People of fan fiction... My readers. I have good news and bad news. First off, I am NOT abandoning any stories. So you can relax with that. However, the bad news is that my update speed is no longer... expected.

My update speed will be random and unpredictable from this point on for two reasons.

Reason Numero Uno, being that my life is busy. I'm hanging out with my surrogate family a lot more lately because we're getting bored of this town. I wish to play some video games or online games as well. Combine that with the unnecessary effort I put in other activities and I can only save a bit of time with this site. However, when I do write, I normally write over 5000 words per session. Which is rather large compared to what I have seen. So my stories will still be active and hopefully updated often. However, I can no longer promise each story to be updated within a month. I can promise that I plan for SAO:GOTH to have a new chapter this month, but not Naruto:NSMN or Avalon Squad.

Reason two is a more personal reason. Plot bunnies have taken over this hosts brain. We, the plot bunny union, demand that our ideas be used! NOW! *shakes Lann's head before temporarily losing control*... Ouch... Anyway, as you can see I have a bad case of plot bunnies. I took too little of the medicine(Slipping in their ideas) and now they are resistant. So I am going to make... *pauses for suspense* ...MORE stories for people to complain about! I very much doubt I could handle more stories with an expected update time. To be honest, I am dying to use the ideas I am having right now. Lex is also excited in reading and Beta-ing my new works. If you want some ideas of what I am going to do first, check my challenges on my profile.

First things you all can expect, is a Pokemon and Persona 4 story. I am most likely going to be using my Darkened Leaves, Don't Be Afraid challenge and my Against All Odds challenge. These ideas are the main factions of the plot bunny tribes within my brain. Damn bastards... They no leave! And they're smart, so they don't go near my heart. They know if they do that, they will burn! Only Lex can mess with that organ!

And now as a recap of what is happening.

Bad news: You guys don't get a definite update speed.

Good news: You guys get more stories to read if you like the stories I make.

And also on another note. I have noticed that I go into stories believing that everyone knows what I am talking about. This is a terrible mistake. I must make the story far more realistic. Sure, this is a fan fiction, but quality fan fictions show so much detail that someone who hasn't even seen the anime can understand and love the story. In response, I hope you people enjoy my latest stories.

This is the Silver Flare, Lann Majra, signing off.