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I was ready for the truth I wasn't ready for the situation
Well maybe in time maybe in time I'll figure this out

"Perfect Day" Matt Hires

There were colored pencils in the Watcher's hands and her lap and papers scattered about the room, carpeting the floor and taped over the wall, burying the cot in the corner and the tables and chairs. The young woman in the center of the room scribbled away on this sheet and then that, one after another here and there spending only moments on each before moving on again. To the onlookers, only a few of the pages held anything remotely legible. The images were hurried and blurred at the edges, one form blending into another without rhyme or reason beyond what the woman's beleaguered mind could conceive of for it.

The agent in charge smothered a chuckle at the stunned faces of her new colleagues. They had no idea of what they were getting involved with signing on as part of the team in charge of this Watcher.

She was easily the most promising specimen yet. Only one other Watcher had ever seen so much. It was likely not a coincidence that these two were related.

The Holmes women were certainly a wonder to behold, a proper marvel of psychic genetic heredity at work. It offered a singular example for study on the subject. Rarely did the Division have the chance to observe a psychic parent and child together. Dr. McLauren was raving about his research into the differing evolution of each woman's individual precognitive gift.

Agent Hollis had to agree with him – it was fascinating watching each of them and how they used their gifts.

The elder Holmes woman saw the distant future, and her detail sometimes waited years to see the moments she spoke of. It was hard to be patient, but generally those pearls of wisdom were worth the time that passed. And it wasn't like she wasn't amusing in other ways. Anna Holmes practiced her gifts in a way that was almost stereotypical for a psychic of her subset. She used, and this always amused the new agents on her detail, crystal orbs to 'scry' or so she called it. A psychic with a crystal ball. It was more than a little funny.

Or it would be if she didn't lose the damned things constantly. Anna seemed to forget she carried them half the time and dropped them or set them aside or who knew what else she did with them. It stopped being fun after the first couple people managed to injure themselves by stepping all over them. The overall count was 6 different agents out over time with either sprains or broken bones from slipping and falling on the damned things. It made it a bit more troublesome to be on Anna Holmes's detail, but the unofficial Division prestige of being connected to a powerful psychic kept new agents applying for the empty slots even knowing it was occasionally accidentally dangerous.

Her daughter's detail was already drawing the same sort of acclaim. Cassie Holmes hadn't been captured more than a few months prior, less than a year, but already her visions had led the Division to several hitherto rogue psychics. It was both harder and easier to gauge the future based on her visions. The younger woman seemed almost exclusively to use her gift moment by moment, as if her visions were all set in the present moment or near future, bare weeks ahead at most. When she spoke of viewing the future like a photograph, it was as if she used a Polaroid and an instant capture of each event. There was no knowing just how much of each image she really saw. Judging from the pictures she drew she might only see individual details each time. Those details though… they might hold a wealth of secrets.

Agent Hollis had seen that first hand time and again… or, she was almost sure she had. She pressed a hand to her forehead, fighting back now far too common headaches. It was a side effect of the serum, or so the science geeks told her. A fair price to play for the massive increase in her gifts. It didn't make it any more enjoyable to deal with. Nor did the occasional bouts of confusion.

They kept telling her there would be a breakthrough - that they'd be able to ease of the side effects, but it just never seemed to happen. Nor did it seem to help they others they'd given the serum over the years. There were still only a fraction who survived the full process, and they too tended to be hit by the headaches.

Agent Hollis shook off the feeling, and ignored the knowing looks from the Stitch she'd been assigned. She didn't have time to play his games. No, they had work to do.

She'd noticed in the center of the room that Cassie was slowing down in her frantic scribbling, focusing on a single sheet of paper for more than a few seconds.

That meant she was seeing something clearly. Something that mattered to her. Or someone that mattered to her. That could mean…

"What do you see, Cassie? Who do you see?" Agent Hollis leaned down, trying to keep her face open and inviting. Cassie didn't answer, just switched the colors in her hands, adding tiny details to the object she was drawing. Agent Hollis looked over to the other agents and shrugged at their impatience; they'd learn soon enough it wasn't easy to hurry this Watcher along. She'd lose the vision if they weren't careful. Agent Hollis sat back on her heels, and waited. She'd only Push the Watcher if she had too, if she didn't answer or tried to move to another sheet of paper without explaining.

After a long moment of the younger woman choosing one final color and adding her signature in the corner. She still didn't speak, and Agent Hollis sighed. Plan B it was then.

"Tell me what you see, Cassie," she said and pushed, her eyes going blind for a moment as she exerted her will over the other woman. Cassie swayed, her eyes narrowing as she glared for a moment, making it clear she knew full well that she was being influenced. Then the ragged blonde shook all over and shrugged, then held the image out to the agent.

"It's just a lily, Kira. A pendant." She smiled down at the image she'd drawn, and then spoke so softly the other woman almost didn't hear her. "He gave me a flower…"

At her words, the agent felt a ripple of excitement and then vicious jealousy sweep over her, but she ruthlessly buried both before they could affect her. There was too much work to do for her to become distracted. She took the picture Cassie had offered and rose, turning to the agents under her command.

"It's time. He's coming for her."

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