Patricia POV

I woke up like any other weekday to get ready for school. I live in Miami Florida with my aunt Melissa im not orignaly from Florida I'm from England. The reason im her is because my parents are spies and my father has an enemy that is out to kill me and my twin Piper. My dad is the boss of the spy angency. My sister Piper is in Canada right living with uncle Mat and Aunt Grace we are seperated to keep us protective if we were in the same house and the enemy decides to kill us both of us are going down instead of one.

I got out of bed and put on my blueberry color top my white shorts, my steve madden sandals, my bow ring, and my heart shape necklace.(outfits on my profile).

I went down the spiral staircase. "Good morning". Aunt Melissa said. Good morning I told her back. I grabbed an apple and my mustache bag and told herr goodbye. I went in my blue converdible and went to go pick up my best friend Joy. " Hey trix". Joy said. She was wearing a a stripe tank top under her navy blue blazer she had a stripe skirt and black flats with a black leather bag. Joys dad works at the angency thats how we met. Her mom died on a mission to get the queens 7,000 euro necklace."Hey Joy how are you and your aunt Lisa doing" ."she great but im a bit bum about how Fabian is dating that slut Nina". "ohh yeah you mean you mean the one that took away eddie from and is cheating on eddie with Fabian. Join the club, but guess what". "what". "Aunt Melissa said yes I can have a party tomorrow when she gone to Tallahasse for you spy bussiness". "Yay we need to go to the mall and buy are outfits with the girls". "Yup". We got to school and Nina came up to us with her to sidekicks Mara and Amber and all three of them wearing sluttiest oufits for school. Nina was a crop American tshirt, a pair of shorty shorts, white sandals, red sunglasses, and a blue neon Betsy Johnson bag. Amber was wearing a amber color shirt, pink shorty shorts, Pink wedges, and her pink Marc Jacobs bag. Mara was wearing a ligh brown fashionably shirt, denim shorty shorts, cream color wedges, and her signature brown leather Marc Jacobs bag. "What do you want Nina". I told her with confidence. "I was wondering why didnt i get invited to your party". By now the whole school was looking at us. "Well I dont know maybe because You stole away Eddie from me, you stole away Fabian from Joy, your cheating on Eddie with Fabian, You been mean to me eer since I came here. Do you want me to go on". Nina and her sidekicks was storming out of the room. Joy gave me a high five and we wentof to class.


Before I went to lunch i had to go put books in my locker. After I finish Eddie stopped me. "Hey Trixie". He said with those nice sweet tasting lips. "Yes Eddie". "I wanted to say sorry fr cheating on you with Nina. Can you take me back please".

A.N. A bit of a cliff hanger what will Patricia say ? I NEED OC'S 2-4 GIRLS OR BOYS. PLEASE.