Chapter 46 Twenty

2nd October 1965
I was sure I was asleep. I must be, I was 99.9% sure of this because I was sat on my old bed in my old house that I lived in with my parents and Lisa a couple years ago. I got out the bed and heard talking downstairs. I went down and saw my parents and Lisa and Johnny at the table. My Dad alive, my Mum was normal and Lisa was a normal teenager and not a mother and Johnny wasn't my husband.
"Happy Birthday! You're 18!" My Mum hugged me.
It was 2 years ago. Before life went crazy.
I woke up and looked around the room.
"Happy Birthday!" Joe, Tia and Benny were sat on the end of my bed smiling and holding breakfast and Johnny was feeding Lily.
"Oh my god, I'm not a teenager anymore" I said still shocked from my dream.
"You never really have been have you Baby?" Johnny laughed and put Lily back in the cot.
I smiled and took the breakfast tray out of Joe's hands.

We were having a party at Kellermans after taking a 2 hour car journey to get here. I was having a great time with everyone all together again and Arianna had come down from university to visit.
Lisa walked in; you could see her tiny bump because she was 3 and half months pregnant now. Dan walked in followed by a tiny Jayne toddling behind at half a mile per hour. She was only a year and 4 months old and she was awfully smart.

I gasped I hadn't spoken to Lisa since the argument.
"Baby I know we're not civil but I got you a present and I'm sorry. I am. I understand that I was selfish and completely stupid for what I did. But I've been going to therapy and I can't not see you on your birthday" Lisa handed me a present.
"Lisa I forgive you!" I hugged her and I finally felt like everything was okay and I could move on with my life.