Paisley sighed in pleasure as Lexi nipped at her ear, her neck, her collarbone, then finally her lips. Paisley kissed at Lexi's not being able to take the teasing anymore. She loved it when Lexi did this with her, but she hated when she had to wait. She always told Lexi that it wasn't nice. Lexi always bit, licked and sucked at her skin and she never kissed her, knowing how much Paisley loved that, as every girlfriend should love the taste of their mate's mouth.

Lexi's hands slid slowly up her thigh and Paisley jerked in excitement a perky smile playing on her face as she was pressed deeper into the school walls. Lexi smirked, breaking the kiss, she traced her fingers up and down Paisley's underwear. Trying to stay quiet Pasiley bit on her lip to keep sounds from escaping them because whenever they did Lexi would always pull back from her work and say

"Shutup Paisley!" followed by a "Do you want to get us caught?"

The first time this occurred Paisley replied "I don't know, Do I?"

To which Lexi frowned and walked out of the closest saying she had 'Ruined the mood'

No, Paisley definetly didn't want that to happen again. But nevertheless if she bit down any harder her lips would have bled and-She gasped at what Lexi began doing now.

It was too good..she couldn't stay mute for long, and both of them knew it.

After they were done, Lexi straightened out her cheerleading outfit and walked out of the door first, giving Paisley a pat on the head.

Paisley stood there for a second, absent-mindedly, stroking her hair and thinking about what had just happened, until a picture of a polar bear moving across the snow crossed her mind and she began to giggle at it.

The bell thankfully got through to her and startled her a bit too. She reached to open the door after grabbing her brand new purple and pink dora the explorer backpack that only she could pull off and still look-well, sane at an high school age. Her hands never made contact with the knob because the door flew open before they got to it, a crazed looking Chyna making her appearance at the entrance.

"Aha! I knew it!" Chyna yelled and Paisley freaked out a bit.

"Oh my god!" She squeaked. "You can't tell anyone, Lexi would break up with me!"

"Uh..what? I was just looking for my notebook…I took a nap in here two periods ago and I realized I probably left it here…..what are YOU talking about?" Chyna gave her a strange look.

"Oh, good, I thought you knew that me and Lexi were dating! That'd be totally bad.." Paisley wiped invisible sweat off of her forehead.

"Um, Paisley, you kinda just told me…." Chyna explained.

"Oh darn it!" Paisley stomped her feet and snapped her finger, generally upset about it. Lexi was gonna be soooooo mad at her.

"Is it really true?" Chyna was still trying to grasp the subject of Lexi and Paisley dating.

"Yup! We've been dating for 1 decade!"

"Uh…paisley, you do know that a decade is 10 years?"

"Really? WOW. My mom cant even keep her same butt size for that long!" Paisley said, amazed.

Chyna's eyes widened a bit. "She gets….."

"They inflate her butt like a baloon!" Paisley said, estatically.

"Really? I thought it was always more like, putting jelly into their body through a shot"

"I did a jello shot before.." Paisley said. "It was hard because it kept jiggling and it made it So hard!"

"Jello shot?" Chyna was the confused one now. And so Paisley began to tell her what that was and they completely forgot that class was starting until the security guard told them to go or they'd get detention.

" Remember you can't tell anyone!" Paisley called out.

"Yeah, I know, I know!" Chyna responded back.

- 48 Minutes later

"What, I can't believe they're dating!" Olive squeaked.

"I know right!" Chyna exclaimed. "I so gotta ask Lexi about this!"

"Whoa whoa whoa, do you WANT to die?" Fletcher warned.

"Hey, death is worth it, I NEED some details!" Chyna said, and headed over to Lexi who was looking at her reflection, completely mezmoried.

"Heeeey, Lexi, was sup?" Chyna tried to act casual.

"What do you want? I'm trying to look at the pretty thing in this mirror!"

"Well…" Chyna began.

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