are getting swollen and hurt… I should have been there for all that…" I whispered into the crook of his neck where I buried my face, inhaling the scent I loved in deep breaths.

"Even massaging my feet, really?" Harry laughed softly. I almost forgot just how perfect his laughter sounds. It's been so long since I heard it the last time.

. . .

"Do you think that we can start over again?" I asked him as we returned to our son's room, not long after the last of portraits faded from the tapestry.

"What would become of Cygnus then?"

"What about Cygnus?"

"If we were to start all over again it would not include him, you know?" Harry whispered, not looking at me yet again.

"Oh, Harry I did not mean it like that…" I started immediately. I could not even imagine a world where Cygnus was not. "Should we just try to… continue from that night then?" I asked, caring less than little for the fact that I was destroying my perfect combing of my hair by my own hand which ran through them from the forehead until I gripped them at the back of the head.

"I'll see about that…" Harry whispered, then turned his attention on Cygnus again. The tension which has built up in him has however eased just a tiny bit.

I only hoped I was not raising my hopes too early.

. . .

It was only two days later that Harry actually admitted he wanted us to "continue" as he put it. And now we were together. Somehow. It seemed too good to be true. I've dreamed of actually getting together with Harry for longer than I could even remember and now…

As I was engrossed in my inner musing Cygnus woke up.

He must have found looking at me funny for he did not even beep for the first few minutes after waking up. He then broke the silence by a word I never actually expected for someone to say when concerning my person… after what happened with Harry.

"Daddy?" he whispered as to not wake Harry up. When I however did not respond to it immediately, too taken aback, his voice got a mournful tone.

"Is it not okay for me to call you that?" that did bring me back to reality.

"Of course it is…" I approved immediately as I came a little closer. "It by all means is."

"Really?" his face it up as if it was Yule already. At my nod I could see in his eyes that all that he wanted to do was jump on the bed… that however has been forbidden for the time being. The way he bounced on the bed even so was kind of cute actually.

My father used to say. "Merlin save us if a Malfoy ever utters the word cute."

I somehow can't quite agree with that.

What else could I describe the boy who I had before my eyes with?

(Harry's POV)

I knew that I did not make a mistake when inviting Draco into my and Cygnus' lives. And all the days which followed were proving me right.

The first thing Draco did when Cygnus was allowed to leave the hospital was organizing a belated Birthday party for him. And all that was crowned by a mountain of gifts which he claimed had a few for each of the years he was not able to give Cygnus one.

It was on that party and whenever else I saw the two of them together that I could imagine it was like that from the very beginning, that there was no time apart between us… yet…

After the talk in hospital we did not really get anywhere with Draco. And it seemed to get worse and worse by each day.

He spent most of his free time with Cygnus, which was not something I could really complain about, and then we talked a lot… however that was it.

Except for few kisses every now and then there was no physical contact between us and it was driving me insane. I wanted to touch him just so badly.

'Doesn't he feel it like that also? Am I wrong to interpret his intentions to "get together" like that? Or… Is he only doing this only so he'd get to Cygnus?' hearing myself doubt Draco like that I however quickly stopped that trail of thought. There was no way Draco would do that.

It however did not make the need for him diminish any less.

(Draco's POV)

I was driving myself insane.

I was pretty sure of it.

It was one thing to hold myself back, however I've overdone it and I was hurting Harry by it. I could see it, I'd have to be blind not to. Yet I did not know how to fix it, because once I held myself away from Harry I did not know how to get closer to him again without overdoing it the other way around.

And so I tried again. Starting from the talks. I had to get myself out of the dump I've thrown myself into with my own stupidity.

(Third Person's POV)

"How did your and most of Weasleys - know-it all included now - ways part?" Draco asked during one of the talks he had with Harry. The topic caught Harry quite off guard however he was not opposed to share the truth with Draco. He was all but sharing his soul with the man through the Soul Bond, he wanted to share his everything with Draco… and he could as well start from sharing his part of what was happening with him during the years they were forced by circumstances to spend apart.

"It was because of Cygnus… I even slipped out of my self-induced ignorance of the world for them and yet…" at Draco's curious look he only shook his head… "Some other time…" he then stood up and looked around, confusing Draco even more. The question he asked however more than explained what he was about to do.

"Do you have a Pensieve?"

. . .

"You wanted to speak to us?" Hermione Granger in the memory asked as soon as she appeared once the memory formed. Next to her stood a memory image of Ronald Weasley.

The memory was situated in the Lupin house where Harry had been staying at that time for it has been only the day before the day in the memory that Harry got to know about there even being some Potter Manor for him to inherit… and he was not settled there yet.

Harry sat on a couch in the living room and looked at his long-time friends. When he sent them a message he was not sure what he was going to say to them… and neither did he know when they were standing right before him.

"Yes I did…" Harry sighed as he rubbed his stomach subconsciously. He was almost five months along and his baby has been announcing its presence by moving around lately. He was announcing his presence. Madame Pomfrey told him it was a boy.

"Uhm… Harry?" Hermione asked, getting Harry's attention back on her. The girl did not miss the motion of Harry's hand… and was confused by it.

"Yeah mate why call us? It surely did not seem like invitation for a tea." Ron rambled, causing Hermione's analysing trail of thoughts to break momentarily. It however was not needed again. For Harry finally gathered his courage.

"I called you because I have important news to share with you." Harry started slowly standing up. The bulge of his stomach became clearly visible when he stood at his full height… which was not much.

At that two pairs of eyes widened and waited for explanation. There was however also a pair of silver-gray eyes which were observing the scene also. Only these eyes were not a part of the actual memory.

Draco was happy that at least like this he saw how Harry looked, rounded with their child beautifully. Somehow seeing Harry like that Draco could not help but want to see Harry in that beautiful state again. Before he could however further that thought he was brought back by memory-Harry's near-whisper.

"I'm pregnant."

The announcement has been a silent one, however in the silence of the room it might as well have been a shout.

Ron stared at him his mouth hanging agape. Hermione seemed shocked also, hers however was more of a "How could I not analyse it coming?" one. "That's great news Harry." the girl said, being the first one to get back on usual brain waves. "Who's the father?" she asked, then reconsidered. "The other father?"

"Now that's something I'd want to know…" Ron agreed looking at Harry. However Harry only sighed.

"I think we should go somewhere else for that conversation." he said and grabbed both his friends by their hands… and apparated.

. . .

The Potter manor was pretty bare of emotion still for there has not been time yet to add personal touch to it… It seemed as an abondoned place for most part… except for the room the three landed in. The nursery Harry took so much pride in decorating himself.

"Slytherin green?" Ron asked in disgust looking around the nursery "Is there something you're not telling us Harry?"

"My baby's father is a Slytherin." Harry admitted nonchalantly, not pleased with Ron's lack of politeness in his home.

"SLYTHERIN! Harry! How could you? The next thing you'll be saying is that the father is Malfoy himself!" Ron yelled, his cheeks getting the colour of his hair as his anger has risen.

"And what will you do if he is, Ron?" Harry asked, sounding way calmer than he has felt at that moment.

"Then I don't want to know you anymore!" Ron screamed, breathing heavily as he stared at Harry, waiting for Harry to deny the last part of what he said. However when that did not come his anger rose even more.

"You TRAITOR!" he screamed and then apparated away.

And Hermione who was silent up till then looked helplessly between the spot where Ron was up till then and Harry.

Right, left, right, left, right, left, right - sigh - left.

"I'm sorry Harry." she whispered, then made an attempt to smile. "Congratulations." …and once saying that she apparated away also.

. . .

"Hermione simply followed him in his beliefs in the end… one would think that years of hardships together would mean more to her… to both of them." Harry started explaining after they emerged from the memory. It still stung a little bit when he thought of his ex-friends, however it was long since the hurt he felt at first.

"Is that why you Obliviated them?"

Harry's head snapped to blonde in alarm.

"I'm not judging you for that Harry… I'd do something similar probably… I just wanted to know…"

"It was… I coud not stand them badmouthing my precious baby which has not even been born at that time… and you also… not to mention that Ron sent me an exploding letter which nearly caused me to miscarry about a week after that memory… I'd have killed him if I miscarried…" Harry gritted his teeth.

"I'd join for sure."

"I don't doubt that… It's just… I… I couldn't simply throw away everything we've done together… and so, instead of giving him to the Aurors, which I would have a full right to do, I simply made both of them forget… it's easier on both parties…" Harry finished his explanation.

"Both parties? Really?" Draco asked raising his eyebrow. He was quite sure that was not true.

"Okay, so maybe not, but I still think it's better like this…" Harry sighed.


"Ron would never be able to accept Cygnus because of the fact that you're his father… Even when he'd get over his initial anger. That is something I would never be able to get over if I was to keep them in my life somehow… As I said, it's better on both parties… I do believe so." Harry sighed as he sat on the nearest chair in his field of sight.

"I'm glad you showed me this." Draco admitted as he dragged another chair from a corner of the room to sit opposite to Harry, taking Harry's hands into his own.


"Because it makes me understand it better. Understand you better. You and everything that happened while I did not have a chance to keep my eyes on you." Draco said, sliding over Harry's knuckles with his longer slender fingers gently. "Not to mention you looked really beautiful like that." he added, kissing the hand he brought to his lips.

"Bullshit, I looked preposterous."

"My Harry? Preposterous? Never." Draco laughed as he leaned closer to Harry. "You're never anything less than gorgeous. Usually more though." he whispered, his breath ghosting over Harry's lips. "And pregnancy suited you." he smiled as he placed a gentle kiss on the pouty lips before him.

"You're saying nonsense." Harry blushed, his eyes averting a bit from the handsome face which was only mere inch or two away from his. The blonde in front of him however did not seem to plan letting him do that as he caught Harry's face in his palms, brushing Harry's cheekbones with feather-light touches.

"Harry." Draco said, placing another kiss on Harry's lips. "Look at me love."

At the word "love" Harry's gaze returned, the emerald-green eyes locking with the silver-gray ones.

"We can make this work." Draco whispered. "I'm sure we can. We will be a great family. With lots of love and lots and lots of happiness."

Harry could only laugh softly at the determination in the blonde's face and at the spectrum of emotions which played on the face some thought a mask.

Affection. Determination. Happiness. Hope. Love.

Who would Harry have to be to even think of to setting aside all that?

(Harry's POV)

Christmas, or Yule as which a Pureblood like Draco knew it, came only few days after Cygnus's belated birthday party. And it appeared they had the same rule as birthday about gifts on it. Thus it came to be that on the Christmas-slash-Yule morning Cygnus was greeted by a pile of gifts which did not leave a tiny space under the tree unoccupied.

"You really don't know when to stop, do you?" I had to stifle a laugh when I saw Cygnus jumping before the tree, as he took in the sheer amount of the gifts.

"I guess…" Draco admitted, shrugging his shoulders. It was not as if he wanted to give our son any less apparently.

"He'll become spoiled like this." I only sighed in exasperation as I sat down, looking at Cygnus who started to divide gifts which were for him and those for me and Draco into piles. Cygnus' pile was without doubt the biggest.

"Not really, you've raised him good." Draco smiled as Cygnus shook a gift next to his ear to try to guess what was inside. He however was soon again separating the remaining gifts into piles.

"Thank you…" I smiled back, feeling my cheeks redden a bit.

"I can't guarantee how he'll like most of the gifts though. I still don't know him that much." Draco saddened a bit.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you've chosen well. He did not complain about even one of your birthday gifts." I assured Draco. It was true. Most of the gifts from Draco I wouldn't have chosen better myself. And the rest I simply wouldn't have the imagination to choose.

"You'll have to tell me more. I ran out of ideas." he said in mock exhaustion, sagging into his chair dramatically. He really should have chosen acting as his occupation of choice or something.

"Well, you drama queen… What to tell you about him that you don't know still…" I said, thinking about what Draco knew already from the few days spent together.

"I think it's pretty obvious that he likes green the most." I started, pointing at the boy who sat on the carpet in his green pajamas with dragons tearing into the green-wrapped gifts first. Something I always found irresistibly cute and was reason I wrapped most of the gifts in green paper. Silver being the second choice. "I think we might have a small Slytherin on our hands." I grinned.

"I think I will live with that." Draco laughed as he opened one of his gifts also. It was a photo-album I put together from pictures of Cygnus I had, it being only about quarter-way done, so it could chronologically continue as he grew older.

The look on Draco's face was priceless. He looked so awed that it was sweet. I got the idea to do it after we were in my memories. Draco seemed sad over it, and it was later that evening that I realized what was it that he was sad about. Like this he had at least a picture of what it was like, the fact that wizarding photos move helping also.

Once Draco went through the album he returned to one page and looked at it with a sad smile. When I went closer I was not surprised to find out which picture it was. A picture of me and Cygnus, the day he was born. A picture Remy took after an agonizing twelve-hour long labour and I wanted to kill him for a moment after it was taken, only then realising the click sound of a camera. Looking at it however I couldn't have been more grateful at that moment.

"What is it?" Cygnus asked as he noticed that we were not paying much attention to the gifts at the moment aside from the one Draco held. "Is that me?" the curiosity in his voice was loveable.

"Yes." I said smiling, tracing the cheek of the baby I was holding on the photo, smiling, holding it a bit tighter to me every now and then. Even as exhausted as I was back then I was happy. I only prayed Draco could have been there.

'Maybe sometime later?' my own thoughts surprised me and caused me to blush. It thankfully enough was not noticed as Draco still held the album and he and Cygnus looked at it.

"How about we return to the gifts?" I suggested, seeing how both of the blondes got lost in the pages of the album.

"Yes!" Cygnus squealed, his interest in album fading for that moment. Draco however held it closer to him, as he turned to me.

"Thank you."

As I leaned closer and placed a kiss on his mouth I knew I couldn't have chosen better.

"You're welcome."

(Third Person's POV)

It was later that day that the matter of Cygnus' likes and dislikes appeared again.

"I think he'd have aptitude for potions. If he thinks it anything like cooking, that is. I let him help sometimes…" Harry said as he prepared lunch, Draco sitting at the kitchen table, speaking to him.

"You make him cook?" Draco asked shocked.

"Don't even go there Draco, there is a wast difference between make someone cook and let someone cook. By letting him cook, allowing him to help me I certainly don't overstep something. Not to mention that I don't make him cook all of the meals, burn his hands when he makes something wrong or not let him eat what he himself made!" Harry ranted his voice increasing on volume with every word, his eyes getting on the coldness of steel.

It was sometime around "burn" that Draco got up from his seat and came to wrap his arms around Harry's shivering form.

"I'm sorry you even thought I insinuated something like that. You had it rough, didn't you?" he whispered, his voice having a calming effect on Harry. It however also made him think of all the fears which he had in the time he spent alone.

"I'm sorry it's just… I… I was so scared that I'd end up like them when caring for him… I did not really have anyone to learn that from. I'm so glad Remy was there for us." Harry sniffled as he finished the lunch. It however was not yet to be eaten as Draco turned Harry around to look him in the eye.

"Shush…" Draco whispered as he held Harry's face in his hands, kissing the droplets of tears away. "You've done a great job. There's no way you'd be like that, you're too sweet for that."

Such a gentle ministration of love however only made Harry cry harder.

"I love you…" he cried as Draco rested his forehead against his.

When an answer did not come immediately he was about to retreat, however the blonde did not let his emerald-eyed lover do that and held his face in his palms still.

"I know…" he whispered as he leaned down to kiss Harry yet again. "I love you too…"

Harry looked wide-eyed at Draco for a moment then started crying even harder. It took Draco some time to calm his distressed lover, especially as he did not know what brought the last wave of tears to existence.

"I… I…" Harry started stuttering out, wanting full well to ease the worry in Draco's eyes. It however was a feat easier said then accomplished. "I've waited so long to hear that." he whispered in the end.

As Draco looked into the glassy emeralds he could not help but think of Harry's confession of that fateful night… and feel remorse.

. . .

It was such a beautiful feeling that Harry started crying. As the tears escaped his eyes however they were soon kissed away in a gentle manner by the blonde.

"I love you…" Harry whispered in between the tears, not able to contain his "secret" given the sheer emotions roaming through his body.

As a response Draco smiled, albeit the shock was seen a bit through the expression. He however then continued in loving Harry thoroughly…

. . .

Draco thought of his own young stupid self. Why did he think it a good idea to say his own part of that confession later? If he did not, they may have been together the whole time.

. . .

'Might as well bring some breakfast here…' Draco thought to himself as he emerged from the bathroom, all refreshed and once pulling clothes on also ready to go outside.

Looking at Harry and the way he breathed, a stable pattern, he expected him not to wake up for at least half an hour. Not being sure if that was true however he left a note on the bed-side table, informing Harry to be coming back in a while and for him not to leave the room if possible.

Then, with a soft kiss on those pouty, sweet, delicious lips, muttering a soft "Love you, too…" in a response to the confession he got just few hours earlier, he left, already planning to say the same words to the conscious Harry also, once he returns with the breakfast.

. . .

"I'm sorry…" the blonde said as he placed yet another of kisses on Harry's eye-lids. "I'm sorry for making you wait for so long."

As Harry looked into Draco's eyes he knew that the blonde meant just that, and he knew that somehow he could not have wished for any gift better than the love he saw in those silver-gray eyes.

"You're forgiven…" he whispered as he pressed his lips to Draco's in a quick motion. "Just… don't leave, will you?"


After the Christmas the New Years' came, and after them the Valentine's day came.

It was not a day Harry has ever celebrated before, for he never had anyone to do so with… Not to mention that at school he had to spend most of the day hidden, hoping to escape the income of love potions and spells the amount of which increased yearly at the day dedicated to love.

The year Harry was to turn twenty-five however was different. And Harry - though nervous about that decision of his - knew exactly just how did he want to spend that day.

He and Draco had not gotten past kissing after the Christmas anyway, for they wanted to make Cygnus feel the warmth of family now that they could, especially after they passed the lasting stage of awkwardness that day.

The improvement was that they slept in one bed, deciding so once they moved together. However they usually were so exhausted from the day that except for some touches and cuddling together in sleep they did not get very far before falling asleep.

And Harry wanted to change that.

He knew Draco was holding back for his sake in that matter however Harry felt more than ready to move their relationship to that level… He wanted to feel Draco like that again… Especially knowing that he won't wake to an empty bed once he does allow it to happen.

And so he made a few preparations.

(Draco's POV)

I was surprised when I came home and saw no Cygnus around. He usually was the first one to appear as soon as I opened the door.

For one second I was overrun with fear that something has happened gain, however I was soon soothed by a gentle wave of calmness which came from Harry who has just appeared.

"He's with Moony and company." he smiled, knowing full-well what I've been worrying about.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, a bit confused. It was not like Harry to send Cygnus away when we had chance to spend some time together like this. Especially after Harry and Cygnus moved to Malfoy manor with me, something I was infinitely thankful for. It felt so empty here before the two of them came. And I knew I would have problems parting with the place I spent my whole life in, despite all the bad memories tied to it. His decision to let the Lupin family use the Potter Manor I could however only encourage.

"Just a surprise I prepared." he smiled mysteriously, though I could feel an underlying nervousness in his mind. "Now would you care to join me for lunch?"

"You cooked for me?" I asked immediately. I've never tasted anything better than Harry's cooking, every single dish was a fairytale of its own.

"Of course, you doubted that even for a second?" he laughed as he took my coat from me and sent it away with a flick of hand.

"Just asking. One always likes to know if their dish is cooked by someone as pleasant to look at." I smiled back at him, his cheeks colouring with a sweet shade of pink.

"Flattery…" he only mumbled as he took the arm I offered to him, taking a part of a couple on an outing for dinner. Only it was inside.

"I'm only saying truth." I said as I was led by Harry to one of the smaller rooms, where a dinner was waiting, looking like something made by professionals.

"If you think so."

As we ate the dessert I could feel Harry's nervousness increase for some reason. I however knew that I'll get to know the reason for it anyway and so I stayed silent.

Once the dishes disappeared to be washed Harry stood up, taking me by hand.

"Come with me." he said in a near-whisper.

"There's more to this?" I asked, feeling the slight shaking of Harry's hands.

"The main course of the day." Harry said only as he smiled, albeit nervously.

I decided not to question that and let myself be led by him. I was increasing on questions as I recognized the route as the one to the room we shared. I did not know what I was expecting, however what I saw when Harry opened the door has exceeded any and all images I could have made of it.

(Third Person's POV)

Needless to say Draco was quite taken aback with the candle-lit room which has been cleaned to be without a speck… that and he noticed the tube which he could guess was lube of sorts lying innocently on the bed-side table.

"You sure you don't want to wait a bit longer?" Draco asked hesitantly. Harry however shook his head only.

"I've waited so long already." Harry whispered, small droplets of tears rushing down his cheeks. It did not matter to him how pathetic - he would say - he must have looked like at that moment, even if any other time he would have cursed his hormonal imbalance which was caused by the pregnancy loudly… At that moment he however felt content enough for him not to concern himself with the tears. Whenever he was with Draco he felt almost complete. And he wanted to bring that contentment to its fullest.

"I want you Draco, all of you… It's been so long already." Harry smiled gently leaning up to kiss the blonde who held his heart. Draco smiled against Harry's lips before he wrapped his arms around younger half of his soul. And soon enough as he kissed Harry into a dream-like state he guided the two of them to their bed, both of them losing their clothing along the way, placing Harry on the blankets gently on the end of the clothes trail.

"You sure you want this?" Draco asked as he leant over Harry's body, panting as his body tried to balance the lack of oxygen from their make-out session. Not that Harry's breathing was any less ragged.

"I'm not going to regret this…" Harry said as he pulled Draco towards him. "I'm more than ready to re-live that part of our bonding." at that Draco smiled and kissed Harry long and sweet. His hands were however going their wicked way down Harry's body, tracing every and each curve Harry's body had, later placing feather-light kisses on his skin every now and then. Sooner than he would think he had Harry writhing underneath him gasping for the much-needed air. With every kiss, touch or a bite Harry only wanted more, needed more and so the only sounds in the room were Harry's moans of delight and pleasure and Draco's low hums of approval.

When Draco started preparing Harry with the lube provided the black-haired boy gasped loudly. It truly has been long since he felt something like that the last time. As Draco eased Harry's discomfort with his kisses he did so again and again, until Harry was not thinking of the finger which was invading his body. He then tensed when second finger joined the first, but still he concentrated on the passionate kisses which gave him an approved distraction. As Draco stretched Harry with his two fingers, scissoring them inside Harry's body he started to trace gentle bites down Harry's neck, something of which Harry approved with a drawn out moan. Soon a third finger had been added and after ridding Harry of discomfort that has caused Draco removed his fingers to which Harry let out a sound of disapproval. Draco however only chuckled heartily at that and added lubrication to his hand before slickening up his own shaft. He then lined himself up and slowly started pushing into Harry's readied entrance. Harry gasped as Draco pushed himself through the ring of the tight muscles which had not been stretched so far for so, so long and slipped fully into the tight heat of Harry's body.

"Harry…" Draco only groaned as he held himself completely still to allow Harry to adjust to him. Even though Harry felt slight pain from the penetration it was in his mind pushed aside to give way for somehow possessive, full-filling feeling of finally having Draco inside him again. He wrapped his arms and legs around Draco's neck and waist, clenching his muscles tentatively for which he got a groan of a complete approval from Draco and soon also a deep thrust into Harry's body causing them both to gasp at the feeling it provided.

Draco seemed in no rush as he set up a slow, steady rhythm, it driving Harry into the complete depths of pleasure, his sweet spot brushed by those motions on purpose. The slow, loving torture continued, bodies getting sweatier, the pants, the moans and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh which were filling the room getting louder, the temperature rising… and the blonde found himself thrusting harder, faster and more desperately at the noises Harry made, feeling himself nearing the edge more and more at each of them. As Draco hit Harry's prostate dead-on the emerald-eyed mess of feelings called Harry threw his head back as his voice came out in a needy wail, the short nails digging half-moons into Draco's flesh. Draco then thrust against that spot, enjoying the gasping pleas for more which came from Harry at each of them. As he started thrusting deeper, Harry's body easily matched the set pattern as they started moving together desperately and hungrily, their lips meeting in passionate kisses. It did not take much more time after that and Draco soon felt Harry's muscles tighten around him, Harry throwing his head back as he screamed Draco's name his orgasm washing over him in a curtain of white light. And it took Draco only the feeling of Harry's walls tightening around him, Harry's voice filled with need and love and he soon reached his orgasm as well. His hips moved shallowly as he emptied himself into Harry before collapsing on top of him.

They then both lay trying to steady their breaths, clinging tightly to each other, sweaty bodies cooling down as the sweet post-coital bliss was enveloping them. When they finally caught their breaths Draco rolled away from Harry and pulled him into his side. They lay silently just absorbing the warmth from each other's bodies and enjoying the sweet afterglow, Harry shifting his position only so he could lay his head on Draco's chest and listen to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

Like that they lay for a while, in silence, just looking at the flickering flames of candles around the room.

"We might have just made a sibling for Cygnus, you know?" Harry whispered. He was more than pleased that he did not feel any increase in the speed of heartbeat he listened to when he said that.

"Would that be so bad?" Draco asked as he rubbed his fingers up and down Harry's spine.

"I would like it." Harry mumbled. "I think he would not mind getting a brother or sister… What about you?" Harry asked, uncertain a bit.

"Well… I think I could see this place livening up with a few more hyperactive imps. It would make father roll in his grave for sure." Draco laughed, the sound resounding in his chest. How Harry loved that sound.

"Then I guess it's fine." Harry whispered as he cuddled into Draco's warm flesh. He however soon found himself turned around and facing a blonde who was looking at him with a suggestive smile spread across his lips.

"It's not fine, my dearest." he said as he leaned closer to place a kiss on Harry's lips.

"Why?" Harry asked, confused. Draco did not sound angry or anything to him, nor did he feel any negative emotion underlying in Draco's mind. Or was he wrong? He after all only understood how that worked recently.

"It's better then fine." Draco said as he bit Harry's ear softly before whispering into it. "It means we can continue this for the sake of simply it."

"Draco!" Harry blushed, thinking of some way to protest. Whatever he might have wanted to say however has been cut off by yet another of Draco's kisses.

"No complaints Harry, love." he said, nuzzling the crook of Harry's neck, then biting down on the collar-bone gently. "We both know you want it anyway."

Harry could not help but laugh softly at that, because even if there was some childishness in the statement it was an undeniable proof that Draco had him read through and through.

"No more complaints?" Draco asked smiling as he kissed a trail from Harry's ear to his collar-bone. When he received a shake of head from his smiling partner he could only smile also.

"Great," he said. "because we still have some baby-making to do… just in case." he said as his hands parted Harry's legs, caressing the sensitive inner-thighs teasingly. He was more than enjoying the sweet moans he was drawing out of Harry when he did that.

"Yes…" Harry could only breath out as he was soon invaded sweetly yet again. "More…"

"As you wish, my love…"

(Harry's POV)

Had anyone told me I wouldn't have believed… that our story is one of those to have a happy ending.

(Third Person's POV)


12 years later

"Mum, we're going to be late like this…" Cygnus Malfoy sighed as he watched his mother waddle down the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. He chose to travel in train with his to-be-First-Year brother to get to Hogwarts for his first year of apprenticing under Filius Flitwick in Charms. The fact that he could miss it the mother he addressed however was not really keen on thinking about and only roasted Cygnus with his stare.

"You be good Cygnus Draconis or I'll be sure to tell whatever wife or husband you get for yourself to make you drink some sympathy potion when she or he is pregnant… or something." Harry said his eyes narrowing as one Draco Malfoy came to the rescue of his son who has grown to be almost a spitting image of him in his younger years, just as Harry always said he would.

"Harry, dearest, let's not make him a married man yet, okay? You'll cry on his wedding anyway." Draco said as he hugged his husband, resting his hands on the protruding belly which was hindering the said husband's movements so.

"Mummy, is Cygni getting married?" a child by Harry's side asked wide-eyed.

"No Ankaa, sweetheart, he is not getting married, yet…" Harry responded smiling at the seven-year-old girl who almost looked like a smaller, female version of himself, except for her higher cheekbones and her eyes being a lighter shade of green, which had to be hidden behind glasses partly for she inherited Harry's bad eye-sight. Even as small as she was however, she had a fiery temper at times. Just like the phoenix of which "Ankaa" was the brightest star.

"What will I do when he does?" Harry panicked, another of pregnancy-induced hormonal outbursts hitting him.

"We'll be there for him of course." Draco laughed, burying his nose in the crook of Harry's neck. "Now let's see Corvi out, okay?"

"Finally someone remembered I'm here." an eleven-year-old boy pouted. His dark colouring was doing pride to his name. [Corvus = crow] Corvus had his mother's black hair and a slight tan from summer. However looking at his sharply carved facial structure and the light silver-gray eyes he inherited from his father there was no denying the boy was indeed a Malfoy.

"Corvus my baby. You're leaving me also?" Harry cried as he hugged his son, who only sighed, patting his mother's back. He could only imagine what Harry will do next year when his younger friend Jamie Lupin will be leaving also.

"Don't worry mum, I'll be back on Yule. You have Ankaa and Sirius with Severus to look after." he said, it easing his mother's hysteria… a bit.

"I still think their namesakes curse us from afterlife for this." Draco chuckled, as he looked down at the little twin boys of which one was attached to his robes with one hand, the other hand holding the other twin's hand.

"They do look like them though." Harry said his lips curling into a pout. Draco could not deny that. The black-haired Severus with Malfoy-sharp features and Sirius with Harry's rounder features and for whom the gene-mix resulted in brown hair indeed resembled their namesakes and the parent's respective godfathers quite a bit. At least they had the very opposite relationship as the two did.

"We have to go!" Cygnus reminded pointing at the clock where the big hand has just overlapped its smaller counterpart, making it about six to eleven.

"But… but… two of my babies are leaving me now!" Harry wailed. Draco was suddenly reconsidering whether taking a nearly seven months along, hormonal Harry here was a good idea.

"Don't worry we'll see them soon." Draco said, making soothing circles on Harry's bulging stomach. "And Cygnus can and will visit us often, right?" Draco sent a look which said "don't you dare disagree" so clearly that no one would be able to disobey.

"Of course I will." he smiled, the corner of his mouth twitching under the intense stare of his father. "And if Headmaster allows it, I might even bring Corvi here with me sometimes… and especially when our little bro comes, right?"

"Yes!" Corvus exclaimed, jumping up and down, for it meant that he would see his parents sooner than in December… and the latest addition to their already-big family also.

"We really have to go though, you know?" Cygnus said, sadness over the temporary parting finally getting to him also as he came closer and hugged his shorter mother as tight as he could without hurting him and his tiny brother. "I'll miss you." he whispered, remembering times when it was just two of them. He however would not change the family he now had for anything. Not even if he had chance to not go through the pain which all but got his parents together and which still haunted him in dreams sometimes. On the surface only few scars remained.

"I'm going to miss you too, Swan." Harry sniffled, then turned to Corvus, hugging him for dear life. "And you too, baby Crow."

"See you later." the boy smiled as he and his brother boarded the train - where their father stuffed their baggage sometime during the gentle smothering of their mother - after they both gave a hug to their father also.

"Be good." Harry sniffled.

"Of course." they chorused together as the train started moving.

"And write home!"

"Sure thing!" they laughed and waved for the last time before disappearing into the train.

"And when will they come back?" Ankaa asked innocently as she waved until the train was not visible.

"Soon." Draco smiled, seeing that the twins who until then were also waving were now glued to him, again.

"Harry? Can we go now?" Draco asked his husband who was looking in the direction of where the Hogwarts Express has just disappeared in, his left hand placed on his belly and the right one tracing the wedding band on it. The same band which now circled the emerald swirling line of the Soul Bond on the Malfoy family tapestry. For more than eleven years already. Draco has asked Harry to marry him soon after Corvus was conceived, and they married less than a month after.

"Yes." Harry smiled as Draco placed his arm around his waist to pull him a little closer. He then took hand of the small Ankaa who smiled at him brightly.

"When I go to Hogwarts will little bro be here to see me off also?" she asked, placing her free hand on Harry's belly as they slowly walked to exit.

"Of course he will." Harry laughed, patting his belly.

"Scorpius will for sure come to see you off." Draco agreed, and then looked around to look at the twins who looked at him with big adoring eyes. "And these two imps also." he laughed.

"Sevy no imp." little brown-headed child pouted.

"Siri no imp too." the black-haired added.

That caused the two adults to laugh. They always found it adorable how the twins defended the other one first.

And like that the two stayed, forming a friendship no one would ever be able to break. Them being like the very opposite of the two dead men of the same names.

Ankaa truly was seen off by her by little brother once her time to attend Hogwarts came. Ankaa even was the first to be sorted to Ravenclaw, her brothers being Slytherins, and her parents couldn't be prouder of her. And Harry did cry when she left, as he always did with all his children he saw off be it before or after that…

Harry and Draco loved each other still, as they did the day they said their vows to each other, and even long, long before that. This love only increased on intensity with years and they remained the image of happy marriage for all of their children already born and those down the line to come.

Everyone was happy.

All was well.*

... The End ...

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