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Chapter 7: I Believe I Am In Love With Tobuscus. (Ollie's POV)

"Ollie?" he says, turning to face me, tired from all the events that had happened earlier today. "Yeah, Toby?" I ask, smiling, looking into his green eyes. "Did you really mean everything you said in that dream? That you love me?" I remember what I told him, in my dream.

"But I love you, Toby. Don't think that I don't."

I smile and say, "Yes. Yes I did." I lean towards him, slowly. "What are you doing, Ollie?" he asks me, unsure of my intentions. "What do you think I'm doing, Toby? I'm going to kiss you!" He smiles, getting my reference to the dream.

He grabs my hand, suddenly, making me gasp. "Toby? What are you doing?" I ask, nervous, and a little excited.

"What do you think I'm doing, gurl? I'm holding your hand!"

He looks at me, and asks, "But... why?"

"But... why?"

He stares down at his Heelys and says, "...I love you. I will do ANYTHING to make you mine..."

I quote him from the dream. Then he quotes himself.

"But... you love Anthony... I can't make you happy anymore..."

I begin to stop quoting the dream and say, bluntly, "Screw Anthony." He smiles, saying, "I was hoping you'd say that."

And then our lips collide. There's no Anthony here to wake me up from this dream or no worry to startle me enough to send me back into reality. It's just us.

Toby's POV

Here's my day so far. I got into a car crash, had a weird dream, and kissed the girl I love a couple times. If not for her, I'd say this day has gone a lot worse than it should have gone. But she told me she loved me, so despite the crash and all, today was a PRETTY GOOD DAY!

"Audience? What are you doing staring at that IV, audience?" she says, into her phone camera, taking over the LazyVlog of the day for me. "INTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS!" she yells, putting her finger on the lense and moving it away gradually. She then focuses the camera on me. "In case you don't know already," I say to the fans, "I got into a crash today."

Ollie then focuses the camera on her. "Tobuscus isn't the best driver... plus I kinda initiated the accident in the first place." She turned it back to me and let me talk for a while.

"But... on the bright side..." I conclude, motioning for Ollie to join me. She adjusts the phone to capture the both of us and I kiss her on the cheek, making her gasp a little, in shock. She then blushes as I continue with my sentence. "Ollie and I are officially dating."

Cara's POV

I'm sitting in the waiting room of a tiny hospital where I'm waiting for my best friend to come out after visiting Tobuscus, WITH Ian and Anthony from Smosh, might I add.

I'm sitting on the left, next to Ian. Ian and I have become good friends over the course of the day and I think that he even flirted with me a little. "Do you think that Ollie and Toby are talking about the kiss that caused the wreck?" I ask him. "Maybe. I don't really know for sure. Or maybe they're making out in there?" he taunts, looking at Anthony. The Mexican man replies, with a stern look on his face, "Don't joke about those kinds of things, Ian."

Ian smiles and says, "Geez, Ant. I didn't know you loved Olivia so much!" He looks away from Anthony and back at me. I giggle a little as our hands involuntarily slip into each other.

Anthony's POV

"Excuse me, are you Anthony Padilla from Smosh?" someone asks me. I hesitantly look up and see a girl with dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She's very nice-looking, if I do say so myself. "Yeah. Are you a fan?" She smiles a little, blushing about as red as you can go. "A fan? Hell, I'm probably the biggest fan EVER! Sorry, I haven't introduced myself! My name is Molly."

We shake hands and she says, "What are you guys doing here in the hospital?" I tell Molly the whole story, even about my feelings for Ollie and TOBY'S feelings for Ollie. She understands, much to my surprise, and replies, "That sucks. I'm training to become a nurse here." We talk for a while and get to know each other. I think I really like her.

Ollie can have Toby if she wants to. I like this girl a LOT better.

"This isn't how the story is supposed to go!" Well, I like this version a LOT better. So, thanks for reading, and be sure to look for the second-generation fanfic that should be coming soon!