Burning Flames

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''MAGIC ATTACK'' (for the most part, unless they yell)


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Chapter 2

Brain was advancing, getting closer to Natsu. He lifted his staff over his head and brought it down hard. Knocking Natsu out cold.

''NATSUUU!'' cried Happy, trying to get up. ''Stay away from him, don't take him!'' Brain picks up the motionless pink haired boy, ''To bad, try and stop me, little cat.'' He smiled sinisterly and walked away. Happy's shaking limbs gave away, and all he could do was watching his nakama, best friend being taken away. Tears rolling down his face.


Lucy, Gray and Jura ran in the direction the roar came from. ''W-who do you think made that roar?'' asked Lucy, looking scared. Gray glances at Lucy. ''That was probably Natsu, it sounded like him at least. I think I saw him and Happy in the air right after the roar too. But I'm not sure.''

''Oh, all right, we should hurry over to him.'' smiled Lucy. Just then, a white and blue figure in the air landed beside them. It was a little girl with long blue hair in two pigtails. Beside her was a white female cat hovering at her shoulder height. ''We have to hurry. I heard Natsu. He is in a lot of pain. I need to get to him, so I can heal him.'' Wendy said worried, running alongside the others. Gray, Jura and Lucy nodded before speeding up.

Ahead of them, they could see two figures on the ground. One was of a little blue cat, the other was of a brown/red haired guy. Both badly injured, but no pink haired boy was to be seen anywhere. ''Happy!'' screamed Lucy, running up the injured cat. Wendy right behind her, and started to heal Happy as she got next to him.

''Please, you got to save Natsu.'' cried Happy.

''Huh? What do you mean Happy?'' asked Lucy.

''He got taken. Brain took him. He is going to turn Natsu against us!'' Happy started to cry harder. ''Sniff I-I couldn't s-s-stop h-him…''

''Don't worry Happy, we will save Natsu for you.'' stated Gray confidently.

''That's right, cat-dono'' commented Jura.

''I will do what I can, too.'' said Wendy confidently.

''I will too.'' said Carla.


Wendy smiled as the glowing from her healing dimmed down. ''You should be feeling much better now Happy.''

''Thanks, Wendy.'' said Happy and jumped up and gave her a hug. ''Well then, let's go and save our nakama!''


Brain reached the top of the tower with the control panel. Dragging Natsu along with him, to the middle of the four pillars. He put the boy down on his back and forced a liquid down his throat. ''There, now you won't die from Cobra's poison.'' Natsu lay still, not aware of the world around him, and the danger he was in. Brain backs away from the center. He walks over to the pillar to the right of him. 'Now, let's test Nirvanas powers.'

''DAKU SOSA: CHUJITSUNA KUGUTSU'' Brain yelled. A dark shadow with a light glow laid over Natsu's figure, slowly going into his skin. Soon, there were no hints as to the shadow having been there. Except the dark red lining around Fairy Tails guild mark. Brain studied the dark red lining for a moment, before a hideous smirk plastered on his face. A new black lining appeared on Brain's face again. ''Incredible, it actually worked.''

''ha ha ha HA HA HA HA!'' Brain then walks over to the right pillar and touches it. 'Maybe, I can use Nirvana to get him to his best potential. He would need it… with all the injuries he wouldn't stand long otherwise.'

''Hmm, let's see. How was it again.'' He mumbled to himself passing back and forth between the pillars. ''Oh. Yes. Now I remember.'' He stopped passing in front of Natsu. He started reaching down and places two fingers on the boy's forehead and the other hand at the ground. ''SENZAI FUKKATSU 100%'' A new more intense glow appeared this time. A golden color swirled around in the light, like mist. Brain backed up and shielded his eyes. When he could see again, he looked over at the boy, and saw…

daku sosa: chujitsuna kugutsu = dark manipulation: loyal puppet (not a real spell that I know of)

senzai fukkatsu = potential revival 100% (not a real spell that I know of)

arigato = Thank you

nakama = friends