I want the lights to blind me, I want to disappear.




The passionate mantra dancing before her eyes was a terrifying one, and the small woman found herself slumped against the cement wall in a small room. Solitary, quiet, and alone, she found herself replaying the path she took to get here.

"Deshi, deshi, basara, basara, deshi, deshi, basara, basara…"

The chanting outside was distracting.

She buried her face into her hands. When her eyes closed, gray flashes of the nights replayed behind her lids. Hot breath, lips assaulting lips, fingers tugging and exploring. The bedroom was a battlefield, as was every other room in this god forsaken place.

"Deshi, deshi, basara, basara, deshi, deshi, basara, basara…"

He was not a monster, but a man looking for a way to make his mark. A man who wanted the Bat dead, much like everyone else. He was a human, not a beast. Sometimes, she felt as if she was the only one who thought so…

A sigh racked her frame. A hand tore through her hair and she felt tears prick her eyes…

The chanting stopped.

It was time.

Gotham was to be burned.