0Hello all you fellow readers! This is my second Fan Fiction story. I'm a multitasked person so; I'm currently working on two stories! Yea, well this one is about, Jim Henson's; The Labyrinth. It takes place months after Sarah 'defeated' the Goblin King, or so she thought. Jareth comes see her every morning as an owl, but she doesn't get a clue until strange things were happening. Jareth can't take it any longer and decides he will bring Sarah back to the Labyrinth for good. Will things turn out to be the way Jareth always wanted them to be? Or will Sarah hate him forever? So read on, it's fun to write, but not as fun as it is to read! I DO NOT OWN THE LABYRINTH, IT'S JUST A MOVIE MADE BY THE AWESOME JIM HENSON. PLEASE REVIEW ALSO! Enjoy!

Sarah's P.O.V

Every morning, since the day Sarah had defeated Jareth, the Goblin King, she'd find a rose lying next to her pillow. She knew it wasn't from her dad because he wasn't that kind of person, and her stepmother didn't have time to pick out roses. She came up with the idea that Jareth coming in her room every morning and placing that rose beside her.

No…that's not possible. I remembered telling him, "You have no power over me." Wouldn't that mean it's over? It has to be…*yawn* I should be getting up and get Toby ready to visit Grandmother. Now I have to be taking care of him more because stepmom and dad are working countries away from us.

Sarah stood up and gently stretched her arms. She saw the rose lying beside her pillow, and like every morning, she threw it away. Once she got dressed, she went to the mirror to brush her hair. Out of nowhere, Jareth's reflection appeared on the mirror. Sarah quickly turned around but saw nothing.

"JARETH! Are you there? Ugh! What am I saying? He is not coming back. He can't anyways…"

I must be going crazy! I was sure Jareth's reflection was clearly on the mirror…

Sarah shook her head to deny what she had just seen. She went to Toby who was already standing in his crib.

"Good morning Toby! It's a brand new day! Ready to go visit Grandmother?"

She was about to pick him up, when Toby cheerfully pointed behind her and shouted out Jareth's name.

"Jareth! Jareth!" Toby said cheerfully.

Sarah looked behind her but saw nothing.

This is strange…Toby saw him; I need to take extra care of him. If Jareth came back, he would want to take away Toby again.

Jareth's P.O.V

Outside Sarah's room, a white owl flew away.

Sarah…I do not care if you don't want me to be with you. I am going to always be by your side. Have I not pronounced my eternal love to you? I'll be back my dear, with a single rose that represents only a fragment of my love.

Jareth returned to his kingdom, and to his normal Goblin King self; except he had a sad face expression. He sat on his throne and quietly sang 'Within You'; the last song he had sung to Sarah. As he sang, his voice would sound sad, then angry at the same time.

"How you turned my world, you precious thing…

You starve and near exhaust me!

Everything I've done…I've done for you…

I move the stars for no one…

You've run so long!

You've run so far!

Your eyes can be so cruel…

Just as I can be so cruel!

Though I do believe in you…

Yes I do…

Live without the sunlight,

Love without your heartbeat…

I…I…Can't, live within you…"

Jareth couldn't stop thinking about his dear Sarah. Hoggle, (now Jareth's assistant) came in still frightened that Jareth could throw him to the bog of eternal stench.

"G-g-good afternoon y-y-your majesty…" Hoggle said in a trembling voice. "D-did Sarah accept your rose this time?"

Jareth glared at him. "No! She threw it in the garbage as if it were, Garbage!" Jareth stood up with his arms crossed.

"Y-Your majesty, I think you should give her some more time." Hoggle said panicky.

"TIME? I've given her months! Almost a year!" Jareth yelled in agony, then he smirked and started to speak smoothly. "Today though…she got the idea that it was I who would give her a rose. I appeared behind her as she brushed her smooth hair, and I also appeared when she went to pick up the baby. Heh…he even pointed me out so she can't possibly deny that I wasn't there." The king danced around in joy, while Hoggle looked up and gave a frightened smile. Jareth sat down and ordered Hoggle to leave; then he got a magical crystal and observed Sarah feeding Toby.

Sarah's P.O.V

As Toby and Sarah were finishing their breakfast, Sarah had the feeling of being watched.

There's that feeling again. What if…just maybe…Jareth is…No! It's all just my imagination. Anyways, I promised myself that I would forget about The Labyrinth…and Jareth as well.

Sarah began cleaning things up, and as soon as she finished, Toby had disappeared. She began to get worried and started to look around the house.

"Toby! Where are you?" Sarah yelled in distress. "Oh Toby! Where can you possibly be? Maybe…Jareth really did come and took him away while I wasn't looking! But…he can't come back…it's over…isn't it?"

Sarah started to deny the thought of Jareth coming back. She continued looking more carefully.

Jareth's P.O.V

Jareth sat on his throne laughing at Sarah who couldn't find Toby.

Hahaha! My dear Sarah! I don't want the baby, I really never did, I want you. That baby was just to get you to come into my Labyrinth, he was bait.

Outside the throne room, Hoggle could hear Jareth laughing. He just shook his head and went into the cooking area were all the goblins were.

Jareth put away the magic crystal and transported into his chambers.

"Sarah, How I wish you could come and be right beside me for eternity…" Jareth said romantically, then he decided to go for a visit.

That's all for this chapter, I'm sorry if it's a bit short but most first chapters are short. On the next chapter, Jareth is going to visit Sarah and offer her something special. Thank you for reading this Fan Fic! I DO NOT OWN THE LABYRINTH, oh and please REVIEW!