Something Wicca This Way Comes… Back!

In a modern restaurant, with stowed tables and beige painted walls, a man waits seated at a desk, with a glass of water in front of him. He had dark wavy hair and was using a black suit. He seemed distracted with something that looked like a mirror, but had the image of a bald man in it, until it disappears when someone knocked on the door.

-Come in. –Said the man.

A woman with brown straight hair and using a feminine suit came in the room.

-Hi Mr. Durkes. –Said the woman.

-Hi Piper, how are you?

-I'm fine, so, is the restaurant ready? Because I've already sold the club and I need the place as fast as possible. –Said Piper.

-So you had a club before? –Asked Mr. Durkes.

-Yes, a night club, but it was time to move on to my real dream, having a restaurant. –Answered Piper.

-Ok then, here is the contract that you have to sign. –Said Mr. Durkes while putting the papers over the table. But he was interrupted by a noise coming from the back of the place.

-What was that? –Asked Piper.

-I don't know! –Said the man.

As Piper leaves the room and goes to the back, she sees a dead man stabbed by an athame.

-Oh God! –She exclaimed.

-What? –Asked the man?

-Call an ambulance, there's a dead man in here. –She said finally, but not before taking the athame.

Later on, in the restaurant, a cop finishes talking to Piper, who goes to see Phoebe.

-What happened in here? –Asked Phoebe.

-Oh, I don't know! I thought this whole demon thing had ended when we defeated Christy! -Said Piper.

-Well, after one year it seems to be coming back, I think I'm not moving out of the manor. –Said the middle sister.

-No Phoebe! You and Coop wanted it so much, and you've done it before! It must be just a case, after all, we're still witches.

-Hope you're right, but anyway, my new loft isn't ready yet, so I might stay at the manor for one week or so. Hey, what have you done with the athame?

-I hid it. –She said giving Phoebe the athame that was in her purse.

The moment Phoebe touches the athame, she receives a premonition.

*A man was walking in the alley behind the restaurant when a demon appeared and threw an athame at him. Then, he absorbed a dark smoke that left the wound.*

-What happened? What did you see? –Asked Piper.

-I saw the demon that killed the man. Let's check the Book of Shadows.

In the manor, Phoebe was looking in the BoS (Book of Shadows), when she exclaimed:

-Found it! A thief demon! He kills his victims the steals their worst imperfection to feed himself.

-And the only way to kill him in the next 24 hours after he has fed is with a power of three spell. –Completed Piper.

-We need to call Paige.

-Paige! –Shouted Piper. –We need you! Paige!

Paige orbs in the attic.

-What is it! I am busy! –Asked Paige.

-We need the power of three again. –Said Piper.

-What? I thought it was over!

-So did wee. –Said Phoebe. But she was interrupted by a premonition given by the BoS.

*A man was in the cemetery with a tied woman. He was forcing her to sign a paper and she died in flames, leaving a dark smoke that was absorbed by the demon. *

-What happened? Did you get another premonition? –Asked Piper

-Yes, in the cemetery.

-So let's go there! –Said Paige. And she orbed them to the cemetery.

-Do you hear it? I think they're there! –Said Phoebe.

-So let's go! –Said Piper.

They reached an empty space where they found the demon forcing the woman to sign the paper.

-Piper, freeze him! –Shouted Paige.

-I can't, he won't freeze. –Answered her while waving her hands,

The demon turns and when he sees them, he throws an energy ball that is frozen by Piper, but it just got slower, and the demon ran away.

They runed to the woman.

-Are you Ok? –Phoebe asked.

-Yes, thank you. –Answered the woman running away.

-Ok, now we have to go to the attic and summon that demon. –Said Phoebe. –And then, the other.

-Why, this wasn't the one you saw? –Asked Piper.

-No, he was older than the one I saw.

-Ok, let's go. –Said Paige.

In the attic, after Phoebe has explained everything to Paige, they summoned the demon and vanquished him with a potion, as he hadn't fed.

In the next morning, Piper leaves the manor in a hurry.

-Hey, where you going? –Asked the little sister.

-I have a meeting with Mr. Durkes in a few minutes, gotta go.

-Ok, bye.

-Bye to everyone! –She shouted.

Piper was in front of the restaurant when she was hit in the head and shimmered away.

At night, Phoebe was walking through the manor.

-Where is Piper? She should have come back already. –Asked Phoebe.

-Have you tried scrying? –Asked Paige.

-Yes, I'm getting worried, she looked like the woman in my premonition.

-So let's check the cemetery.


And they orbed away.

In the cemetery, Piper was tied in a gravestone.

-Let me go Mr. Durkes, if that is even you're real name.

-Oh, it is, but you won't have time to worry about that. –He answered as a pen and a contract appeared in front of Piper.

-I'm not stupid, I'm not doing that. –She said, but was forced to grab the pen, and was almost signing when Phoebe and Paige arrived.

-Piper! -Shouted Paige.

-Paige, throw the potion! –Said Phoebe. –Say with us Piper!

"The power of three we summon one more time. Vanquish this evil with this rhyme!" –They all chanted. And the demon died in flames.

The next day, Phoebe and Coop enter in the kitchen and meet Piper, Paige and Leo.

-How was it with the lawyer? –Asked her.

-It seems like the previous owner of the restaurant disappeared mysteriously and as I had all the important part of the deal done, the restaurant is mine!

-Oh, that's great. –Said Phoebe and Coop.

-Well, there is one thing that is bothering me. –Said Paige.

-What? –Asked Leo.

-The demon was with Piper when the guy was killed, so how was he the one who did it?

-Oh, I looked, he had the power to astral project, he wasn't with me. But I also saw that my powers should have worked on him, he was a weak demon.

-It must be nothing! –Said Leo finally.