Date: [6/17/23,567] Place: bridge of the '127th Emperor Hetto', Bannership of the 3rd Conquest Fleet

"Exalted Fleetlord, we are detecting a large object, range: 50,000 kilometers out." A tech on the bridge called out.

"Identify the object, "Fleetlord Atvar said.

"Approximately 480 meters in length, irregularly shaped, computers classify it as a large asteroid."

"Is it a threat to Home?"

"Its projected trajectory, places it to impact in the vicinity of the Capitol."

"It scans out as mainly titanium, and has a stronger than average background radiation."

"What can we do to stop it?"

"The computers recommend an impact and explosion of 30 megatons."[1 megaton= 1,000,000tons TNT]

"Do it"


Date: [Error] Place: Cryo-Bay A, FFG-201 'Forward unto Dawn'; in orbit around unknown planet

"Chief, wake up Chief!" Cortana yelled.

The figure in the frosted over pod looked around, the helmet lights flashing on.

The figure, throwing off the pods door, leaps up.

Grabbing the over head bar, the figure pushed its armored feet to the deck.

Standing to its full seven feet, two inches; it turned its golden visor to face the blue holographic woman on the pedestal.

"What is the situation?" it asked.

"First of all, I do know where we are- for once."

"Second, we are in a degrading orbit around a planet, a planet that seems to be the home world for a unknown species."

"Third and not least, they seem to have a fleet of about one hundred seventy-seven star ships. Most look to be sleeper ships, ships made for transporting colonists in cryosleep."

"The reason I woke you now, is that I'm detecting a laser guidance beam, similar to a missile guidance beam."

"so are we going to hail them and try to get back to the UNSC?" the tall, armored person asked.

Um, that's a problem, so see- wait, Chief, they've launched! The remaining sensors detect it's a nuke, round-about 30 megatons."

"Impact in 60 seconds, Chief."

"Chief get to the hangar, there's a single longsword and four pelicans still in the hangar, go for the pelicans it'll take 45 seconds to prep for emergency brake away". Cortana said as the Chief launched himself, in the 'Forward unto Dawns' zero gravity, toward the hangar.


"Exalted Fleetlord, 30 seconds until impact and detonation."



"Chief! 15 seconds, I'm diverting power from the pelican prepping to the Gausse turrets!"


"Impact in, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, one- uh, what just happened?

"What do you mean what happened?" demanded Atvar.

"Exalted Fleetlord sir, the computers have lost contact with the nuclear missile, sir. We don't know what happened to it."

"Sir, an radio beam is emanating from the object."

"Obtain an video picture of the object now."


"You cut that a little close, Cortana" Chief said.

"I barely managed to divert enough power to the Gausse turret to get a full charge."

"I'm going to reroute power to the engines, slow us down, but I cannot correct our orbit."


"What in the name of the emperor is that?" Shiplord Kirel, captain of the 127th Hetto, muttered softly.

"Get a video of the object for ten seconds before and after contact with the missile."

The object was a star ship, of sorts. It had a geometric main hull, two pontoons' with what looked to be engine ports.

The ship was cut, keel to upper decks, at a slight angle. It looked like some giant had taken a cleaver to the ship, cutting and meting through the ship. The cut was smooth, not twisted, or mangled, just sliced through, with some melting.

"What, in all that is good in this universe could have done that to a ship of that size, I mean, look at the hull, at this distance, you should just be able to tell the difference between the hull and the inner decks, that is , with the Hettos' optics" a technician said to the male beside him.

"Exalted Fleetlord, sensors are detecting incoming radio waves, it seems that it is either an uncrewed drone or a crewed warship. It is trying to match wave lengths"

Fleetlord Atvar paused and said "Prepare a scout team to investigate the alien ship"

"Yes Exalted Fleetlord"