Burning Flames


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''MAGIC ATTACK'' (for the most part, unless they yell)


Chapter 1

Cobra and Natsu is fighting, but they (Natsu and Happy) have been hit with a poisonous gas that paralyzes and eventually, kill them. Happy fly's over Cobra and his winged snake, when Natsu got a idea.

''Happy.. drop me!'' Said blue cat who struggles to keep flying, opens a eye. ''huh?''

''What are you saying Natsu...! You just said... Your body won't move...'' exclaimed Happy with worry.

''That why, its time to finish this.'' said Natsu with determination.

''What are you going to do?''

'A full power fire dragon roar? You fool, I can hear exactly what you're thinking!' thought Cobra to himself, keeping a eye one the duo over him.

''Happy, do it now!'' Natsu commanded.

''Aye!'' Natsu started to fall, preparing a powerful attack.

''This is over.'' cobra said. 'His random physical attacks were far more dangerous than this..''

''KARYUU NO...''

'It's no good! I can hear you! He's going for a wide range shot. Trying to hit me no matter were I run, huh...' Cobra smiled. ''But, it still won't reach the back of your head!'' He jumped of his snake before Natsu finished the attack name and was over him, grasping the pink teen's neck.

Cobra lifted his other arm that is covered in scales and have sharp claws. ''How about I crush that head of yours!''

''NATSU!'' cried Happy from above them.

''Ugh... Dammit AAAAAAAA!'' Natsu screamed at the top of his lungs. The sound turned to a animated roar and soon to a full fledged dragon roar.

Cobra recoiled, with his sensitive hearing, the sound started to hurt, being so close to the source and all. He tried to scream in pain.

Happy covered his ears, Brain was shaking a little from the share volume.

''What is that sound?'' asked Gray, looking around.

''A monster?'' asks Lucky scared, hand over her ears. Jura just hms in answer.

Jellal and Erza looks around alert.

''Natsu-san?'' Wendy asks.

''How terribly noisy.'' complained Carla, also holding over her ears.

''MY EAAAAARS! GAAAAAHHHH!'' Screams Cobra finally trying to cover his hurting ears. He fell and hit the ground hard. Happy was a little shocked that it worked and Natsu had a confused look on his face. But Happy soon came out of it and hurried to catch Natsu, before he hit the ground too.

Natsu looked down, to see a passed out poison dragon slayer.

''That was quite some roar..'' commented/praised Happy.

''Y...yeah...'' Natsu smiled. ''L... looks like your awesome hearing backfired on you, huh? Just as planned'' he boasted.

''That was not planned.'' replied Happy dryly.

''Impossible... He defeated Cobra with his voice alone..?'' Brain asked himself. '' Just what is that boy?''

Suddenly, Natsu and happy started to drop. ''Uwah!''

Happy was able to stop them again. '' I think... My body's is not doing so...'' said Happy weakly.

''Happy!'' said Natsu worried. Just then, they started to fall again. So Natsu tried to wave with his hands, but feels his body stop moving, or more like being totally paralyzed. ''His poison... My body is...'' was all Natsu had time to say, before they plunged to the earth. Said earth is a part of Nirvana, that was moving, causing the fire dragon slayer to become extremely sick.''Ugh. And... on top of a vehicle...'' Happy had landed farther away from Natsu, looking horrible.

Just then, a shadow came over Natsu, he looked up. The shadow was Cobra, his clothes badly ripped and his body full of scratches and wounds. He breathed hard and looked down at Natsu.

''For the pride of Oracion Seis... I will defeat you... DIE!''

''Dam... dammit.. My body..'' Natsu struggled to move out of the way.

Cobra clothed his right hand in poison and lifted the arm to strike.



In Cobras shoulder, there was now a hole. Natsu looked on in shock, Cobra seamed to be in shock too. Blood was flowing from the wound freely.

''That's enough, Cobra.'' said the voice that belonged to Brain. He was holding his cane out like it was a gun with one arm, at the end of the weird cane, there was a hollow space at the same size of the hole Cobra got in his shoulder.

''B... Brain.. What are you...'' stammered Cobra.

''You've done well. Rest up.'' said Brain with a smile on his face.

Cobra, with his good hearing, that lets him hear others thoughts heard what Brain actually thought.

'I don't need Oracion Seis to crush a legal guild. You trash!'

Cobra got tears in his eyes. ''Dammit...'' 'My prayer.' ''DAMMIT!'' he screamed again, before falling over, fainting. Natsu look angrily at Brain from were he lied beside Cobra.

''Bastard... Isn't he your ally?''

''I can gain more allies anytime from here on in, with the power of Nirvana.''

Natsu stares harder at him.

''Those aren't what you call allies, those are puppets.'' snapped Natsu.

''No need to snap at me. I like your strength. Do you get what I'm saying?'' Brain said/asked.

''Ugh... Uh...'' grunted Natsu, barely hanging in there.

Brain raises his head a few centimeters so half his face is covered in shadows.

''I will turn you into my first puppet.''

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