Okay people. This story is gonna be pretty unoriginal, yet at the same time original...Reason for my very smart statement? This will have many things that many people have used before. So let me just clear this up.

1. Naruto will be strong. And I don't mean jounin level right out of the academy. He may be high level genin but not much else. He will be using Henge jutsu A LOT(3).

2. Naruto will be smart. Not Nara level, but between a level like Sasuke-Sakura. In this story, he is taught by Hiruzen how to read before he entered the academy. Which if standard procedure follows, was 2 years before others...which means like 4...(which makes no sense...)

3. He will be abusing the fuck out of Shadow clones and Henge. I believe that contrary to what some believe, the Henge is not supposed to be SOLID! So I believe that Naruto's use of it, is because of his highly dense chakra from the Kyuubi. And he will be messing with that technique for so long, he will undoubtedly get a nickname for it.

4. Bloodline. Naruto will probably be getting a Doujutsu. And this is not very original, I know. But I can't stop the simple fact that Bloodlines are awesome, and Naruto deserves one. As for how he gets one? Well, I have seen a theory on bloodlines throughout fan fictions that make a lot of sense...The one I will be using I do not know the original owner...So I am sorry that I can not give the credit to him/her...But you can know that the theory is NOT mine.

5. Bashing. Will I be bashing anyone in particular? Sakura. If you are a Sakura fan, unless you can honestly read a story regardless of how your favorite characters turn out(a thing that few can do...not me i cant!), L.E.A.V.E. You will not like this. Also, there will be slight Hiruzen bashing at some point, but that's just because I don't like how Naruto's childhood is...He will be forgiven at some point.

6. Sasuke...Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke...I'm having trouble determining him as a good guy or a bad guy...I mean the only reason that he's so fucked up in canon is because he was practically mind raped twice by Tsukuyomi. And I gotta admit, he's a bad ass bad guy. Not many people have the balls to attack the 5 Kages and live to tell the tale. Meh, I'll decide later on.

7. Relationships? NaruHina main pairing. If I do any other pairings it will be subtle or just as obvious...Nothing in between.

8. Hinata. She will be her usual shy/soft spoken self. Her stuttering will kill my hands, but I'll be putting in her deserved screen time. She will have major talent as a Genjutsu and Taijutsu specialist and above average in Medical jutsu and Ninjutsu. Note that this will take some time, since she has small reserves, yet perfect Hyuga control. Naruto will also probably fuck up the Kumo Kidnapping Incident.

9. Language...I will be brutally honest here...I will switch between Japanese-English translations to normal English so much, you'll get a headache. Although, that's only if your really paying attention to annoy yourself.

10. Kiba...Should he be a prick that likes Hinata? Or just an average guy? You know what? I will honestly flip a coin on this one...Brb...Prick it is.

11. Humor. Oh I will try SOOO hard to make people laugh it won't even be funny...I wonder if the pun was intended...Anyway, since I worship the Holy Log, expect numerous appearances from that almighty piece of termite-proof material. :D

12. My updating speed?...Between this and my Bleach fic, I will try a chapter of each one each month. Possibly more. I apparently do not have as much free time as I first thought...

13. Will Naruto still be loud and annoying sometimes? That's like asking is the sky above us :3

14. Naruto's Nindo to never go back on his words?...Is going to be blown into nonexistence. A ninja is a master of deception. Your SUPPOSED to lie. I honestly think that Kishimoto was trying to go for fucking hypocrite when he made Naruto...Well, it makes sense. Apparently, his clothing was based off of something Kishi used to wear...I'm kinda scared of what you base an Orange Jumpsuit off of.

15. Hiashi and Hanabi. From what I have seen, Hanabi is pretty soft-spoken. I don't know why fan fics have her as an arrogant ass like the rest of the Hyuuga clan. Hiashi, will be a mourning father. His wife died, and now he will be Byakuya "Fucking" Kuchiki. He didn't mean to make Hinata so scared of everything and doubt herself so often. But he's to closed off to notice that it is his own fault. Will that change? Of course!

16. Wow this is very fucking long...Anyway, yes the civilian council thing is old...But I'm using it. It's fucking genius, and can be used for humor as well. Same with the Hyuuga council.

17. I'm surprised...I didn't think I would make anymore of these than 9... ANYWAY! This of course will be posting a lot of stuff about Naruto's past and not many flashbacks hopefully.

That is all I really have right now, and I will be making the first chapter this week. I can not today, because I have a meeting to get to in less than 20 minutes ...

Anyway, Please review on what you think. Your opinion CAN change things and probably will.

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