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Loki sat docilely in a cell – a new one, not the underground one, in the palace – and rested his head against the wall. When he had been found in the Chitauri's torture chamber – Loki shuddered just thinking about it - he had been found, thankfully, by the Mage and his brother Thor. No one would ever understand how very grateful he was that they had come for him, even with the intentions of just throwing him in another cell. At least he wasn't being tortured and his mind was free and unclouded to think on its own again. That had been the worst part for him: not having his mind to himself. Because he was never the strongest person in Asgard he had to learn to rely on other things like wit and knowledge. He had become one of the smartest in all the land and to have that taken away was like…the end.

But Loki still couldn't stay here. He was not happy here. The court and the public weren't happy with him here. The only people happy he had returned were his mother and possibly Thor – the empty-headed fool. Not that he didn't appreciate what Thor had done, but really, Thor always had been and always would be a little too naïve.

And anyway, they couldn't contain him anymore. The only reason he stayed was because he hadn't had the opportunity to retrieve his magic. Using others' magic is fine and it works just fine but without his magic it was like walking around without an arm or a leg. He had lost something very important when they had taken that away. He needed it – it was the last thing he needed before he could be himself again – well, not himself: a changed version of himself. Looking back, Loki really did believe that although it had all been awful and he had probably been literally insane throughout the whole ordeal he had changed for the better. Getting his magic back was just the last piece of the puzzle that helped him crawl back to complete sanity.

Loki sighed, Thor would be hurt when he left without saying goodbye. He wouldn't come back – well, not for a very, very, very long time, at least – and he would make sure that he wouldn't have any reminders of this life. He would cloak himself from Heimdall so he could not be found and he would change his name. He would live with the humans and find a new way of life. He couldn't live here anymore. Maybe…maybe after a while – a long while – he would visit Thor, to ease his worries that Loki knew he would have.

Quite ironically enough heavy footsteps that could only belong to Thor echoed through the hall as he walked towards Loki's cell. Sure enough, Loki's hearing proved excellent once again when Thor came into view. "Hello, brother," Loki said. Thor's face brightened at the name and Loki thought, A little kindness can't hurt before I leave without saying.

"Brother!" Thor said in a gush of pent up breath, probably anxiety about seeing Loki. "I…I have missed you, Loki."

Loki, even though he wasn't looking for havoc anymore he still was the best liar in all the realms, hid his small twinge of regret for what he would have to do. "I have missed you, too."

Thor stood and just looked at Loki for a while before a look of sadness flitted across his face. Unlike Loki, Thor could never hide his emotions. "I…Your trial is to be held in one week."

Loki's eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Is that what you're here for, Thor; to tell me that I am still to be punished?" Thor paled, "I already knew that, Thor. It's alright."

Thor looked away and put his hand behind his back, nervous tics and Loki stood up and walked to the bars. He reached through the bars and grabbed Thor's arm, "It really is ok, Thor, I understand."

"You don't understand, Loki. They…I think the punishment is to be death, Loki," Thor said as he stood with Loki's hand on his arm, trying hard not to cry.

Loki reached up and put his hand on Thor's shoulder and kept it there till Thor looked at him, "I know that, Thor, and…it really is ok." Loki couldn't help but wonder if Thor would be angry when he left or happy that he was at least alive.

"How can you say that?" Thor asked. "It wouldn't be ok! It wouldn't be ok for me! Or for our mother or father –"

"Oh, I think it would be ok with him, Thor," Loki said as his hand slipped off Thor's shoulder. His voice held a small trace of malice now, no matter how much he promised himself that this would be a good last conversation between them whether Thor knew it or not.

Thor shook his head, "I have to go, Loki," he said as he backed back down the hall.

Loki stayed silent but inside he was screaming, Come back! Tell me you love me, just one more time! We won't have any more time…

Loki grabbed the bars and rested his head against the cold metal as he tried to control himself. What a silly thing to be sad about. He knew Thor loved him – in his own way – but he needed to hear it one more time, just once more before he left.

Loki went and sat on the cot, leaning against the wall and dozed off into a small catnap as he waited for the dead of night, when it would be easiest for him to get his magic back. He was leaving, for sure.

Loki woke with a start – he had heard something… Someone was coming to his cell. At this time? Who would come this late at night?

Soon, dear Frigga came into view. "Loki," she called softly.

Loki stood and walked to the bars. If there was anyone, anyone Loki could tell he was leaving, it would be Frigga. Although Frigga was the one holding his magic she was the only one who would understand, "Mother," he said just as softly.

"Loki, you have to leave," she said. From behind her back she took the box containing his magic. "I can't see you put to death and…and I have to do right be you, at least this time, do you see?" She asked softly.

"They will know you gave me my magic," Loki said even as he took the box from her hands. "I could make it look like I stole it from you," he said.

Frigga shook her head, "That will only get you in more trouble. You have to leave this realm. You can't stay here and you can't let Heimdall see you." Everything he had already been thinking. Perhaps his mother had rubbed off on him more than either of them realized.

Loki nodded, regretfully; this would get Frigga in trouble. He looked down at the box and broke the seal using a guards magic. His magic flew back into him like an ocean of beautiful emerald light. It filled him and made him whole again. He laughed happily at having his magic back. He magicked himself through the cell bars and embraced his mother. "I love you, but…I won't see you for a long time."

Frigga nodded and leaned into the hug, "I love you so much, Loki. Be safe, and hurry…I will miss you."

Loki nodded and teleported away.

Odin watched from the stairs as Frigga handed Loki his magic. He watched as the two embraced and Loki teleported away. He thought about going after Loki but what Frigga had said about them neglecting Loki and Loki just needing love…he let him go. Just this once.

Loki walked into a small diner somewhere in North America and sat down at the bar. He had transformed his Asgardian clothes into black denim pants and a light coat to ward off the relative chill. As he sat at the bar a woman sat next to him. She had long, straight, brown hair that swung past her elbows and looked slightly windswept. She looked cold and immediately ordered a coffee – whatever that may be and glanced at Loki from the corner of her eye.

"Excuse me, I'm afraid I'm a little lost…Can you tell me where I am?" Loki asked.

"Oh, sure," the woman replied, "We're in Oswego, New York. I'm Lillian, by the way."

"Mark," Loki said as he shook her hand.

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