Chapter 1 Autumn
August 27
th 1963.
My head was still spinning; I had performed the last dance of the season with Johnny Castle! My summer love. And I hope the rest of my life love. I am only seventeen and as people may think foolish but I am in love for sure. Johnny kissed me one last time but then the song ended. Our song.
"I have to go, Baby. I'll see you next year I suppose." He smiled sadly.
"No." I replied. He looked at me confused.
"Don't you want to see me again?" He asked hugging me tight.
"I do. But you're coming back with me. We have a spare room. I'll ask Dad." I planned.
OF COURSE! It would be perfect! Me and Johnny living together? Then when I'm 18 in October I could get a place of my own with him! I could go to performing arts college with him! I know he's twenty two and a bit old for college but oh well!
He kissed me again; it was amazing, sweet, and intense with pure passion. 1963 was officially the best summer ever!
I ran over to Mum and Dad who were dancing to the next song, an old war time song.
"Daddy, can Johnny come to live with us? In the spare room? Please, he's homeless." I pleaded.
Dad exchanged looks with Mum.
"I suppose, but no funny business and only till he find's a place." He smiled a little.
"Dad, you are truly far out!" I squealed happily.
Then Me and Johnny went to my room and had a wonderful night together our very last at Catskill Mountains.