I have squandered my resistance for a pocketful of mumbles. Such are promises, all lies and jests. Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

The walk had been vexing to say the least. The heavy weight of her own footfalls seemed to drag her down into the snow, mimicking the weight of water in her legs. Fiona grumbled half heartedly in her stomach direction, hands protectively covering the large bump. Exhaling a bit, she hauled herself over a snowbank, squeaking as her boots caught a patch of ice.

Before she could fall far, a pair of warm hands grabbed at her back accompanied by a faint: "Woah there."

It was Captain Jones.

She tossed a thankful glance his way, swallowing her nerves and following John Blake's footsteps in the snow. The Captain coughed quietly, motioning to Fiona's swollen abdomen.

Dark eyes flicked up at his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but on words came. Stopping in her tracks, Fiona quirked a brow his way. "Something wrong, Captain Jones?"

He swallowed, shaking his head. Starting off, he caught up to Gordon. The two marched together, in step. Jones leaned over, whispering something that made Jim flinch. His eyes flicked back to Fiona, who now followed the group of officers. She waddled through the snow, hands planted on her stomach, face red from the cold and frustration of walking with such a heavy burden.

He'd be damned if she wasn't having twins.

Fiona, flustered, grumbled John's way. "Fuckin' snow."

John Blake chuckled, offering her a smile. "Y'know, I really didn't that was what you would be complaining about now."

"Oh, shut up," she laughed, "The baby isn't that bad."

Jones spoke up from the front of the group. "... Are you happy about the pregnancy?"

There was a genuine curiosity in his voice.

"It's a damn baby, Captain," Fiona muttered, "Not the plague."

"I just thought—"

"Yeah," Fio waved him off, "S'okay. I get it. It's his."

Jones turned, sauntering backwards. "Did you ever consider an...?"

It was that word again. The one that Selina had brought up the first week of her pregnancy.

"Abortion?" Fiona gave a good humored laugh, "You think I'm made a' money, Jones? And, to be honest, I'd rather pass on the coat hanger substitute."

Jones, in that moment, looked paler than the snow she was trudging through.

The group fell into a lulled silence, accompanied only by the crunch of snow.

The building, the vantage point was what John called it, was just up ahead. With the rumble of a tumbler, Gordon and the group split. A few ducked behind cars while Blake tugged Fiona downwards behind a car.

"Shh. Be careful. They're gunna wonder why we're here," his voice was just above a whisper. Between the blood pounding in her ears and the aching sensation in her back, Fiona almost wasn't able to formulate a response.

As the low growl of the mechanical beast rolled away like distant thunder, the group reformed in front of the establishment.

Gordon blinked towards John. "Blake, I want you to take Captain Jones and show him the situation. Have Fox explain the problem. Bring the rest in. Fiona and I will patrol out here. I have a feeling we won't be having company anytime soon, but don't lull about, got it?"

There was an unanimous nod and then it was just Fiona and Jim.

Jim gave a soft smile, handing the woman one of his pistols, before nodding towards her stomach. "Got any ideas for a name yet?"

A smile drifted onto her face. Fiona leaned against one of the snow covered cars parked against the curb before laughing a little. "I think Bane Jr. is off the list. I haven't really thought into it. I didn't really think I'd still be alive this far in."

Gordon humphed, his hand patting her shoulder. "You're doing good, Fiona."

She was silent for a moment.

"I'm terrified, Jim."

"It seems our guests have arrived, Barsad."

Barsad quickly refocused the binoculars on the third floor. They were conversing with Ms. Tate at the moment, speaking in frantic tones with panicked eyes. There were four of them. The Captain, his men, and that Blake kid. A snarl came to his lips.

Such a young life gone to waste.

Bane adjusted his collar, smoothing down the matted fur of his coat. "Let us get a move on, Barsad."

Suddenly. the second-in-command froze.


Bane stopped mid-step, his eyes flicking over his shoulder and watching Barsad's frame go rigid.

"What is it?"

The man lowered the binoculars from his face, holding them out for the burly warlord to grasp.

"It's her."

Bane's breath caught in his throat. For a moment, his mask ceased to work and a crushed feeling overwhelmed him, robbing him of his own heartbeat. He snatched the binoculars, following Barsad's finger. He would know that hair anywhere. Though, it's gotten longer...

The binocular's fell to the ground in a clatter.


"We will make an example of them."


"But we will kill her first."


"She deserted us."

And Barsad simply nodded.

So it shall be finished.

There was a sudden panic.

It was him.

Sauntering proudly across the street, arms outstretched. Men flanked his sides, guns held up in their direction. FIona was frozen.

Gordon was screaming at her to get behind the car.

She couldn't hear him.

She only heard the hiss of the beast's mask.

She only heard the hiss of her beast's mask.

She blinked at him, head tilted.

He let an angered breath fall from his chest.

Fiona was the first to speak.

"You let the Commissioner go."

Bane, stepping forward, spoke indignantly. "I cannot allow that."

She spoke louder now, fiercer. "You will allow it."

He almost looked shocked. "And why is that?"

"Because the only thing between you and him, is me," she concluded. Fists balled at her sides and hot tears pricked at her eyes. Could he not tell? Could he not see the damn bump?

"You act as if that is supposed to mean something to me, Dear little Fiona," Bane scoffed, "You act is though I am supposed to care after all this time—"

"It's not about me anymore, Bane."

And she turned. Her heavy winter coat was unzipped.

She jutted her hips and stomach out, displaying the swelled baby-bump.

"You let Jim go," she mumbled, her gaze falling to the ground, "You let Jim go, or you shoot me to get him."

Barsad's hold on his pistol weakened.

Bane was silent.

Gordon spoke up. "She kept your child, Bane. She's doing this for the child—"

"Leave, Commissioner. You've been dismissed," Bane spoke, his words clipped, "Though, I cannot say the same for Captain Jones' men."

Fiona's gaze flitted to Gordon's as Bane's men rushed around her and into the building. She choked quietly. An apology left her lips and Gordon just nodded, taking off down the snow covered sidewalk and ducking into an alley as gunshots rang out in the building.

It was just them now.

"Why did you do it?" his voice was quiet, "Why did you leave?"

She met him in the middle of the road, hands braced on the bump.

"I didn't," she shook her head, "I was arrested. Thrown in Blackgate. That's when I found out... That was the first month of all this. A-And... And I was so angry with you... I felt betrayed. But, I realized I couldn't dwell on it, Bane."

His green eyes moved from her own to her stomach. Calloused hands brushed against her shirt's material. He retracted quickly and she remembered what he had told her long ago. 'I was not built to be gentle'.

"I realized there were innocent in this city. I realized we weren't all bad," Fiona mumbled, "I realized that this baby was innocent and this baby needed a place to grow up... A place to call home."

She grasped his hand, spreading his digits and splaying them against her tummy. The warlord went rigid, his breathing stopping momentarily. He... He looked terrified. Just as she had been...

"I cannot be a father."

"I'm not asking you to be," she shook her head, "I am asking you to let me fight my fight, Bane."

"I cannot—"

Fiona shook her head, laughing a little. Her hand reached up, smoothing down his collar. The redhead sighed slightly. "You know, I missed you. I mean, I guess it's we now. I think this little bugger missed you too. Though, he didn't know you very long."

"How far along are you, Fiona?"

"Five months."

The silence was smug on Fiona's behalf.

"Then you will be escorted out of the city before it all happens."


"I do not care. You are now under my care. Do not go anywhere. I have business to attend to," his fingers grazed her chin, his way of an affectionate gesture, "Barsad will see that you acquire more winter clothes and that you are fed."

He stomped off, motioning to Barsad. But, Fiona called out.


He froze.

"Do you still have it?"

Bane reached into his chest pocket, pulling out her tattered copy of Wuthering Heights. Stalking over to her, he flipped the pages once, the corners of his eyes crinkling slightly in happiness.

"It has become my bible. I hope you do not mind. I marked some things as well."

Fiona gave him a smile. "Thank you."

"I shall be back in a moment. Stay put and stay out of trouble for once."

"No promises, boss."



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