This is really short..Sorry I suck at the whole epilogue thing. I'm going to write a sequel to this story or at least try, if anyone has any idea's for me please let me know, your thoughts would be appreciated

Two Years Later.

Lilly Pov

"Are you sure you don't need anything else" my mom asked "I'm fine you guys can go back to your hotel and I'll see you in the morning before you leave" I said. "what are you going to do tonight?' my dad asked "probley get thing's ready for my first day of classes Monday" I said "your not going out anywhere?" my mom asked "I don't know but if I do I have Pete here, so you have nothing to worry about" I said. They look at each other "well i guess we better go then" my mom said "Alright well call us if you need anything" my dad said "I will, I love you guys" I said giving them hugs and kisses and pushing them out the door. After they left I sat on my bed and looked around, wow I'm really in College away from my parent's I thought. My phone dinged I picked it up Hey meet me in the cafeteria in five? I text them back Okay see you then* I grabbed my purse and a light jacket and headed over across campus.

When I got there I stood by the door and looked around "guess who" I heard someone say putting their hands over my eyes I turned around "hey babe" I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. "hey how did moving in go?, sorry I couldn't help I had football practice" Ayden said "it's okay, they finally left not to long ago". I said "back to Settle?" he asked "No, their hotel there leaving to go back to Washington tomorrow " I said "agh so your dad could come stalk us tonight if he wanted" he said smiling "omg your never going to let the go are you?" I asked "No, hard to believe that was almost two years ago" he said "I know, aren't you glad you gave me another chance" I said "I think it's more you gave me another chance" he said I made a disgusted face. "just the thought of her makes my skin crawl" I said "I know babe me to, but don't worry we'll never have to worry about her again" he said kissing my far head, "Now let's go get food I'm starving" he said "when aren't you" I said laughing.

It was really hard to believe it's been almost two years since everything happen; I've gone and talked to Dr. Flynn for some time now and though I'll never get over it, I've been doing a lot better. My dad's X Elena was sentenced to twenty years in jail, and Frank her bodyguard got the same and the other one got more because of the rape. A month after it happen it came out that Lilly had something to do with it and she was put in jail too. My senior Flew by and after a long talk with my parent's and a weekend visit I decided to go to Iowa State, and not just because of Ayden but they had a really good Pharmacist program, one of the best in the United States and that was enough for my Mom and well my dad too but I think he's more worried I'll get myself all wrapped up in Ayden but I promised I study hard and get good grades. It was nice to be able to get out of Settle, no one knew my past I could start fresh.