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Chapter One: Roomies

"Olivia...? Hello? Are you alive?" "Huh? Oh, uh... yeah, Cara, I'm alive... I was just thinking about all of the famous people we'll be able to meet in California once we get there... Singers, actors, comedians... we might even meet YOUTUBE stars, like we've been watching all these years!" My best friend, Cara, put her hands on her hips the best she could inside of the tiny car we were in, and said back, "Oh, really? Like WHO?" I began to think of all our favorite YouTubers who lived in California.

"NicePeter? SMOSH? Not to mention our favorite, TOBUSCUS!" Cara nodded and said, "Good point, Ollie, but it's not like there are millions of Tobuscuses crawling the streets." I made a face at her and replied, "Duh. Like I didn't know that." She rolled her eyes and replied, "Don't need to be a smart aleck, Ollie."

Our driver, Cara's mom, stayed silent throughout the trip. Whenever we asked her how she was doing, she always said, "I can't believe my baby girl is growing up!" and burst into tears. "God, mom... I'm 22 years old! I can handle myself." Cara replied every single time.

When we pulled up to the building, we noticed two people outside. Olga Kay and her boyfriend... TOBUSCUS! They looked like they were fighting about something. There were a lot of suitcases and bags around Olga. I guess she moved out of Toby's. Then she grabbed the bags and left. Cara and I got out of the car, and went up to Toby to see if he was alright.

"Hi... Toby. I'm Olivia, and this is Cara. We're really big fans of your channel on YouTube. We saw what happened with Olga, and we wanted to come see if you needed anybody to talk to." He sniffled a bit, tears streaming down his face, and said back to us, "Thanks, Olivia, Cara. I'm fine. Just a bit upset." He wiped his eyes and then said, "You're fans of mine?"

Cara and I nodded and she said, "We've been subscribed for a long time. How long HAS it been, Ollie?" I replied, "I think it was ever since you began making comedy videos." He smiled a bit and said, "Cool. I'm Toby." I smiled. "I think we should've known that by now." He chuckled a bit and put a hand out for us to shake.

"Are you going to be moving in here?" I nodded and said, "Yeah. That's Cara's mom over there." I pointed to her and she waved, her other hand on the steering wheel. He looked at us and said, "Well, I guess I won't keep you. I better be heading back to MY place. Bye, Ollie. Bye, Cara." He began to walk away, but waved.

Cara didn't seem too ecstatic, but I was absolutely THRILLED. I had a smile from ear to ear plastered on my face and it wasn't coming off anytime soon. We got to the front desk and asked where we'd be staying. "Um... there's only enough room for one person in their own room." Cara said, "I'll take it." Then the woman said, "And you'll-" she pointed to me- "be staying with Mr. Turner."

"You mean, TOBY TURNER?" The stout woman nodded, and said, "Come right this way, girls. You'll be living across the hall from each other." I smiled even wider, until my smile was about as wide as it could be.

Cara was getting settled in when I knocked on his door. "HELLO? WHO IS IT?" he yelled. I yelled back, "IT'S OLLIE! I GUESS I'M YOUR NEW ROOMIE!" I heard footsteps leading up to the door and then it opened. Toby was standing in the doorway. "Hey, um... I wasn't expecting to see YOU again anytime soon..."

I smiled. "I really didn't expect to see you again at all... So... I guess we're roomies?" He smiled back and replied, "I guess so." He gestured for me to come inside. I walked inside. "Hmm... I always imagined it'd be fancier than this..." He chuckled and said, "You've imagined what my living space would look like?"

I blushed a little and replied, "No?" He smiled and said, "Eh, yeah. You do what you can." I nodded. "Well, there's the empty bedroom-" he said, pointing down a hallway- "second door to the left." I nodded, said thanks, and began unpacking my things.

Well'p, here's THAT day so far. I had just witnessed my favorite YouTuber break up with his girlfriend and then I got to move in with him. 'This day can NOT get any better, Ollie.' I thought.

When I was done, Toby was sitting on the couch, watching TV. "Hey, what are you watching?" I asked, sitting down on the cushion next to him. "The Annoying Orange series. I'm on there." I smiled and said, "Yeah, I really like your character so far." He blushed a little and said thanks. We watched the episode that was on until Toby got up and began to rummage through his stuff.

"Where did I put Assassin's Creed?" he asked himself, looking for the game. "Oh, I'll help you look!" I said, kneeling next to him, searching for where he might have put the game. We both found it at the same time and grabbed it at the same time, our hands touching slightly. "Umm... found it..." I said, letting go of the game. He was still staring at me in a funny way by the time he had put the disc in the console.

"What?" I asked him. "N-Nothing," he stammered, looking away and reaching for the controller. I watched him play for a few minutes and looked at the clock. "Oh, time to eat... What's for dinner?" He smiled and said, his eyes not moving from the screen, "You can just order a pizza or something."

I called the pizza place and 20 minutes later, the pizza came. We sat at the table, eating slices of pepperoni pizza. He was still acting strangely by the time we had gotten down to just 2 slices apiece. "What's going on, Toby? Why are you acting so weird lately?" He looked at me and said, "I don't know what you mean."

'What the hell?' I thought. 'He's just being Toby, I guess.' "Um... Ever since we accidentally grabbed the game at the same time you've been acting all weird. What in the hell is going on, Toby?" He sighed and said, "I haven't done my daily vlog for my second channel and I haven't uploaded any video game footage for TobyGames today... Plus I'm supposed to be writing a script for a skit or a song on my main channel..." I immediately regretted snapping at him. "You're really busy, aren't you, Toby?" He nodded and said, "I just don't know how I'm supposed to do it all by myself."

"Well, if I can help, just let me know. I could maybe play some Co-op games with you on TobyGames and I could help write the script for a skit or help write a song." He put the slice of pizza he had been eating at the time down and said, "Really? You would do that?" I nodded. "Thanks, Olivia." I smiled and replied, "No problem." And with that, we didn't speak again until after dinner.

Toby went into his room and grabbed his camera. "What are you doing?" I asked him, walking over to sit on the couch. "Making my daily Lazyvlog. Hey, um, since you're my roomie, and people will probably see you in some of my vlogs, I guess now would be a good time to introduce you to the audience... Is that okay, Ollie?"

I was shocked. "Um... I guess?" He laughed and gestured for me to stand next to him. He then turned the camera towards the empty pizza box and pressed the on button.

"Audience? What are you doing staring at that pizza box?" Toby held the camera in his hands and turned its focus back on him. I stood directly behind him. "INTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS! Oh, look! Who is this mysterious girl you ask? This is my roommate, Olivia. You can call her Olliebuscus. I just recently broke up with Olga and she moved out, and Ollie needed a place to stay, so here she is! Do you wanna say anything to the audience, Ollie?"

I nodded as he focused the camera on me. "I'm Ollie, and I have a channel of my OWN! It's called Friends4FightingComedy, with my friend Cara who isn't here right now. I'll probably be joining Toby for some gaming and will possibly show up in another vlog or two so I guess it's time that you get used to me!" He laughed a little and said, "Well, there you have it folks. This is probably the shortest vlog I've ever made... Oh well. Bless your face." He gestured to me, hoping that I knew the outro.

"If you sneezed during this vlog bless you." He smiled and turned back to the camera. "Peace off. Ba da doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Subscribe! OUTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS! BOOP!" And then he turned off the camera. We high-fived and then went on to play more Assassin's Creed.

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