Final Destination: Death's Game

Chapter 6: Pumped

Meanwhile, after Matt arrived at home. He got out of his car. His tire had air. Apparently, he ran over a stone as he approached his house.

"Damn!" He said to himself.

"Hey Matt!" A young man yelled, running over. The man wore similar clothes like Matt. A Leather Jacket, with ripped jeans and a ripped white shirt under the jacket.

"Hey man how you doing?" Matt shouted. The two ran to each other and gave a "Guy Hug".

"Haven't seen you in awhile, Nick." Matt explained.

Nick laughed.

"Yea, I just thought I'd give a visit."

Matt smiled. "Well my stupid tire is flat." He kicked the tire. "You wouldn't happen to have a pump would ya?"

Nick smiled, "Lucky for you." He ran to his car and opened his trunk. He reached for an electric pump.

"Why is it that you always have the right stuff?" Matt laughed, grabbing for the pump.

"Well, I guess I'm at the right place at the right time." He snickered. "I gotta warn ya though, that pump's a bit tricky."

"Nah." Matt teased. "You just have issues using it." He joked.

Nick Laughed. He walked over to a radio, sitting on a shelf in the garage. He turned it on and turned the volume up.

Matt brought the pump to the tire. He plugged it into an outlet. He began pumping.

"So, I hear you escape that concert." Nick shouted to him.

"Yeah." Matt laughed.

All this excitement had made Matt forget about the previous deaths.

"That's cool." Nick laughed. The vibrations of the radio's sound caused a bottle of fuel to spill. Nick of course, didn't notice.

Nick walked toward Matt.

Matt stood up.

They both looked toward the road as a police car pulled up.

"Damnit, what do they want now?" He asked in anger.

He and Nick walked out of the garage.

Marie and Dante ran out of the car.

"Matt!" Marie yelled.

"You're next!" Dante yelled.

Nick looked to Matt. "What are they talking about?"

"You're in danger!" Marie shouted.

Not this shit again!" Matt shouted, walking back to the car. He had forgotten about the pump.

"Shit!" He shouted, running to the tire.

"No Matt!" Dante yelled.

The pump sparked. The spilled fuel had reached it. Matt looked to the tire. The tire exploded. The pressure flew Matt across the garage. Smacking into the wall of his tools, he fell to the ground.

"Matt!" Nick yelled.

Matt wasn't dead. He was badly injured.

He was lying on the ground, face up. A crosscut saw and hammer loosened from the wall. The saw fell and sliced his nick, the hammer fell afterward onto the saw, hammering the saw through his neck completely. He died.

"Matt!" Marie cried. She fell to the ground.

Nick looked to her.

"Wha… What the hell!" She shouted.

Marie looked to him with teary eyes.

Jimmy and Harley ran over.

Harley looked to Marie. "Who's next Marie?"

She couldn't think. She was still shocked at Matt's death.

"Who's next!" Harley demanded.

Dante ran to Marie. "Marie, who's next?" He calmly asked.

She placed her hands onto her head, trying to think. "I… I can't remember." She cried.

Gabrielle walked over. "What about that security officer?" She asked.

Marie perked her head up. "Him!" She shouted "He's next!"

"Officer Cameron James." Jimmy explained. "We looked up his file after the accident."

"He works part time at the slaughter house." Harley explained.

Marie looked to him with disgust.

"A Slaughterhouse?" She cried.

"That's sick." Gabrielle added. "I… I can't do it." She said, getting sick. "I'll puke."

"We need to go." Harley explained. He turned to Jimmy. "Jimmy, stay with Gabrielle."

Jimmy nodded.

"I gotta call back up anyway… for Matt." Jimmy said.

Harley nodded. He turned to Marie and Dante.

"Marie, Dante, we gotta go." He said.

Marie stood up, looked to Dante. He nodded. He grabbed her hand and they walked to the car.

"I could only imagine what Death has in store for Cameron." Harley said, with a sickened voice.

Marie gave a deep breath. They got into the car. They drove off.

Nick stood there in confusion at the whole situation.

"What's going on?" He asked, turning to Gabrielle.

She looked at him. "Death." That was all she said. She walked to Jimmy.

Nick, still confused, looked toward Matt's body with disgust. He almost puked. He looked away.