"Lilly Grey are you almost ready for school" my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "yes, mom be right down" "hurry up breakfast is getting cold". I threw my jean jacket on over my uniform a plaid skirt, white button shirt, and took one last look in the mirror and headed downstairs to the Kitchen. My mom was trying to get my little sister Grace to eat and my brother Teddy was half asleep eating cereal. "where's dad?" "he had a breakfast meeting this morning". "here you are, eggs and toast" our house keeper Gail said. "thanks". "Taylor is going to take you and Teddy to school, and pick you up later". "why can't I get a ride with Brooke?" "because your dad and I rather know you go to school safe" she said "or at all" Teddy mumbled. I gave him a dirty look. "enough" my mom said glaring at Teddy. "I have to work late tonight and your dad has a fundraiser so Gail will make you dinner and help you with homework if needed". "mommy no more' Grace said "are you done sweetie" she shook her head yes. My mom wiped her face and hands and helped her down. "I have to go I'm going to be late, I love you, she kissed my head, you she kissed my brothers and you baby girl". "I love you mommy" "come on Grace let's go get you changed for the day" Gail said holding her hand. "Okay" I finished breakfast and brush my teeth. "Ready" Taylor asked as I came back down stairs. "yes" "Teddy" I yelled "he's already in the car" Taylor said I rolled my eyes "would you like me to take your bag?" "I got it thanks". I climbed into the black Audi SUV. Ten mintues later we pulled up to our high school Seattle Prep. "thanks' Taylor" I said getting out. "have a good day Miss Grey" I slammed the door and walked up the steps to school. "Lilly!" I turned around it was my best friend Brooke. "hey" "hey how was hanging with Conner Last night?" a big smile crept across her face. "you didn't" "it just happen" "omg, how was it?' "good I mean I don't really have anything to compare it too expect for Danny, and I was drunk". We walked down Junior Hall way. "has Ayden talk to you?" "we talk after soccer yesterday". "and?" "we might hang out soon". "nice". The bell rang. "I'll see you later" "bye" I grabbed my books and went into homeroom.

Later that day at lunch I sat with Brooke, Kylie, Madison, Sarah and Beth. "What are the plans for this weekend?" Kylie asked. "I heard Ross is having a party Saturday at his house" Beth said" I'll be right back I have to use the bathroom" I said getting up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Taylor standing in the corner. "really!" I pulled my phone out as soon as I got into the bathroom and called my dad. "hello aren't you suppose to be in school" "I am" "and your calling because" "your nuts, why is Taylor here, what about Teddy?" "Sawyer is at his school" "dad nothing is going to happen I'm in school" "well I'm just making sure epically everything that's going on with the media" "ugh fine I don't feel like auguring" "good me either, I love you Lilly I don't want anything to happen to you, or Anyone else in our family". "I know I love you too dad". "I'll see you later tonight" "okay bye". I walked back into the cafeteria and sat back down. "are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine"

The rest of the day crept by, finally the last bell rang I went to my locker to grab my stuff then got ready for soccer. "let's go girls" Coach Bailey yelled. We walked down to the soccer felid, stretched and did drills. Practice ended around five, "I'll see you tomorrow girls" "bye" "Hey Lilly" I heard as I walked up to the parking lot. I turned around it was Ayden "hey" "hey how was soccer" "hard, how was football?" "sucks coach kicked our ass because we lost last week" "ouch". I shifted my bag on my shoulder "here let me take that for you". "it's cool I got it". he took it off me. "thanks". "so do you have plans Saturday?" "the girls want me to go to Ross's party" "you should go, it will be fun, maybe we could go together" he said smiling. "that would be cool". "so it's a date". "it's a date". we got up to the SUV and Taylor got out and took my bag from Ayden "thanks' Taylor I'll be right there" "who is that". "works for my dad". "is he going to be coming with us on Saturday?" "no" I said laughing. "good" "well I better go" "I'll text you later" "bye" "bye". I climbed into the car and put my seatbelt on. "who is that?" Taylor asked "just a friend". he gave me a "ya okay" look and turned the radio on. "how was school today" he asked "good, I know you were there I saw you at lunch". "it's my job to protect you Miss Grey" "I know" I switched the radio station. "your not a big fan of classical music?" "my ears bleed". he chuckled and we drove the rest of the way home in silence. When we got home I went up to my room I called Brooke and told her about Ayden. "agggghhh" she screamed into the phone as I held it away from my ear. "are you done" "yes" "well I still need to ask my dad. "good luck with that" "Gee thanks". "Lilly dinner is ready" Gail yelled "I gotta go I'll text you later" "okay bye girl". I threw my I phone on the bed and went downstairs for dinner.