"DANNY!" Charlotte bounded out the house and threw herself into his arms. He laughed as he caught her and spun her round. "Can we come see Abbie and mum? Please Danny!"

"Of Course! I came to pick you up. Where's Robbie?"

"In here. Come on." She dragged Danny into the house wanting to get away as soon as possible.

As he walked into the living room Charlotte ran to Robbie. Rosie jumped up and embraced her dad, "Congratulations dad, How's Alice doing?"

"She's absolutely fine, she was catching some sleep when I left" He answered as Caroline also hugged him followed by Nomsa.

"The rest of us will come visit tomorrow."

Robert toddled over and hugged Danny's leg. Danny picked him up and held him up above his head. Robert laughed hysterically, "mum!" he shouted at his dad.

"Will we go see your new wee sister Robbie?" Danny sang at him. Charlotte grinned at Danny when he looked over. "Come on then."

A panicked looking Liv entered. She struggled for breath. "Fatani...he said...missed call...Alice?"

"She's fine, she had a girl." Dupe said as he passed on route to the kitchen.

"Danny, that's amazing!" She hugged Charlotte and kissed Danny's cheek.

"Yeah, Abbie Trevanion. Come visit tomorrow, I'm just about to take Charlotte and Robbie to see her and Alice."


"right come on you two!"

They headed out then with a startled "Oh!" Charlotte ran back inside. His confusion was solved when Charlotte came out of the house holding a pink teddy and a pink gift bag.


"I saved up and when you called I got Rosie to take me into the township." They climbed into the car.

"She'll love it."

Charlotte held Robert's hand as they entered quietly into Alice's room. She was sat up in bed flicking through a magazine. Danny saw her face light up when they walked in, just like it always did around the kids.

"Hey guys!" Danny picked Robbie up and placed him next to Alice as Charlotte gave her a cuddle.

Robert joined in and Alice held them close. "Love you two lots."

"Baby!" Robbie shouted. Charlotte spun to see Danny cradling Abbie.

"Want a go?" he asked quietly. Charlotte nodded and sat on the seat next to their bed. Danny placed Abbie into Charlotte's arms. "Careful with her head." But he had nothing to worry about it Charlotte held her baby sister like she was made of glass. Even more experienced now thanks to Robert. Alice looked on and smiled, tears forming again. Robbie sat on her knee. He gazed in awe at the bundle in his big sisters arms. Danny silently pointed to him and Alice looked at his face. She had to stifle a laugh at his confusion, he'd obviously not really understood what a baby was and that the pink bundle was his little sister. Danny sat on the side of the bed and ruffled his hair, Robbie didn't notice. Both his and Charlotte's eyes were glued on Abbie.

Danny looked at Alice, "You ok?"

"Amazing, you?" she whispered back.

"Same." They were quite the picturesque little family the five of them, his 2 girls, his little man and his gorgeous wife.

Abbie shuffled slightly and then opened her eyes. Charlotte gasped. "She looks just like dad!"

Danny and Alice's jaws both dropped. "I mean Danny! Sorry!"

She'd turned bright red and looked down. Danny recovered and grinned widely. "Charlie!"

"I'm sorry" Charlotte said. Danny said nothing and lifted Robbie off the bed before taking Abbie and handing her over to Alice.

Charlotte looked on the verge of tears, then Danny knelt down and pulled her in for a tight hug. "You call me dad if you want, there is absolutely nothing to apologise for!"

She smiled, "Ok dad"

"That's my girl."

Charlotte pulled back. And pulled Robert up to sit on her knee. She gave him a big kiss and he giggled and tried to grab her hair.

Alice lifted the ready made bottle from beside her and handed it to Danny. "You're turn." her eyes were still moist after witnessing that beautiful moment. As he lifted Abbie she whispered in his ear, "you're the best."

He said nothing just shook his head.


Abbie was crying. Neither Danny or Alice moved. They'd both heard her. This had what it'd come to they'd both lie. A stand off. Who'd give in first? Eventually after another thirty seconds Alice groaned and threw the cover back. Danny had to bury his head in the pillow to hide his smug smile which he knew would do him favours.

Alice lifted Abbie and rocked her softly trying to soothe her. No luck. Her crying had woke Robert. He started shouting. Groaning, Danny sat up. Alice focused on Abbie in an attempt not to smirk at his grumbling. Danny returned to their room with a sniffling boy resting on his shoulder. "You'd think they'd let us have one night!"

"I think they plan it," she murmured back.

"Hmmm" Danny said in agreement.

Abbie had fell asleep again so Alice lay her down, she came to stand beside Danny and stroked Robert's hair. "He's out."

"I'll go put him back in."

Five minutes later they were snuggled back in bed together. "I'm shattered." Danny said.

"Me too," she turned to face him tracing a finger down his face, "it's your fault."

He opened his eyes. "How exactly?"

She kissed him softly, "You're far too irresistible," she started kissing his neck.

"What can I say?" He said laughing quietly, "Thought you were too tired?"

"Are you?" She pulled back and raised one eyebrow mocking him.

Danny looked at her, and she said he was irresistible! "Who needs sleep!" And he kissed her back.

..And we're done :D Thanks for reading and reviewing! Not sure what I'm going to do next will try to get some more wee one shots in "Shuffle" !