She ran. "Don't move" that's what Dupe had always told her. Danny, too, had always told her to keep absolutely still and yeah in theory that's an easy idea. But when your staring at those black eyes. Everything you've ever been taught deserts you. And you run.

Danny was in the office over at Mara. He and Ed had just signed a deal on a new contract with one of the local farms and he'd just popped over to finish some of the paperwork. He hated paperwork, Alice usually took care of it all.

He was just finishing the last bit off when the radio went.

Robert had just gone to sleep and Alice and Rosie were having a well deserved drink on the veranda. Charlotte was out with Dupe.

"Remember, stay close to me there's lions about" Charlotte nodded and followed closely behind Dupe. There was a herd of wildebeest close by and the pair watched them quietly. One wasn't looking too good. "Yeah I think we'll take him back with us" Dupe whispered, "Keep an eye on him Charlie, I'll get the dart gun."

Charlotte concentrated on not losing the injured animal. Then she heard the roar. Her heart sank.

The most precious thing in your life, your whole world are your kids. So, for Alice, the news that came hysterically from Dupe just about stopped her heart. As Rosie ran to call for a helicopter Alice was in the truck instantly flying through the African Bush.

Danny arrived at home in record timing. "Go dad," urged Rosie, "I'll stay with Robert"

The lion caught her and everything from that point was surreal. She remembered pain, agonising pain, then hearing a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot she couldn't tell it all went black.


Danny had went straight to the hospital.

"My daughter she was just brought in...a lion...Charlotte, Charlotte Trevanion"

He was told to wait a moment and they'd find out where Charlotte was. He paced the floor anxiously.

"Mr Trevanion? First floor Ward 3"

He sprinted up the stairs two at a time and raced down the corridor. As he entered the ward he saw a broken Alice with her head in her hands. When she saw him she ran to him and collapsed in his arms. He held his wife close allowing her tears to soak his shirt as tears of his own fell.

"Tell me she's going to be fine Danny, I can't lose her...not my little girl" Alice sobbed.

Danny led them over to the chairs. "Alice, Charlotte's not going anywhere. She's a fighter like her mum." He was still holding her close to him. "What have the doctors said?"

"She's in surgery...she lost a lot of was awful, I..." she started sobbing again.

Danny and Alice sat holding one another...waiting.

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